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Cobra Pro 3000 Watt Power Inverter Review

Cobra PRO 3000W

As bigger and cheaper batteries become available, getting a high-performing power inverter is essential for running all of your electronic devices. High-quality power inverters are also essential for off-road trips, which paired with a couple of solar panels and a high-capacity battery pack can provide a clean and sustainable experience.

Evaluating the Cobra PRO 3000 Watt Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

In this article, we will investigate one of the best-selling power inverters that you can buy: the Cobra Pro 3000W. Please note, as a member of the Amazon Associates program we may receive commissions from qualified purchases from links in this article. Thanks for your support!

Cobra Brand History

Cobra Electronics is part of a larger conglomerate called Cedar Electronics which provides a variety of automotive and consumer electronic equipment. Cobra specifically focuses on portable power electronics and has numerous other inverters for different power needs. The brand has been around for more than 50 years and is renowned for its high quality and reliability standards. The company also offers an extensive two-year warranty for any potential problems you may encounter with your device.

What is the Cobra Pro 3000W Inverter?

An inverter essentially converts DC current into AC current that can be used by your electronics products. The Cobra Pro 3000W takes in a 12 Volt DC source and converts it into 110 Volt AC. It comes with four devices GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) AC Outlets, as well as a single USB-A and USB-C port.

The device comes with #2 AWG heavy-duty battery cables, with an extra pair just in case you lose your first pair. The device has a simple digital display that shows you the input voltage and the output power in kilowatts or watts. The design is rugged, with a sleek rubber casing where you can feel comfortable with the device in the trunk of your car. The device is also surprisingly light at only 7 pounds.

Remote Control

One of the most useful things about using Cobra Electronics products is the compatibility with Cobra Remote Controls. The remote control gives you the ability to monitor your devices and see the power consumption and voltage levels of your battery. In addition, it comes with a handy pair of USB-A and USB-C ports that you can use anywhere. The remote control also gives you the ability to turn off the inverter with just a simple click of a button. 


The power rating on this device is one of the best that you can get for a relatively affordable price at 3000 Watts. In addition, the surge power rating is also best in class at 6000 Watts. This pretty much means that if you have enough power stored in your battery, this inverter can run almost any reasonable load you put on it.

The device has a fairly high-efficiency rating at 90% — this means that almost all the energy you have saved up in your battery can go towards your electronic devices, rather than being wasted through the device itself.


The Cobra Pro 3000W also comes with amazing safety features to make sure that your devices and your family are safe when you use it. It comes with a nifty temperature sensor that automatically turns off the device if the temperature rises above a specific temperature. The inverter also comes with reverse polarity protection which just means that if you accidentally connect the battery incorrectly, the device does not cause a fire.

There is also a low voltage alarm that notifies you to charge your battery in order to avoid damaging it by excessive use. This alarm is extremely loud and will definitely help you take care of the health of your batteries.

The device uses a modified sine wave to deliver up to 3000 watts of power to your devices. This, unfortunately, means that all devices may not run flawlessly on your device and you should double check with the manufacturer of whatever devices you wish to run. For example, some new microwaves have trouble using modified sine waves and will not work on this device.

For the most part, this should not matter; however, it is pretty disappointing that Cobra does not offer this feature, even if it meant a slight increase in the price. 


Overall, the Cobra Pro 3000W is absolutely great if you need a high-power inverter that can support off-grid living. The high rating along with all the potential security features you may need essentially make it a no-brainer compared to a lot of cheaper, unsafe alternatives. The biggest downside to this device is the lack of pure sine wave support.

It looks like Cobra is slowly introducing pure sine wave technology to some of its other products that will hopefully culminate in a 3000W product. In the meantime, we strongly recommend you get this device to run all of your electronics when you have access to a high-capacity battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Cobra Pro 3000W run?

Before you run your inverter, you should add up all the devices that are connected to the inverter and make sure that it is under 3000 watts. You should probably give it some extra leeway as well, so aim to keep your devices running less than 2800 watts.

For all practical purposes, this means you can run a refrigerator, a coffee machine, a TV, a microwave, and charge your phone and laptop. Remember to check the devices you want to run before just in case!

What kind of batteries can this run with the inverter? 

You need to make sure that your battery has a 12 Volt DC output. If you have a battery at another voltage, the device will not run! In some cases, it is possible to purchase a buck/boost converter that can adjust your voltage to this level.

If I have a 12 V battery of capacity 70 Ah and I want to run at half load (1500 W), how long can I expect my battery to last?

Remember that Energy = (Amp-Hours) x (Voltage) which in this case is 12 x 70 = 840 Wh. This will last you 840/1500 = 0.56 hours. 

If you plan on running such large loads, you would be advised to buy a higher-capacity battery pack that can suit your needs better.

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