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Solar water heaters are also known as solar domestic boiling water systems. They are a cost-effective method of providing scalding water in a home. They harness solar energy and convert it to heat energy, which is used to heat the household water.

A solar water heating system comprises solar collectors and storage tanks. There are two types of these systems. There is an active system that has circulating pumps and controls. There is a passive system that doesn’t have any pumps.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Solar Water Heater

The system’s size

These systems are sized according to water demands. If there are many household members in a home, then a larger tank and a larger collector panel will be ideal. Ensure that the system you go for will meet your needs.

A good example is, if you require five hundred gallons of water per day, ensure that the system you choose will meet the demand and offer and an extra gallon or two. This is the only way one can be sure they get the equipment that suits their household boiling water needs. 

Ease of use

When you are buying a solar water heating system, have the salesperson undertaker you through setting it up and using it. Make sure that the system you have purchased is easy to set up, use and maintain. This factor will be key in helping you avoid issues after buying the system.


Since the solar-powered heaters are installed outdoors, they need to be made of quality and durable materials. You should purchase products that will match their value and will withstand the forces of nature. You need a system that will last for a long time

When purchasing a solar water heater, ensure they are durable, is of the right size, and easy to install. That way you will make the right choice that suits you.

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Here Are the Five Best Solar Water Heaters Available Today;

1. Duda solar 30 Tube

This solar water heater features the most efficient collectors available in the market. Its tubes are evacuated, and this ensures that they keep heat in a better way than flat-panel collectors.

Therefore, they even work more in cold climates. They can get higher efficiencies, when the sun shines on them at an angle. This solar water heater is SRCC Certified. What this means is that it is eligible for the thirty percent federal tax rebate.

The panels of this system are hailstone resistant and will not rip off under severe weather. This system has a sun absorption efficiency of around 95% that makes it highly reliable.


  • It is highly efficient with a sun absorption efficiency of 95%
  • It is durable and will withstand extreme weather conditions such as the hailstone
  • It is portable
  • It is SRCC Certified and is eligible for about thirty percent federal tax rebate


  • No particular drawback

2. 2 Panel Standard SW-38

Solar Water Heater

This solar water heater is easy to install. The new SW-38 Solar Water Heater panels require one to thread the panels together. This solar water heater does not require any additional pipes to even if you are installing over one panel.

Each one of these panels weighs just over twelve lbs. Its tank measures twenty-four by twenty-four inches, which means it will offer sufficient boiling water to any home. This kit does not require any soldering at all. Our freeze-protected solar water heater will not freeze under cold conditions.

Key features

  • It features connectors, adapters, wires, 2SW-38 fittings.
  • It features a panel of 10W PV. It does not require any grid connection. The instructions manual will guide you with the installation process.
  • It also features a connector that connects it directly to the water heater.
  • It features one stainless steel pump.


  • It is a hybrid system which means you will never run out of hot water
  • It is durable
  • Relatively easy to install
  • It easily connects to your gas or an electric water heater that has already been installed.
  • You are not required to install any other pipes as they will work with your existing ones


  • No particular drawback

3. SRCC certified thirty percent Tax Credit

Solar Water Heater

This solar water heater will be the first step you take to achieve personal energy independence. It has a forty-gallon pump which can serve about three people.

You can also have eighty gallons of water tank for your system if you’re household as many members. The average energy used for water heating purposes in any home is about thirty percent of the overall energy consumption.

So in a typical family of about four people, the amount of money you will have to spend on heating water is around $600 per year. This solar water heater is made to help homeowners save on their utility bills. 

This system harnesses solar energy and converts it into thermal energy. This is done via the evacuated tube collectors that can absorb about 96% of solar radiation that hits them.

The PV panels typically absorb about fifteen percent. The solar collectors then heat water in a super-insulated water tank where it is stored until someone needs to use it. 

This heating system is pressurized. What this means is that it can move water into and out of the tank effectively. The moment you turn on your boiling water faucet, cold water gets pushed into the hot water tank.

This results in scorching water getting pushed to your faucet. In contrast to other water heating technologies, this solar water heating system does not require pumps or glycol and has no moving parts.

 The unique features of this system result in an efficient system. This solar water heater does not require regular maintenance. This system is sold with a ten-year warranty.

This means that the homeowner will not incur any expenses related to the repair and maintenance for a decade. Nothing sounds better than that.


  • Easy to install
  • Features a tank that houses sufficient water for your household use
  • It is maintenance-free
  • It is made of sturdy materials that make it a long-lasting equipment
  • Is efficient
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty


  • This water heating system has no pumps and this may lead to reduced water pressure

4. SW-38 Solar Water Heater 

Solar Water Heater

This solar water heater is made with a unique quality and sturdy construction. It has a thick architectural aluminum frame and a sturdy twin-wall polycarbonate glazing, which makes this panel rugged in that it can be placed on any kind of application.

This system is lightweight, durable, affordable, tough, and compact as a unit. An incredible feature about this solar water heating system is that each panel supports about six gallons of water.

This ensures that your household boiling water needs will e fulfilled. It is also small and easy to carry around as it measures four square feet. Each panel weighs about 12 lbs.


  • It is lightweight hence easily portable
  • It is durable
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Very compact


  • The tank capacity is low

5. Sunbank 40 Gallon

Solar Water Heater

This solar water heater has a storage tank with a forty-gallon capacity. It features a tank and solar tubing that absorb solar energy, converts it into heat energy, and feeds it into the tank. The tank is insulated with polyurethane of high-density.

This is a pressurized system that does not require pumps connected to another power source. It can heat water to 140F and keep it that way. This is because the tank is insulated and does not lose heart.


  • It is easy to install
  • It is efficient
  • It is long-lasting
  • It has a tank that has a large capacity and can store warm water that is sufficient for the household
  • It is maintenance-free


  • It not ideal for areas whose temperatures go below -40F

The Benefits of Using Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are a top choice for any eco-conscious homeowner. These benefits include; 

  • You will enjoy free heating. Solar energy is available freely. This source of energy is also renewable. There is no exhausting solar energy, which makes it an incredible source of energy. Once your solar heating system gets installed, you will not incur any further cost in heating water for household use. Heating your water will be free as long as the sun is shining.
  • Solar water heaters are easy to install and require little or no maintenance. These solar water heaters and simplified systems do not require regular maintenance. The installation process is a simple step-by-step process and anybody can do it with just a little plumbing knowledge.
  • Affordable initial investment. Since solar water heaters are designed from a simple technology. This makes them an inexpensive investment.
  • They are environmentally friendly. They do not rely on conventional energy, but sustainable solar energy. What this means is that they do not cause any kind of pollution to the environment. For this reason, many of these systems are offered tax rebates and allowances because they promote the use of green energy. 


Are solar water heaters worth the investment?

They are a worthy investment. Solar water heaters can effectively reduce household utility bills by about eighty percent. This highly depends on the efficiency of the solar water heater.

Some regions offer tax incentives and tax breaks to individuals who add solar water heaters to their homes. This is all in quest of the use of natural and green energy.

Can you run a water heater on solar power?

The traditional water heater can be powered by solar energy. All that is required to harness solar power and convert it into thermal energy, which will heat the water in the tank.

What are the three major types of solar hot water systems?

There are two types of solar water heating systems that are available. There are direct to open-loop systems. For this one, portable water is directly heated by the collector. There are closed or indirect loop systems. For this, water is heated indirectly by a fluid that is heated by the collector and passes via the heat exchanger.

Final Verdict

There are several options for solar water heaters. They range in price, size, and other specifications. There are the tiny ones that are portable and there are the large permanent setups that can replace a household geyser.

One thing that is clear about solar water heaters is their affordability. They are available at great prices and the installation process is easy. They do not require regular checkups and maintenance because they are made of sturdy parts and components.

When these systems are kept in excellent conditions, they will surely be cost effective and will pay for their initial purchase and installation cost in no time. Solar water heaters will continuously provide your home with boiling water for free. You will end up saving an enormous amount on your monthly utility bills.

Our top pick is the SRCC solar water heater. It has a 40-gallon pump, which means it can heat water for an entire home with ease. The design of this solar water heater is simple and effective.

The installation process for the SRCC solar water heater is simple and anyone with just a little plumbing knowledge will handle it with no hitches. This water heating system does not require a pump or an electrical connection to function effectively.

This solar water heater also comes with an impressive ten-year collector warranty. This unit is eligible for a thirty percent tax credit. This solar water heater will enable any homeowner to save a lot by simply replacing gas and electricity with free solar energy. Another factor that makes this solar water heater stand out is because it features a super-insulated tank that does not lose heat at all.


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