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Many property owners look for ways to add natural lights to their premises and find it a little difficult. One of the most effective ways of adding natural light to your house is installing solar tubes.

There are several options available, but one of the most reliable methods of adding natural light to your premises is, without doubt, installing solar tubes. It is a cost-effective method that will ensure more sunlight reaches the indoor area of your property.

A solar tube is simply a skylight alternative for channeling natural light to the property’s interior. This technology works in a simple way where natural light enters a metallic tube via a clear covering that protrudes directly to your roof.

Sunlight is then directed via the tube to the indoor areas of your premises via a polished sheet metal material. The sheet metal functions as a continuous mirror because it has been highly polished.

The majority of solar tubes do not generate any solar electricity at all. However, newer models have integrated photovoltaic technologies to provide artificial lighting on cloudy days when sunlight is limited. There are several benefits of installing a solar tube on your property. They include;

  • They are energy efficient
  • The process of installing them is relatively easy
  • The overall cost of acquiring and installing them is relatively low and many individuals can afford them

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Best Solar Tubes Buyer’s guide

Here are a couple of things you need to know before purchasing a solar tube;

So what is a solar tube? It is a system that works on some simple basics. A hole is drilled on the roof and covered with plastic or glass. The glass or plastic is connected to a reflective tube that runs through the loft and down to a diffuser fixed at the top of the ceiling. What this means is that sun light can be channeled into the indoor areas with insufficient or no sunlight at all.

Some of the most critical factors you need to consider while buying a solar tube include;

  • Efficiency: How efficient is the solar tube model you are about to purchase? You would like to buy an efficient solar tube.
  • Durability: Everyone would like to purchase equipment that will last for a long time.
  • Cost: Go for the solar tube model that is within your budget
  • Warranty: Ensure you buy a model that has a warranty. This proves to be important especially if you happen to purchase a defective product. It will be replaced without any issues if it had a warranty.
  • The 5 Best Solar Tubes Reviews in 2021

    1. Sunoptics SUN R2020 FLAT TGZ 50CC2 Solar Tube

    Solar Tube

    This solar tube offers incredible performance for an individual who wants to light up a house interior using natural light. It is an energy-efficient way of illuminating the interior of your home effectively while still ensuring proper ventilation.

    It is designed with prismatic lenses that can provide natural light maximally. These lenses help eliminate glare and hotspots by providing a hundred percent diffusion.

    It also features a superior frame that provides moisture protection redundancy. Additionally, it is equipped with a fully insulated thermal break that encloses the underside of the frame to mitigate condensation-related issues.

    There is a flashing kit that is required for curb installation but it’s sold separately from the other unit. We all would love to be in a room that receives natural light. It makes one feel more comfortable while still indoors.

    This solar tube enhances the visual comfort of your home. It does this through the utilization of high-performance prismatic skylights from Sun optics.


    • Energy efficient
    • Easy to install
    • Enhances natural air ventilation
    • Provides glare-free natural light to your indoor areas
    • It lasts for a long time


    • The flushing kit is sold separately

    2. Natural Light, Tubular Skylight Kit Solar Tube

    Skylight Kit Solar Tube

    This solar tube can illuminate an interior space of about three hundred square feet with natural light. This is equivalent to five hundred watts so it saves you a lot. The thirteen-inch model of this solar tube features a flat roof flashing which is ideal for Asphalt roofing.

    An incredible thing about this solar tube is that it’s ENERGY STAR Qualified which means it may qualify to be in line for Tax Credits. It is designed in a sturdy to make it capable of withstanding the impact of natural occurrences such as a hurricane. It can light up the interior of your house incredibly making everything look bright. It will surely help you enjoy a reduction in your utility bills.

    Additionally, this model comes with a 25-year warranty which means you will not be bothered by any kind of defects at all. You can easily claim a replacement in case you are faced with an alarming issue.


    • It is durable
    • This model is energy star qualified meaning it may qualify for tax credits
    • It is easy to install
    • This model comes with a lengthy warranty which runs for 25 years


    • This model is not designed for metal roof applications

    3. Velux TMR 010 0000 Sun Tunnel, 10

    This solar tube will help you illuminate your interior space with energy-efficient natural light. This product is ideal for interior spaces such as hallways, closets, and bathrooms. This model comes with a highly reflective tunnel that incredibly generates whiter and brighter light in the indoors.

    That is why it fits well in areas that receive no sunlight at all like tunnels or hallways. It also features a flashing metal which is normally pitched and provides the ideal angle for gathering light from any direction.

    The incredible thing about the one-piece pitched flashing is that the installation procedure is quite simple. It is set in a way that it gathers sufficient daylight on the roof.

    This model is made in a way that it can be installed on any kind of roofing materials such as shingles and even low profile materials. It can be installed on a roof pitch raging between fourteen degrees to sixty degrees.

    This solar tube model has a low-profile flashing that provides a beautiful look on your roof. It has an energy star label due to its high efficiency. Installing this solar tube model is easy and can be done within two hours.

    Once you’ve acquired this solar tube, you do not have to worry about any kind of defects. An incredible thing about this product is that it comes with a 20-year tunnel warranty. This gives you peace of mind as any issue with it will be fixed for free.


    • It is easy to install
    • Highly efficient that’s why it is energy star labeled
    • It comes with a 20-year tunnel warranty
    • It comes with built-in durable material


    • No alarming drawback

    4. Solar LightBlaster for Shingled Sheds

    Solar LightBlaster

    The Solar LightBlaster will effectively illuminate your dark shed and save you from recurrent electric bills. This solar tube model is quite easy to install. All you need to do is cut a hole in your shed’s roof. Then go ahead and use the screws included to attach it.

    This model comes in three parts that fit into each other conveniently. A clear dome gets installed on the rooftop and it plays the role of collecting sunlight. The sunlight collected is then transported to your shed via a short reflective tube which is connected to a diffuser inside the ceiling in your shed.

    This solar tube makes a huge difference on your dark shed which is incredible bearing in mind its ease of installation. This model comes at a great price and most people will afford it.

    Just like all the other products powered by the sun, this solar tube will require sunlight to be able to function and meet its designated purpose. To get the best results, have it installed on the slope of your shed or home that receives more hours of sunlight.

    Remember that depending on your geographical location, the highest lumens will be received during the summer months. However, this solar tube will incredibly work with moonlight and street light as well. This product comes with installation instructions upon purchase.


    • Designed with a sturdy construction
    • Easy to install
    • Energy efficient
    • Increases the shed or house value with tubular lighting
    • Helps you save on utility bills by eliminating daytime use of electric lights
    • The natural light it offers is good for our energy levels and better than artificial light


    • It will be useful during spring and summer seasons when there is sufficient sunlight

    5. Solar LightBlaster for Conex Containers

    Solar LightBlaster

    This solar tube model will effectively illuminate your Conex container. A clear dome is normally installed on the shed or house roof. Its sole purpose is to collect sunlight. The collected sunlight is channeled down into your container via a short reflective tube.

    This tube is usually connected to a diffuser inside the container’s ceiling. The incredible thing about this solar tube model is that it is quite easy to install and will have a major impact on your dark container.

    This model of a solar tube is available at a fair price hence many people can afford it. Once you purchase your piece, you will also be given the guidelines on how to install it.


    • Easy to install
    • Designed with a sturdy construction making them durable
    • Enables you to save money by doing away with daytime use of electric lights
    • It increases the value of your shed with the tubular lighting
    • Affordable
    • Energy efficient


    • Primarily designed for Containers

    Are Solar Tubes Worth It? Are They Better Than Skylights?

    Final Verdict

    Solar tubes have enabled people to harness natural light most effectively. We are now able to light up rooms, hallways, and indoor areas that were blocked from receiving sunlight without any hitches. The incredible thing about these skylights is that they are energy efficient. They ensure that those in the indoor areas get to enjoy sunlight comfortably.

    There are several types and models of solar tubes. In this discussion, we have been able to cover the best five of them. If you need proper illumination in your indoor areas, the choices discussed above will serve that purpose accordingly.

    These solar tubes are durable, easy to install, and affordable. Most of the solar tubes discussed in this discussion can be fully installed within two hours. They are also environmentally friendly as their source of power is the sun.

    That is why most of them have an energy star rating which brings results to the product being excluding from taxes. The tubing light also adds beauty to the premises where it has been installed. This adds to the overall value of the home and makes the living conditions a little better.

    If you are interested in adding natural light into your home, solar tubes is the way to go. Any of the above models will suit you well. You will find that most of them come with warranties and instruction manuals. You will have no problems installing your skylight and make your indoors more habitable by adding natural light to it.


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