BougeRV 180 Watts Solar Panel Review

Solar panels are the present and future of cost-effective and clean renewable energy. The most distinguishing feature of solar panels is that it is an off-grid electrical energy generation system. If you are in search of a reliable off-grid solar panel system that has durability and can perform consistently, then the BougeRV 180 Watts Mono Solar Panel is the answer. BougeRV provides one of the best and highly efficient solar panels with a very reasonable price tag. 

Evaluating the Quality of the BougeRV 180 Watt Solar Panel

This article will provide a comprehensive and technically correct review of the BougeRV solar panel with information about its technology and performance, about its frame, cables, connectors, and junction box. The article will also cover the BougeRV customer service, product warranty, and clams. Please note, as a member of the Amazon Associates program we may receive commissions from qualified purchases from links in this article. Thanks for your support!

Brand History

BougeRV is a dedicated sustainable energy brand with expertise in solar energy-related products. BougeRV works with the vision of establishing a sustainable and clean future by offering a “one-stop” solar energy product and solutions. They are experts in off-grid solar panels system and all related accessories like solar controllers, adapters, solar extension cables, solar panel mounting Z brackets, and other related accessories. All products and their accessories are of the best quality and the highest standards. 

Product Review and Features

BougeRV 180 Watts Mono Solar Panel is a monocrystalline-based solar cell that has a 12-volt charger with a high-efficiency module for RV marine boat off-grid system. This solar panel is best in this field with its design, performance, packaging, customer service, and product warranty.

Panel Glass

The first layer of the panel is made from 3.2 mm Herculite Tempered Glass supported by a lightweight aluminum alloy frame for strength. Glass thickness is sufficient to resist extreme weather conditions and still has a high light transmittance of above 93 %. From more than 300 units sold, there are no reports of broken glass at the time of delivery or during operations.

Solar cells

Best quality 36 pieces of monocrystalline solar cells are used to make one unit, which has an efficiency of 21.2 % much higher than any other monocrystalline solar cell. Manufacturing quality is excellent and all cells are aligned perfectly. 

In any rare case of low performance, faulty cell, or heating of TPT back sheet, BougeRV customer service will be happy to assist you with the replacement or return of the product.

Junction Box

Preinstalled and fully connected junction is provided with the panel. The junction box is fully waterproof and has a standard rating of IP65 to isolate the electronics from water and dust. It even can resist small water jets. 

To make the product user-friendly and easy to install diode is preinstalled along with the 3 feet piece of M4C cable. 


The frame is designed and manufactured specifically from lightweight, high strength, and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. The rigid frame design is perfect for off-grid and outdoor use and it can take a wind load of 2400 Pa and a snow load of about 5400 Pa.  

The frame has predrilled holes for drainage and several holes drilled perfectly around the frame for installation of the panel using basic tools. If needed panel mounting Z brackets are also available with a complete user guide on how to install the solar panel. 

The frame may get damaged during delivery if not handled properly. Do check your panel on delivery and if any damage is observed, a simple written description with a picture will be sufficient for clam of replacement or return.


The performance of a solar panel is defined by the watt it can deliver against the rated watt power it was designed, and the number of watts that a panel can deliver truly depends on the environmental conditions like sunlight and temperature and the angle at which solar panel is placed. 

BougeRV 180 watts mono solar panel can easily deliver 130 to 140 watts while lying flat with and without cloudy conditions respectively. On a clear day, depending on the angle of solar panel installation, the panel can easily deliver a solid and consistent reading of 160 to 165 watts or more. This is much better than the two Jacbery 100 watt solar panels attached in parallel. 

BougeRV solar panels are fully compatible for parallel linking with a 5 unit link that can deliver a consistent power of 900 watts


BougeRV truly cares about their product being delivered safely and that is why they have a good box design with thick cardboard to protect the solar panel. 

The outer box is made of thick cardboard while the solar panel itself is covered in ¼ in thick foam in a thick cardboard box. 

Foam and cardboard are specifically cut to facilitate the design and thin features of solar panels.

Customer service

BougeRV believes that customer is a king and to facilitate its user they have a robust customer service where each member of the team is fully trained and have complete knowledge of product and their working. Customers can contact them using their email id, direct phone call, and a special contact form. 


BougeRV has a30 day’s free return and 25 years performance warranty which can be claimed by explaining the problem in simple words and a picture of evidence through customer service


BougeRV 180 Watts Mono Solar Panel is a one product solution for off-grid clean energy. The solar panel is light in weight, super-efficient in performance, and very reasonable in price. Rigid and compact design, highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells technology, high strength, and lightweight frame, and thick impact resistance glass, these features along with excellent customer service and 25-year warranty make this panel the true value of customer money.

FAQ – answer these questions

Are RougeRV solar panels good?

Yes, RougeRV solar panels are one of the best and they provide one product solution for clean energy. These solar panels have proven to be robust, consistent, and high efficient due to their cutting-edge monocrystalline solar cells technology that provides a high conversion efficiency of 21.2 %. Other than this, impact-resisting glass with high strength and corrosion resistance aluminum alloy frame makes these panels very durable.

Is RougeRV a good brand?

RougeRV is a solar energy product-related dedicated company whose only aim is to provide high-quality and efficient solar panels and their related accessories. RougeRV is an expert in off-grid solar panels systems and all related accessories like solar controllers, adapters, solar extension cables, solar panel mounting Z brackets, and other related accessories. All products and their accessories are of the best quality and the highest standards.