Solar Shed Light

Best Solar Shed Lights Reviews

Owing to their brighter lighting, the best solar shed lights allow high visibility in your outdoor space. Whether it's your shed, garage, patio, or deck, they can illuminate by utilizing the power of the free sun. Neither the external source of power nor electric wiring is needed. All in all, you bring down your monthly power bills.

Most people who invest in projects like electronics, carpentry, or mechanics among others like the solace of their garage. With proper lighting, they claim to benefit from safety, security, and increase their productivity under high-quality LEDs.

So, have you ever wondered which model will work the best for you? Scrolled pages for research, flipped through fliers? You’re not alone! Hardly will you notice their difference at a glance. No worries. Our definitive buyer guide brings you to a better place of getting the best choice.

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Comparison Table of Best Solar Shed Lights

Product Name




0.45 Watts

3.7 Volts

Up to 8 hours

60 Watts

1 Volts

Up to 8 hours

2.5 watts

3.7 Volts

Up to  18 hours

3 watts

4.5 Volts

Up to 3 - 4 hours


3.7 Volts

Up to 8-10 hours

While there are features to be aware of before making a purchase, we created this comprehensive post by comparing out top pick using these criteria:

  • Build quality
  • Efficiency
  • Construction material
  • Brightness
  • The 5 Best Solar Shed Lights Reviews in 2021

    1. Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light

    Solar Powered Led Shed Light

    Best for lighting up your shed, deck, home, and garden, Kyson Solar Power-Led Shed Light is might pack of investment. The brighter light ensures and adds security. Or, you can use it as the accent light to decorate and illuminate your garage, trees, or your home.

    Not to mention, it comes with a solar panel that absorbs power from the sunlight. So, you don't have to incur the cost of electricity. Easy to install, the user can mount the solar panel anywhere hassle-free. In the end, you'll have created a safe environment around you.

    While it features a replaceable Vintage Edison Bulb, the unit is versatile to light up in any color you may prefer as you can change the bulb once it gets damaged. Remote control and Pull Cord are included to ease the use. Each bulb system will offer a range of 5 meters, hence wider coverage.

    Featuring a stainless steel casing, the shed light is designed for long-lasting service. You shouldn't miss out on this budget-friendly product.


    • Replaceable vintage bulb
    • Solid construction
    • Easy to use
    • Wide light up coverage
    • Wide applications, garden. Shed, deck, and more
    • Budget-friendly


    • Light not intensely bright

    2. Solar Shed Lights, Kyson Solar Powered Led Light

    Solar Powered Led Shed Light

    Here comes another product from Kyson, which is more affordable than the one reviewed above. Kyson designs its lights with pull cord and remote, easing outdoor use. That's one characteristic you'd expect from them.

    With 4 bright white LEDs, the model has the capability to perform the best in your outdoor space. These bulbs are small in size and are packed with a lightweight solar panel. The entire item's weight is around 0.46 kilograms. That's a good design for easy arrangement.

    Also, there's an external solar panel that adds more mobility if you decide to install this solar-powered system to light up your shed. Thanks to its excellent performance that is dictated by how the bulbs are brighter.

    Use it anywhere; may it be your garden, home, or garage, the LED wall light is incredible for offering security. Just mount it and let it get the stuff done.


    • Strengthens security
    • Lightweight design allows the simple arrangement
    • Wide application
    • More affordable option
    • Sturdy lithium-ion battery
    • Versatile option


    • At times remote may fail to function

    3. Nature Power 21030 Hanging LED Shed Light

    Hanging LED Shed Light

    You won’t believe the goodies that this unit comes with until you use it. Nature Power 21030 is a top-notch shed light that brings your outdoor space into a standstill when the name lighting is heard. Unlike electric shed lights, this one uses power from the sun. 4 super bright white LEDs are equal to the task.

    Adding to the free power from the sun, the light requires no wiring during installation. You place it anywhere. Hang it on a shed, covered deck or porch, garage, or any other outdoor space that needs lighting.

    Unlike traditional shed lights, this particular type is re-engineered with low and high brightness setting. All is done with the help of remote control. Just select the coverage your need. A high brightness has up to 2 hours of working time while low brightness offers up to 8 hours of the same.

     The On/Off switch ensures automatic switch on at night and turns off during the day, allowing charging. Indeed, this eliminates fumbling in the dark as your search for the switch. Finally, the manufacturer guarantees a 1-year warranty.


    • On/Off switch
    • Remote control for low and high brightness settings
    • 1 years warranty
    • Requires no wiring
    • Ling working time


    • Light may fail to work with remote

    4. Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Light

    Rechargeable Solar Shed Light

    Designers Edge L-949 has gained popularity as the best street lights to get in the market. It's because of the amazing features that this model is getting traction from many households. It provides light to your shed, garden, a walkway with the help of robust LED bulbs.

    Needleless to say, the unit gives astonishing 10,000 hours of operation. With that, you’re assured of extensive light up without having to spend more on electricity. Its great design strikes a balance between bright illumination and decoration.

    You'll like its ease of use. The solar light is extremely easy to use and install. No need for tools or wiring to set up the solar light system. Plus, with the multiple operation modes, you can either choose low, medium, or high brightness. Set all 10 LED bulbs to enjoy a full brightness and 5 LED bulbs to whip up medium brightness.

    Enjoy the unmatched versatility with Designers Edge L-949 by installing it anywhere your desire. It can be on a pole or mount it on the wall just a few yards away from the solar panel


    • Ease of use
    • Offers versatility
    • Has multiple operation modes
    • Brighter illumination
    • Long hours of operation


    • Somehow expensive

    5. DiDi DENG Solar Pendant Lights

    Solar Pendant Light

    There’s a reason why DiDi DENG Solar Pendant Lights got a spot on our list. These lights are not only perfect for outdoor but also indoor use. I would suggest that you try this package. They can work best for your shed, balcony, kitchen, outside your yard and garden.

    Because these lights are small in size and made of light material, you can install them effortlessly and anywhere you prefer. More importantly, the material is waterproof and can handle even harsh conditions. You only need a towel to wipe away dust.

    DiDi DENG lights have proven to be more practical, hence the best bet for homeowners. If you unbox, you’ll find a solar panel that can be installed separately using a cord. That way, you can manipulate the solar panel in any place or angle you want.

    Equipped with a rugged 18650 4400mAh battery, I recommend that these indoor solar light are the best for illumination. The special battery with a replaceable design can serve for 3 years without any issue. Get it and save your electricity bills.


    • Super adjustable brightness
    • Saves more energy
    • Made with waterproof and quality materials
    • Durable, long-life battery
    • Smart auto control


    • Not easy to troubleshoot

    Things to Look for When Buying Solar Powered Shed Lights

    It's a no brainer! Checking out some decisive factors will put you in a better place of grabbing an absolute deal. Well, if you're remodeling your shed and you need new shed lights, you might get confused in the process. For instance, you need to know the number of LEDs a unit has, automatic sensor, just to mention but a few.

    Size of the shed

    To identify the right shed lights that will meet your needs, first know the size of your shed before anything else. At that junction, it will give you a hint on exactly where your need to fix your lights. Is the surface area big or small? For a large shed, consider going for more than one light.

    Since these units are solar-powered, you shouldn't worry or mind. Just install the system and let the abundant light do the rest.

    Safety and durability of lights

    Both safety and durability should be your priority. Irrespective of how stylish looking, cheap or expensive the light is, it should be backed by a long lifespan and safety features. Choose the model that is solidly constructed with weatherproof material as it will guarantee services for more years to come

    The quality, on the other hand, equates to safety. The light should be safe to use without negatively impacting the environment. After all, solar shed lights are eco-friendly.

    Lumens and charge time

    Designing a solar shed system blindly can cost compromise everything. Start by evaluating the lumen output. Lumen is a reference for the brightness and intensity of light that a LED bulb will emit. Said than done, this reflects how paramount this feature is.

    Another one is the number of hours that your battery will need to get fully charged. If the unit takes long hours of charge, then there will be a change in presence of unexpected cloudy conditions. During the winter season, you'd expect low charging because of low solar radiation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many lumens do you need for bright shed lights?

    If you want your shed lights to be well-lit, it's important to choose a product with a higher lumen rating. In the long run, it will be better since you won't need to splash money for buying many lights to match your area. Mostly, solar lamps come with 2 up to fifty lumens, which are superb for decorating and illuminating.

    Why do you need solar powered shed light?

    It’s no select that our homes have a shed. Other households have installed shed lights that are lighted by electricity. Anyway, that’s fine. If money isn’t a problem it won’t make a big difference even when hefty power bills come on your way.

    For ordinary persons, I included, money is an issue these days, so it makes sense when you say you want to save as much as you can.

    Shed lights are solar-powered. The natural sunlight is free and offers renewable solar energy. That will significantly lessen your monthly expenditures on power. Also, it's ecofriendly.

    How to Install a Solar Shed Lights

    Final Verdict

    Now you know the most in-demand solar shed lights available today and as much as you can get one of them, be assured of convenient illumination for your outdoor space. They are economical and will save you from monthly electricity bills.

    We've shared the topmost models, and the one that wins the number one spot is the Designers Edge L-949 solar light. It provides light to your shed, garden, a walkway with the help of robust LED bulbs. With super brightness attributes, solid construction, and ease of use, I would recommend it.