Solar Shower

Choosing the Best Solar Shower!

Going outdoor and having fun is part of human nature. Most people love camping, fishing, boating, climbing, and beach visiting, and more other things. This is an opportunity to connect and discover the hidden treasure of nature.

When out in the wild or hiking on a mountain, you don't have the luxury that you always have at your home. Taking a shower is one of the basic needs of a human being. You can't go for days bathing in rivers and water holes throughout your hiking.

The solar-powered shower kit is a piece of great equipment to have when preparing for any outdoor activity. You can carry the shower bags everywhere you go and enjoy a hot shower in the shower tent.

All you need is to put it out in the sun and wait for the water to heat up. In this discussion, we will discuss the best solar shower, how they work and a quick buyer's guide.

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Top 5 Best Solar Showers in 2021

1. Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Summer Shower

Summer Shower

Enjoy your fishing, hiking, camping, or road trip knowing that your summer shower got you. The two and half-gallon capacity is made in such a way that it harnesses the sun's power and heats the water.

The temperature gauge will allow you to know how warm the water is. After it warms the water to your desired temperature, you can have a hot shower.

It is designed with a 4-layer t construction consisting of an insulator panel, reflector panel, water reservoir, and a solar panel. This ensures maximum heat retention.

This means your water stays warm long enough to complete your shower. A rip-stop fabric is available making the head easy to operate. You can turn the shower on and off to minimize power wastage.

The summer shower also features an inlet valve with a twisting cap and a rubber handle for easier portability. Your showering experience is simplified by the Velcro straps where you can hold toiletries like soap, washcloth, and shampoo.

Key features

  • 2.5-gallon capacity
  • 4-layer construction
  • Velcro straps
  • Temperature gauge
  • On/off shower head
  • Large filling valve
  • Wide carrying handle.


  • · Easy to carry
  • · Retains temperature for a longer period
  • · Easy to fill
  • · Does not leak
  • · Durable

2. ADVANCED ELEMENTS 5 Gallon Solar Shower

Solar Shower

Have a refreshing warm shower at anyplace of your outdoor adventure. The summer shower has a large capacity of five-gallon of water which is enough for a shower. All you need to do is fill the solar shower and spread it on the sun with the clear side up.

The two-layered design includes an insulator panel and a reflector panel. This allows high performance and heat retention. Within no time the water will be hot for use.

The filling valve is extra-large and comes with an on/off switch on the showerhead for easy use. All your grooming items are taken care of by the side pocket. 

The temperature gauge will help you know how hot your shower water is. During a refreshing shower, you can put your washcloth on the Velcro straps.

Key features

  • · Quality PVC two-layered construction
  • · Large inlet valve plus a twistable cap
  • · Temperature gauge
  • · Side pocket for soap storage
  • · Velcro straps to hold toilets
  • · On/off shower head
  • · Wide handle for easy transport


  • · Durable
  • · Portable
  • · Has a small mirror
  • · Very efficient
  • · Large capacity
  • · Easy to store

3. Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

Solar Shower

The Coleman five-gallon camping solar shower is a vital asset on your hiking trips. It has a water reservoir with a capacity of five gallons of water. This is more than enough shower water in the wild.

You can also share the water with your hiking partner or have multiple showers. This camping solar shower has a unique construction that locks in the heat from the sun and then slowly heats the water. The solar-powered shower is highly rated for its ability to heat the water during cool days.

Coleman 5-gallon is a portable solar shower since it has a strong handle and is convenient for hanging. The head shower has an on/off valve to regulate water flow. This minimizes wastage. The filling valve is wide and easy to use.

The heating rate increases with time, as soon as you spread the solar camp shower out in the sun, it will take a few hours for the maximum temperature to be obtained.

Key features

  • · Five-gallon capacity
  • · Handy on/off valve
  • · Strong handle
  • · Short waiting time for temperature rise
  • · Lightweight
  • · Has a maximum temperature of 120 F


  • · Easy to transport
  • · Easy to use
  • · Heats up quickly
  • · Durable

4. VIGLT Portable solar Shower Bag for Camping 5 gallon

Portable solar Shower Bag

The camping shower bag can be used for hiking, surfing, fishing, beach activities, and climbing. All your outdoor activities should be accompanied by the VIGLT solar shower bag.

It has a double switch design to make your water regulation easier. The showerhead and bottom switch is leak-proof to make your journey smooth.

It is built with quality and durable material, the handle straps are strengthened by a strong plastics tube. This enables easy hanging on a tree and getting a free hand shower.

The solar shower bag has a temperature indicator to keep you on notice. The heating waiting time is about three hours and the temperature will be about 45 degrees.

The design includes a storage basket. You can put soap, shampoo, and all showering accessories. The inlet has a sealed cap for easy filling and prevents leakages.

The solar bag has a shower hose that is removable with a switchable nozzle. Enjoy a warm shower with a 5-gallon water solar shower bag.

Key features

  • · Five-gallon capacity
  • · Plastic tubing
  • · Switchable shower head
  • · Hanging straps
  • · Storage basket
  • · Temperature gauge


  • · Hand-free showering
  • · Durable
  • · Portable
  • · Easy to store
  • · Easy to use

5. ELECTRFIRE Solar Powered Shower 20 liters

Solar Powered Shower

The ELECTRFIRE camp shower has a water capacity of 5 gallons. When full, you can have a quick shower in any outdoor activity. The temperature gauge is a great feature of the camp shower to keep you abreast of the water temperature. The backside is transparent to allow you to see the water level.

ELECTRFIRE camp shower has been upgraded to have a showerhead with an on/off switch connected to it. The water flow is maintained by pressure to improve the shower experience.

The solar shower bag has been designed with front pockets to store and hold shampoo, soap, and washcloth. The pocket is big enough for all showering accessories, the garden hose is also removable.

It has a high absorption rate and heats the water to within three hours with a temperature of 45 degrees. ELECTRFIRE camping shower bag is made of safe PVC which is environmentally friendly even when exposed to solar heat.

Key features

  • · Temperature indicator
  • · Transparent backside
  • · Less waiting time for about three hours
  • · 5-gallon capacity
  • · Upgraded and switchable showerhead


  • · Durable
  • · Easy to carry
  • · Large capacity
  • · Easy to store
  • · Warms quickly

What to Look for in a Good Solar Shower

Solar showers are available in the market and you may get deceived by the looks rather than what will work for you. Before going out to buy a heated solar shower is good to put the following factors into consideration.

Water capacity

You do not want to enjoy a hiking experience then end up with two cups of water for a shower. Sufficient water is needed to have a better and complete shower.

The capacity of your solar shower determines how much water you have for a shower. Small and medium solar camping shower are suitable for one-person use. More people will need larger solar shower bags.

Choose the soar shower depending on the number of people on the camping trip. The rate at which the water flows from the shower bag is also a consideration.

The higher the rate, the more water wastage. Have a moderate water flow that will minimize wastage and allow a satisfying portable shower for everyone.

Versatility and portability

You have the right size of the solar shower, but how portable is it? The easier to move around and transport the bag the better. You can test an outdoor solar shower by carrying it and feel the experience. Look for features that will help you hang and mount without a struggle.

Also, look for a solar shower that can be used to carry hot water for other uses. Some solar-powered showers are specifically used to storing shower water. Some brands can store water for multipurpose use. It should be lightweight too.


It is a vital factor to consider as design and style talk more about your personality. Compare different brands to select your taste. Other factors such as color durability and usability of the design may come to play. The best design should bring out who you are and what you like.

Efficiency and material

The best and durable material is the best. It will be quick to heat and retain heat. Sunlight needs a thin durable bag for quick absorption. Solar-powered showers have solar cells for quick sunlight absorption. Check for efficient solar cells for your solar heating shower. A solar shower with these combined factors is a great choice.


Your budget will determine what you can afford and not. Don't overspend but rather look for a solar shower that will give you the value of your money. Price tags should not worry you, sometimes the price is not a representation of quality. Instead, go for the features.


It is a significant feature for solar-powered devices. This assures you that you are purchasing a quality product. Most solar shower manufacturers give a warranty to their customers. You will receive after-sale services and get compensated for damages within the given time.

Best Solar Showers FAQ:

Solar Shower

How Do Solar Showers Work?

The solar shower bags are made of a heat absorption material. Some have solar cells to increase sunlight heat in the bag. The heat in the bag then warms the water up.

The solar shower needs to be spread out in the sun. If possible put it on the ground. When the ground is hot it will heat the bag from below hence fastening the process.

How do solar showers work during winter?

First, solar regular showers can indeed work during winter. It is however not practical and safe to use during winter. The little sun may heats water but the temperatures in the environment will affect your health negatively. It is advisable not to use a heating solar shower during winter unless you are in heated closed doors.

How much water does a solar shower hold?

Heated and portable solar showers come in different sizes. The common sizes range from 5-10 gallons of water. You can choose the best for you depending on how much you love the outdoor shower and the number of people you are going out with.


Having a shower is what separates humans from the beast. Do not limit yourself or lack body hygiene as you prepare for outdoor activity. You can park a solar-powered shower and have a hot shower as you enjoy hiking, climbing, boating, fishing, and other places.

Get one of the best solar showers from the above list and make your outdoor adventure more enjoyable.