Duromax XP10000EH Generator Review

If you’re looking for a new portable generator that provides huge amounts of power at a reasonable price then the Duromax xp10000eh generator could be the perfect option for you. Designed and built by the extremely reputable DuroMax company, the Duromax xp10000eh generator is a gas powered portable generator that provides 10000 watts of power, enough to run any appliance that you might need. As a big rv camper, having a portable generator is one of the most important things for me on my trips and DuroMax products have always lived up to their reputation. Throughout the rest of this Duromax xp10000eh generator review I will go indepth into some of the features of this portable generator, my experience using it for RV camping as well as for my backup power, and my overall thoughts on Duromax in this Duromax xp10000eh generator review. 

Duromax XP10000EH Portable Generator Review: What does it do?

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As the name implies, the Duromax xp10000eh is a portable generator that runs on gas and can provide up to 8000 watts of continuous power to all your appliances. On the generator there are 5 outlets which is a decent amount, however some units will certainly have more. In my experience this is usually more than enough for everything that I need to power, but you should plan out what you intend to run on the Duromax xp10000eh portable generator so that you know you will have sufficient outlets. There are two standard 120v household outlets, one heavy duty 120/240V 50A outlet, one 120/240V 30A twist lock outlet, and one 120V 30A outlet. 

With 8000 watts of continuous power this unit packs a serious punch and will provide more than enough power to run most appliances in your home without any issue. During power outages I use this generator to run my entire house which includes a fridge, freezer, AC unit, and my lights. Thankfully for me the electrical grid is quite reliable so I have only had to power up my generator a few times, however when I go on a trip I always bring the Duromax xp10000eh with me to make my RV camping more enjoyable. 

If you are searching for a new generator for something like RV camping then the Duromax xp10000eh is exactly the thing you are looking for. Reasonably priced around $1,000 this portable generator is a great deal especailly compared to some other portable generators that can cost upwards of $8,000. With all the features that you could want in a portable generator, and enough power to run everything you need, the Duromax xp10000eh is hard to beat. 

How should I set up the Duromax xp10000eh

While there are some interesting features on this portable generator, if were being honest you all probably know what a generator does. What you might not know however is how to set up the Duromax xp10000eh portable generator. Thankfully there is an indepth and detailed user manual that will walk you through every step of the process. For our team this was relatively straight forward as we have a great deal of experience with generators, however if you have not used a four-stroke engine before we HIGHLY recommend that you find someone to help with the setup. While you certainly could do this your self by following the manual having someone there who has experience with four-stroke engines will save you time and stress, along with making sure that you set your new Duromax xp10000eh portable generator correctly. 

As with most mechanical devices, especially things like power inverters for your home or truck (https://powermurt.com/best-power-inverter-for-home/), or generators for your RV, adjustments are going to have to be made after the initially installation process. For power inverters and generators this is generally nothing too involved, especailly if your set up was good to begin with, however as with the installation, we highly recommend calling a professional to help with any adjustments you might need if you are not 100% confortable doing them your self.

My experience with the Duromax xp10000eh

Overall my experience with the Duromax xp10000eh was quite positive. With our teams extensive knowledge of power inverters (https://powermurt.com/best-power-inverters/) and generators testing this product was relatively straight forward. In addition to our formal testing, I have personally been using this for a few years now and have thoroughly enjoyed using the Duromax xp10000eh. When I first bought this portable generator I saw that it had an 8.3 gallon fuel tank but you can hook it uo to whatever size take you have available. Originally I had it connected to a 20 gallon take however after using about ½ of the tank the pressure was not enough to keep the generator running. If you have the fuel capacity you should used a larger tank, I use a 50 gallon to ensure that my Duromax xp10000eh can run for as long as I need it to. 

In our testing of this portable generator we can to the same conclusion that I had personally held for all of my time owning the Duromax xp10000eh portable generator: it is an exceptionally high quality portable generator that, for its price, is one of the most powerful and reliable generators on the market. With its consistent power supply you will never again have to worry about power outages and can sleep well knowing that your home will have power no matter what happens to the grid. 

Final thoughts on the Duromax xp10000eh Portable Generator

As I finish up this Duromax XP10000EH review I just would like to say that this is one of the best generators that we have ever reviewed here at Powermurt. Our team was very impressed with its power and consistency, and it price makes it one of the most affordable generators on the market today. If you are looking for a new portable generator I would highly recommend the Duromax xp10000eh to anyone and everyone. It has more than enough power to run all of your appliances and is small enough to really justify calling it a portable generator. Overall the Duromax xp10000eh is a high quality generator and will certainly live up to and exceed your expectations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Duromax xp10000eh weight?

The Duromax xp10000eh weighs about 215 pounds but come with wheels to make transporting it very easy. 

How much power does the Duromaxxp10000eh provide?

The Duromax xp10000eh provides 10000 watts of startup power and 8000 watts of continuous power to run all of your devices. 

Is the Duromax xp10000eh made in the USA?

No the Duromax xp10000eh is manufactured by DuroPower which is based out of California, but is assembled in china.