GO Power IC-2000 Power Inverter Charger Review

If you’re looking for a way to power your RV, boat, or off-the-grid cabin in an easy and integrated way, an inverter charger might be a good idea for you. One option is from the renowned power company GoPower.

GoPower’s IC-2000 Power Inverter Charger is a versatile device which offers you power inversion, battery charging, and transfer switch capabilities all in one package, which can save you a ton of time, energy, and money as opposed to needing 3 different devices.

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Is The Go Power IC-2000 For You?

Our team here took a look at the device for this GoPower IC 2000 review, and examined its qualifications as an inverter charger. Overall it performed well and we think it’s a great choice for those wanting a high-quality inverter charger.

Brand Overview

GoPower has been producing high-quality power products for over two decades. Since their founding in 1996, GoPower has grown into a major global brand known for their high-performing inverter, solar power, and mobile-friendly products. Their products are geared towards folks who love the outdoors, sustainability, and survival preparation. We are a big fan of their standard power inverters and solar panels as well, having covered them in some of our other articles.

What Is An Inverter Charger?

As a reminder, GoPower produces both standard power inverters as well as inverter chargers like the IC-2000. While a typical power inverter will simply convert DC to AC, an inverter charger can not only make the DC to AC conversion but is also able to take AC power and use that to consistently charge the DC batteries. When you’re near an AC power source, you can thus connect it and then use it to get 12-volt power as well.

The transfer switch is what allows this GoPower inverter charger to assess what state you are in (does it need to convert DC to AC or are you plugged in and it can serve you AC power. It is thus a more versatile and powerful option for folks looking for a comprehensive power solution.

Reviewing the IC-2000’s Specs and Tech

Let’s get into the basics of the Go Power IC-2000. To start off, it’s a power inverter charger, which means it brings dual-functionality of both power translation as well as reverse charging. It can handle up to 2000 watts, and it comes with built-in chargers and transfer switch of 100 and 50 amps respectively. With the dual built-in 50 amp legs, you can draw from over 12,000 watts of power. This is a solid feature-set and at this price point very strong.

Installation is fairly easy, especially when you consider how long it would’ve taken to buy, assemble, and bring together a separate power inverter / charger / transfer switch. That’s the real advantage of a device like the GP IC-2000 — you’re paying for all-in-one convenience and a great design and performance.

The display is clean and easy to see and use. It displays your power usage in a dynamic fashion, allowing you to see draw in real-time and to react as needed. You can see stats for both power inverter and the charger.

Why Bother with an Inverter Charger?

You’re probably wondering if the GoPOwer IC-2000 is right for you. Well, one question we recommend you ask if whether you plan on using your power inverter when you are on the road in your RV, or otherwise off-the-grid? If the answer is yes, then the Go Power IC-2000 might be the right choice for you.

The reason: The GoPower IC-2000 will allow you to use just one device to complete the power set-up with your RV or marine craft. With its power inverter, charger, and transfer switch, you only need to install the GoPower IC2000, as opposed to creating a makeshift set-up with 3 different devices and switches. This is a big time and money save and can be a good investment for those who plan to use a recreation vehicle a lot.

Are the Extra Features Worth It?

One handy feature of the GoPower IC-2000 is the remote control charger it comes with, which allows you to control a majority of the devices features from a couple dozen feet away. We love this, as it is super handy if you’re planning on travelling or might be in situations where you don’t want to directly access it.

It also comes with standard temperature sensing technology which will modulate temperatures to keep your device at a safe heat, which also protects the longevity of your battery.

One other unique feature of this device is its power sharing feature. If you have particularly high-powered devices or appliances that you would like to power, the IC-2000 alone might not be able to handle it. With power sharing, you can couple the 2000 watt output of the GoPower IC-2000 with another generator/power source. We find this to be incredibly useful for those with higher-power appliances like A/C or fridges.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

After reviewing the use case and functionality of the device, we feel that the GoPower IC-2000 watt power inverter charger is one of the best on the market. It brings together all the necessary features in a well-designed and high-quality device which serves the needs of RV, off-grid, marine, and travelling users alike. If you’re looking for a great inverter charger to invest in for use on your RV or boat, we definitely recommend the GoPower IC-2000 for its high performance, ease of use, and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GoPower IC-2000 a good power inverter?

Yes, the GoPower IC-2000 is a high-quality inverter charger which offers three-in-one performance. It is ideal for use on RVs or boats, or for those living off-the-grid and who want to save space.

What does the GoPower IC-2000 do?

The GoPower 2000 Watt Inverter Charger allows you to have the functionality of a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter, a charger which allows you access to shore power and charge your batteries, and a transfer switch which enables intelligent and automatic power state assessment.

Where can I find the GoPower IC-2000 Inverter Charger manual?

You can find the GoPower IC-2000 Manual here.