Generac GP2200i

Generac GP2200i Review – Alternative to Honda EU2200i

A perfect generator would be one that was quiet fuel-efficient and could do the job we need. And it'd be even better if it was versatile and straightforward to operate. Now in most cases, that's going to be a Honda, but the problem is Honda generators are terrific, but they're costly.

In this article, I'm going to show you a portable generator for house that's almost a third of the price of a Honda but works just as well. And in fact, it's even got some features that the Honda doesn't. I was so interested in this generator when I saw the reviews and heard the feedback that I wanted to try one for myself.

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Generac Gp2200i Inverter Generator

Now Generac makes a lot of generators, and they've been making them for a very long time. Generac created the first generator that I ever owned. This portable emergency generator might look a little bit small to you. But by the end of this article, I'm also going to show you how this small unit can power your home.

I mean things like your heat hair condition and even things like a refrigerator, it's a lot more capable than you think. This is a Generac GP2200i generator in the eye that means inverter. Now many people know that an inverter is going to give you clean power that's safe for computer TVs and all kinds of electronics.

The other benefit of an inverter is you can run for more extended periods without refueling. It's able to do that because inverter generators can throttle down to meet the demand.All that means is that this is a smart type of generator that's only going to use the exact amount of fuel needed.

How to Setup Generac GP2200i Generator First-time

Now, this is the first time I took this generator out of the box, and I'm going to handle it the same way you would if you bought it yourself. Right here, we're looking at the things that came in the box.

This may not seem like a big deal, some oil a funnel and we've got some tools and some cables. If you buy that honda inverter generator, you do not get the oil, you don't get these cords, and you have to pay for them all separately.

So when you look at that expensive portable backup generator, it's even more valuable before you can also get started. What I like here with this Generac is all this stuff was right in the box. This means as soon as you get it open, you can get ready to start using it.

So now we have to take the oil filler neck off, and we can fill this up with oil. Now on a Honda, you have to play around with it, but with this generac power generators, they give you this funnel, so you go right in, and it's simple to fill up.

Another thing that's so handy is this bottle is a little bit smaller than usual, and that's because the bottle is exactly the amount of oil you need for this engine. So all you've got to do is dump that oil and use it in the funnel, and now your level is precisely where you need it to be. At this point, with the fuel in it, we're ready to get to use this Machine.

How to Start a Generac Portable Generator

Now we're going to see how it is to start this generac inverter generator up and see what it performs like. To start up the Generac, we only need to do three simple things.

  1. Open fuel vent
  2. Turn on choke
  3. Economy switch to off

We start by turning a little switch on the gas cap to the on position. Then we're going to change the switch in the front of the unit to go to the choke position.

Lastly, we make sure that this economy switch here on the bottom is set to off because the economy means that the portable power generator is going to run in a slow mode, and we want to start it at maximum speed.

A simple pole, and you can see those lights blinking, and the Machine starts right up. Now I like to leave it in the choke position for about a minute or so, and then I'm going to rotate the view slowly. At this point, we're ready to use the portable inverter generator for electricity.

How Loud is the Generator

Before I connect anything to the power, a common question is how loud is the generator. In this case, I'm going to use an app on my iPhone that's going to measure the decibels. The generator is running at maximum speed, so this is the loudest it's going to get.

You can see that we're getting about 66 decibels and remember that regular conversation is about 60. So this is a very quiet generator, and this is great if you've got neighbors close that you don't want to make a lot of noise.

How to Connect Things to the Generator

What generators only as good as what you can connect or run from it. That's where the generator is a real winner because they put all sorts of ports in the front of this thing.

You should also note that all these ports have a protective rubber cover. This seems simple, but none of the Honda's that I own reviews ever included this.

So now, let's take a closer look at what you can plugin. We're going to start with the standard 120-volt outlet that you can run regular things in your house with.

This is a great option; you can get an extension cord that gives you a few outlets that kind of get broken out. You can run this in your house or into an RV or a campground, and you can run multiple things off of it that use house power.

Now we get into where the genre acts got some extra options, and that's where we use our 12-volt cables. This is a regular cigarette lighter, which is fantastic because lots of us have things that fit that plug. But if you use these included cables, you can do things like charge in a battery.

So if you've got a boat and RV or a car or camper, this thing can keep the battery adequately charged or charge it back up if the item has gone dead. And export is a unique one, and this is a USB port so you can do things like charging your phone or a computer, and it is handy, especially if you're on a boat or you're camping. None of the Honda's have this, and this adds to the versatility of this Machine.

How You Can Increase the Power of This Generator


Our last port involves how you can increase the power of this generator. So if you bought more than one of these parallel option ports allow you to connect two of them. You do need an extra accessory to do this, but this will increase the total output of the generator.

The final option for connections makes this the most versatile compact portable generator. At the beginning of this article, I told you could run things like your heating system, your refrigerator, and other portable appliances. You're going to start by using a heavy-duty extension cord, and you plug it into one of the outlets. The unique part happens inside your house.

So in my house off of this one generator, I can run my refrigerator, my heating system along with some lights and a couple of outlets. That's just enough to get me by for smaller power outages where I only need a limited amount of stuff.

Using this transfer switch is so easy you plug the extension cord directly into that port, as you see. Then each of those switches needs to be moved to the off position, and then you flip them up to Gen, and all that means is when it's on the line position.

The power to your circuit is running through your regular circuit breaker. But when you flip it to Gen, the energy from your small portable generator is going to run that circuit now. So like I said, each of these is an essential thing in my house, and it helps out when there's an outage.

The switch you see here is about 15 years old, and they have an updated version of this exact switch. It's got some improvements in it as well, but the functionality is the same.

Final Verdict

My final thoughts on this portable generator are if you're looking for a versatile generator, they can power your house and run a lot of other fun stuff. This is the one to buy.

It's an absolute bargain; you can almost buy three of these for the price of that one honda 2000 watt inverter generator, and in my testing, it seems to be an excellent unit. So I hope this review gave you some ideas about getting a backup generator.