How Many Solar Panels Do I Need

Solar power has gained popularity because of its efficiency and affordability. In that way, homeowners can fairly use renewable energy from the sun.

However, you must plan the amount of power or electricity to suit your needs. What do you intend to do with the power? One question you should ask yourself is; how many solar panels do I need?

Most people would want to produce sufficient solar energy to do away with electricity bills completely. One factor to consider would be the number of solar panels and the size. Ultimately, it would be best if you calculated the kilowatt-hours of power needed to power up your household consumption.

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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for 1000 Kwh Per Month?

Solar panel

Having your appliances running and electronics charged is a satisfaction in every house. Nonetheless, you can minimize your monthly electricity costs with solar panel installation.

According to the USA Energy Information Administration, the average electricity usage (monthly) for a home was 914KWh/M in the USA. Mathematically, that’s approximately 30.5KWh in 24 hours or 11,000kwh per annum. That was in 2019.

Notwithstanding, homes are different and could consume less or more electricity as compared to an average home. Also, some factors such as roof direction, climate, and shade can influence solar panels' effectiveness.

The climate of your area and your solar system's size will determine the amount of power energy generated. Therefore, it's easier to find how many panels you need through a solar calculator.

To power your house, you’ll need around 900 KWh/per month for an average home in 2020. But it’s good to check out the monthly bill and get to know your usage. You must agree with me that solar panels aren’t equal.

As we know, the amount of sun (solar) energy that strikes the solar cell is the one converted into electricity. On average, the efficiency is 18 percent, but this will highly depend on the unit's quality and size. A premium model will cost you more dollars, yet it will be efficient.

Any solar panel that operates at 20% efficiency offers approximately 265 watts per hour. Assuming that there's direct sunlight a full hour at 18%, which is the average efficiency, then you would enjoy 250watts/hour.

If you have a 250W panel and receives four hours of sunlight, be sure to get 1,000 watts from it. Equally, if you install four units, you will enjoy 4,000 watts (4kWh per day). Simply, you need 30- 33 panels to receive 1,000 Kilowatt-hour per month in 30 days (1 month).

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My RV?

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While people use solar panels for home use, others will rely on it for their RVs. As a camper, you must be aware of the power you'll require during camping.

Ultimately, campers must stay connected to the outside world. Additionally, it would help if you upgraded your RV with reliable solar power system. How many solar panels do I need to run an Rv?

Choosing the dozen of solar panels can be overwhelming. So, what size, how many panels, and how much electricity do I need? It would be best if you did some research as well as the technical explanations of watts/volts. With that, it will be simple to set up the best solar panels for your RV needs.

First, doing the math is advisable to estimate your daily power usage in camping and while RVing. Add up the total to determine how much power and solar panels that will deliver that amount. A 100W solar panel usually produces around 30A/hr per day.

When camping with RV, campers use about 50A-hours daily while RVing. Because you want to keep your car battery fully charged, you'll need a unit that will generate that amount per day.

Assuming there will be 6 hours of sunlight, that's 32A-hours per day. That way, 2 solar panels (100W each) will give a double amount of power. 2 panels will provide enough power when camping with RV.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My House?

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Power energy is paramount in every household. But you must use a basic formula to determine the number of solar panels to charge both hot water and electrical requirements. To calculate, start by deciding these things.

  • The Kwh your home uses per month. Check your monthly electric bill.
  • Roof direction. South-facing roofs give more sun rays than north-facing roofs in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Amount of sunlight. Of course, there is a certain amount of the sun (average) in your local area. In the US, the Southwest receives more sun than the Northeast that receives more snow and rain mixed in.
  • What's the energy or wattage the solar panel can produce. What wattage the panel you buy can produce? Some experts/installers can offer advice on the best option to choose from.
  • A typical home, about 1,500Sq.f, will need around 16 solar panels to cover gadgets and electrical power desires and needs fully. Further, if you want a hot shower for a family of 2 to 4 people, two panels will maneuver. So, combined, you need 18 solar panels for an average house.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for a 1000 Sq Ft Home?

When dealing with solar energy system, there are more than just the locations, size of your building and roof that must be put into consideration. Our above question is commonly asked by new beginners when they are introduced to solar energy.

For homeowners, and assuming you pick standard-efficiency panels to run you 1500sq.f house, let's see the standard sizes and numbers of units suitable for you.

Practically, a 5kW system that consists of 20 units can generate around 7,000kWh per annum. As such, a roof space of 350 sq ft will be suitable. This means a 1500sq ft roof space will require approximately 64 panels to power up your household things. 

Remember that factors such as sunlight your roof receives will somewhat determine the amount of power you'll be getting. So, this will vary. For example, Washington receives less sunny days than in California annually. In such a case, you'll need a more and sound solar panel system if you are leaving in California.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for 2000 Kwh Per Month?

Solar panel quality and type make a big difference when it comes to efficiency and solar output. As we said before, solar panels aren't the same.

To estimate the potential number of solar panels in your home that sits in 2000 sq. ft, we will go back to the calculation we had done earlier. Higher efficiency solar panels mean that your house will require less of them; hence, less square footage will still produce energy.

If 33 panels are needed to receive 1,000 Kilowatt-hour per month in 30 days, how many panels do you need for 2000Kwh/month? Assuming the climate conditions are the same and the region receives the same amount of sunlight, then you’ll need about 60 – 65 panels. Working with an expert is better as you’ll be advised how many panels your roof will accommodate.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for a Van?

Power van life is fun. Solar panels absorb energy from the sun. After that, it's sent down via an inverter or charger controller that converts it to alternating current to recharge the campervan batteries. That's how a DIY Campervan Electrical system.

First off, the size of panels is very critical before determining the wattage you intend to use. Solar panels come in different sizes out there. However, a 3000W panel will offer the same output just as one 300W solar panel. This means that the number of panels does not matter. So, what matters?

Total voltage is what matters a lot when it comes to a complete solar panel array. The wattage of a single solar panel you multiply by the number of units (panels) available.

I guess you've already jotted down the number of batteries and how many amperes you need for them. We will work off of the amperes-hours of batteries. Besides, the size of your batteries should match your electrical demands.

Notably, the average hours of direct/adequate sunlight per day are 6 hours –that is in the United States. A battery features 100Ah and contains approximately 12.8 volts.

(12.8V x 100Ah = 1280 watts of power)

100Ah (usable) or 1280W of a car battery in 6 hours – you'll require 213W of solar panels (6h x 213W = 1280 watts, that’s stored power.

To spare you from the labor, it’s recommended to have 200W of panels/ usable ampere-hours of battery. This is the base guideline. So, 200Ah batteries with 100 watts, then you only need 2 solar panels in your van.


How many solar panels do I need? Our post makes it easy to understand the size and number of solar panels you need in different arrays, including home, house, van, and RV. Solar power energy system is free and will minimize your electrical costs every month. Your choice will depend on your location, budget, and the intended use.