Best Solar String Lights Reviews

Pretty string lights are gorgeous on top of an amazingly decorated patio. It's them that give your garden and home an appealing look that your guests, neighbors, and friends will admire. This Eco-friendly, outdoor lights can also provide ambient lighting around you, creating a beautiful place to hang out. But which are the best solar string lights to consider?

As the demand for solar energy takes another twist, we've experienced an increase in popularity for string lights. People prefer wrapping them around trees while others string them along fences and more.

Whatsoever, there is a wide range of outdoor string light in the market today. Starting from battery-operated to regular plug-in to solar-power models, it's you to choose the best.

In the sense that many solar string lights are extremely affordable, make them budget-friendly and a fun way to decorate your home.

In our today's buyer guide, we will narrow down the best outdoor solar string lights that can superbly brighten up your space.

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The 5 Best Solar String Lights Reviews

1. Magicpro Solar Strings Lights

Solar Strings Lights

MAGIC PRO brand is well-known to provide quality outdoor products, excellent customer services, and 100 percent satisfaction. When it comes to their solar string light, they do the same. Their premium wireless string lights bring a cozy environment to your space. You can throw a fun night party with your wife, family, or girlfriend.

In terms of quality, the lights are made of waterproof bulbs that are sturdy enough to withstand any harsh weather conditions. It neither breaks nor gets damages easily, guaranteeing many years of use. The longer string is 13.6m (44 ft.) to provide brighter and wider lights all the space.

Forget about hefty electricity bills, 15 LED light bulbs are powered by sunshine all day. Fully charged, it will illuminate at least 8 hours, though the working time depends on the location, weather conditions, and intensity of sunlight.

Their weatherproof fairly solar powered light are relatively a nice option for decorating outdoor areas of importance. You can decide to use them for lighting decoration for birthdays, weddings, holidays, evening celebrations and parties. Just to bring a happy and ambiance mood.

Thankfully, your investment is protected. You can use the lights with peace of mind. If anything fails to work during installation, they provide a full refund or change it for satisfaction.

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Things we like

  • IPX5 waterproofing
  • 44 feet string length offers wide coverage of lighting
  • 15 high-quality bulbs
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Long working times (8 hours)
  • Has a dual charging system
  • Things we don’t like

  • When unboxing the lights, wires are tangled
  • 2. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar-powered lights

    Solar-powered lights

    Brightech Ambience Pro LED Lights are unique by the look of the eye. These lights aren't just strung together but they're shaped in a super special manner. They possess a vintage look and stylish-feel. While it features a G40 Globe Bulb set, the commercial units are fantastic in making your outdoor area stunning with tantalizing lights.

    The difference this time is that you'll enjoy a 48 feet long string that allows you to cover the whole patio. And with 15 bulbs that are placed 3ft from each other, it's easy to rejoice the enlightened large outdoor patio, garden, and backyard.

    Since each bulb come with a hook over its ring, the user can pass the wires around them while you hang the light in a canopied formation or straight line as per your needs.

    Significantly, you can effortlessly turn the bulbs into the filament exposure look. It will take you back to memory lane without having to pay a staggering amount of money. Installation seems easy like a cheap course.

    Brightech claims that their lights have a capability to last 6 hours when fully charged. Backed by a solar panel, the batteries are well-charged to give light during night hours. You'll love the color temperature of light, which is around 3,000 kelvins.

    Professionals and fanatics love the bulbs as they report how they are truly weather-resistant and waterproof. So, if you're planning to buy best solar bistro lights, go for none other than Brightech Ambience Pro.

    Things we like

  • Wider lighting coverage
  • Easy installation
  • Auto-switch on/off when dark
  • Commercial grade bulbs
  • Vintage style design
  • Things we don’t like

  • 6 hours working time is probably less for some outdoor applications
  • Lacks dual charging function
  • 3. Sunlitec solar powered string light

    solar string lights

    Looking for pride-worth solar string lights for indoor and outdoor lighting? Sunlitec solar string lights are here at an affordable price.

    SUNLITEC has not been left behind, and still enjoy a base in the lighting industry. Their units feature a power backup of 4,500mAH – that's enough to lighten your backyards, patios even when experiencing rainy weather.

    The robust battery takes 8 hours to read fully charged in direct sun rays. Unlike others, there's a USB charging option for flexibility when it comes to charging.

    The 25G24 LED bulbs reach up to 3,000 kelvins luckily because they are placed 10-inch apart. This temp provides a soft white light that ensures a cozy ambience in your garden, your home, or the backyard as per your preference.

    Besides, the LED bulbs enjoy a long-life of up to 50,000 hours. The fact that its solar panel uses less power to glow proves how long it can serve without breaking the bank for another one. Rubber strands are tangle-free; hence you can fold, make a loop or expand, allowing easy setup.

    Lastly but most important, Sunlitec lights are waterproof. They can sustain high windspeed and rain with any ruin or breakage. Use the lights confid ently and if anything seeks advice from their support.

    Things we like

  • Affordable
  • Long-life LED bulbs
  • Has a USB charging option
  • Wider applications
  • Waterproof construction
  • Things we don’t like

  • Some reviewers are unsatisfied with a 1-year warranty
  • 4. Mpow Solar String Light

    Solar String Lights

    One of the super favorite solar-powered LED string lights with tons on fans is Mpow. Users have raved these units because of their bendy copper wire that's not only flexible but also simple to twist. The 100 super LED bulbs glow emit a bright but warm glow to make your outdoor lively.

    Featuring 6 lighting modes that include twinkle, fireflies, and waves, you can choose the one that inspires you at a specified time and place. With a heat-resistant and waterproof design, the bulbs can cope heavy showers of rains, storms, and even high heat.

    Additionally, the strings are 33 feet long this ensures that you get visible light to the extreme. Together with a strong battery that lasts up to 10 hours when fully charged. Along with that, you can store charge for a night shift.

    It's perfect for people who want to make garden ornaments and a nice waterfall effect. You don't have to hassle, just select the best lightning mode – steady, flashing, fading, chasing, slowly, among others will give you the best illumination.

    An automatic shut-off sensor makes sure the LED lights up at night and goes off during the day automatically. In this category, they're probably the best solar led string light. I suppose that Mpow is worth the money.

    Things we like

  • Warm white light
  • Comes with different working modes
  • Heat-resistant & IP64 waterproof
  • an automatic switch on/off sensor
  • brighter light
  • wider light coverage
  • Things we don’t like

  • Strings are short to some patio
  • 5. Semilits Solar String Lights

    Solar String Lights

    Shaped like cute bees, Semilits Solar String Lights are undoubtedly the best for any outdoor décor. These lights form one of the most decorative and creative lighting fixtures you'll ever come across. With 20 LEDs that feature a perfect shape - you can illuminate your garden as per your wish.

    These solar powered outdoor lights are governed by a rechargeable battery. So, no need for the extra cost. Actually, the kids love them because of their appealing design and outstanding performance. Made of rugged plastic, these bees are rigid enough to withstand any kind of weather.

    For decorative purposes, they can perfectly adorn your trees, flowers for your garden or yard. While you enjoy dual working modes (blinking and steady) the 4500 mAH nickel-metal-battery battery offers 7 to 10 hours of service when fully charged.

    Each bee is around 1.5-inch. On the other hand, the strings are 16ft in length. During the day, LEDs take a little-statuesque-like, and when the dusk comes, they glow into yellow-and-white fuzzy friends. They excel in a useful way to give your home a crazy cute stance.

    Just 5 hours of direct sunlight and the lights are fully charged. For long life visible light around your outdoor space and enjoy free solar energy from the sun.

    Things we like

  • Cute bee-like lights
  • 45mAH nickel-metal battery offers long life service
  • 7-10 hours guaranteed working time
  • Waterproof bulbs
  • Dual working modes
  • Things we don’t like

  • Strings are shorter than others we reviewed in our list
  • Final Verdict

    When looking for the best solar powered string lights, it's good to aim for the one that suits your requirement. Some factors like lighting modes, bulb type, string configuration, energy-efficiency and brightness. For the better, your outdoor space can turn into a beautiful world with the best choice.

    In our list, the best pick is Semilits Solar String Lights. They take a bee-like shape making them the top choice that takes decoration and illumination to the next level. Whether it's your landscape, yard, or garden, these solar-powered lights are up to the game.