PowerDrive PD3000 Watt Power Inverter Review

If you’re looking for a new power inverter for your truck, or semi-truck, the PowerDrive PD3000 might be the perfect model that you have been looking for. The PowerDrive PD3000 is a versatile product that will supply you with enough power to meet all your needs. I have used the PowerDrive PD3000 dozens of times over the past four years and decided that after putting it on both of of lists for best power inverters for truck and for semi-trucks that it was time to give you all a full review of its features, what I like and dislike about this product, and whom I would recommend it to. So with that being said lets jump right into my experience with the PowerDrive PD3000 without wasting any more time so that you can get all the information you need to make and informed decision about this power inverter. 

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My Experience using the PowerDrive PD3000

While I said in the introduction that this is a great power inverter for trucks and semi-trucks, what I didn’t mention was that this inverter can be used for a number of different situations as well. For example, in my home I have a almost fully off grid solar panel system and using power inverters is one of the ways that I can run all of the appliances that I need. The best home power inverter that I have found however is far larger and more expensive than the PowerDrive PD3000. If you are looking for a more portable and inexpensive option for some off grid power, or are simply looking for a new inverter to run some appliances off a car batter for example, then a power inverter like the PD3000 is a better option. 

If you are working at a job where you need power tools constantly for example, having a portable power inverter that you can bring with you on a job is a great advantage. Rather than having to always search for an outdoor outlet, or bring tons of extra batteries for you tools, simply bring a PowerDrive PD3000 power inverter, hook it up to your cars battery and do all the work you need to without worrying about running out of juice. I have used this power inverter to run power spray painters, drills, nail guns, and even a power saw (I like to do a lot of work around my house), and it has never once failed me. PowerDrive prides itself on producing dependable, efficient, and high quality products, and in my experience the PD3000 is exactly that. 

Now if you are a trucker, or semi-trucker, this power inverter is also a great option, however for OTR truckers we would probably recommend a more powerful option. I have friends that have been for many years and this next section is a summary of what I learned from them about the PowerDrive PD3000.

Using the PowerDrive PD3000 as a Semi-Truck Driver

If you or anyone you know drives a truck or semi-truck for a living you know how difficult and demanding those jobs can be. Depending on the type of trucker you are, you could be spending weeks away from home at a time, driving up to 11 hours a days, and having duty periods lasting up to 14 hours. This is a grueling and difficult lifestyle and these days, a vast majority of trucks buy power inverters to make their life on the road more comfortable and relaxing. The truckers that I talked to have brought mini-fridges, massage chairs, flat-screen televisions, electric stoves, microwaves, and more, into their trucks so that they can have the comfort of home while on the road. But all of these things need power and the best way to power them is through a power inverter.

The PowerDrive PD3000 is a great example of the perfect combination of size, power, and dependability. Of all the truckers that I talked to, what I heard the most was that they wished that power inverters were smaller. Inside a semitruck there isn’t much room, and when your bringing aboard all sorts of appliances you don’t have room to spare for the inverter. Well the PowerDrive PD3000 is just over 1 cubic foot, small enough to fit almost anywhere inside the cab of your semi-truck so that you have more room to relax and enjoy your appliances. 

Another great feature of the PowerDrive PD3000 is that it supplies a good amount of power. Giving of 3000 watts of continuous power and up to 6000 watts for those devices that need more power to start. At its size and price, the power you get out of the PD3000 is excellent and although it is a modified sine wave, rather than pure sine wave inverter , it will still run almost every device that you need. 

The last thing that the truckers I talked to said was extremely important to them was dependability. They talked about however after a super long day on the road, or even while driving, having a power inverter that is dependable is probably the most important thing to them. No one wants to try and fix a device after a long day at work and this is doubly true for truckers who have been driving for up to 8 straight hours. Having a power inverter that they know will work every time they turn it on gives them a little peace of mind and helps them to relax throughout their driving knowing that when their day is done they can cook some food, and watch some TV without having to fix their power inverter. PowerDrive has been making high quality products for many years and while I cannot speak to the quality of everything that they manufacture, of all the products I have bought from them throughout the years, none has ever been disappointing. The truckers I talked to had only good things to say about the dependability of the PowerDrive PD3000 and from my experience I would certainly agree with what they said. 

The Few Negatives about the PowerDrive PD3000

While I have been quite complimentary of the PowerDrive PD3000, that does not mean that it is a perfect product, almost nothing is. Overall I believe this is one of the better power inverters on the market and for its price the positives greatly outweigh the negatives but I do have some complaints. First and for most is the lifespan of this Power Inverter. While it is running it is extremely dependable and has never not worked for me, however the actual lifespan on the PD3000 is not quite as long as I would like. Of the truckers I talked to most agreed that after about two and a half years you should probably replace the PD3000. This is a decent lifespan however for a power inverter that costs over $350 I would have hoped for at least a 4 years life. This may be due to the extreme use that truckers put into their power inverters, but it is still something to keep in mind before you purchase this device. 


Overall the PowerDrive PD3000 3000 watt power inverter is a solid if not overly exciting option for anyone looking to purchase a new power inverter. It is more than capable of handling all your needs and due to its compact size and weight it is a great choice for truck and semi-truck drivers. I would probably recommend this power inverter to someone who is looking for a high powered yet affordable power inverter that can run multiple devices at once, while also being very portable. One feature that I didn’t mention in the main section of the PowerDrive PD3000 review is its Bluetooth capabilities. After downloading a companion app on your smart phone you can connect to your power inverter and very easily check all outputs on the power inverter as well as change settings, and take stock of the inverter. This is a great accessibility features and something that I wish more modern power inverters came with. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does the PowerDrive PD3000 have Bluetooth?

The PowerDrive PD3000 has a companion app for smartphones that allows you to connect your device to your power inverter and check everything from its temperature, to its output, as well as remotely change the settings on your PowerDrive PD3000.

Is the PowerDrive PD3000 a good 3000 watt power inverter?

For the price you are paying the PowerDrive PD3000 is a high quality and dependable power inverter that will serve you well/ 

Is the PowerDrive PD3000 watt power inverter expensive?

Priced at around $350 the PowerDrive PD3000 is very reasonably priced and for its performance we believe the price tag is spot on, and perhaps even slightly underpriced for its quality.