Best Solar Powered Security Camera Reviews

The security and safety of our property have always been a concern for every homeowner. Installing security cameras is one way of ensuring safety. Back in the days, only electricity-powered cameras were used. Today solar-powered outdoor cameras are available. All the functions are similar to other cameras apart from the power source.

The solar panel harvests the sunshine and converts it to direct current energy. The batteries in the solar camera are charged and also stores extra power. The camera then operates using this power all day and night.

Solar energy is clean and does not pollute the environment. For this reason, solar-powered cameras are preferred. Here are the benefits of using solar power cameras

•    Easy to set up as no wiring is needed.

•    Batteries have a long life making maintenance costs low.

•    The camera will continue working regardless of power outages

•    Outdoor Security Camera,

•    Eco friendly

In this article, we will discuss the best solar-powered cameras. The advantages of each, and the quick buyers' guide.

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The 5 Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras Reviews for 2021

1. Conico Wireless Solar Powered Home IP Camera

Solar Powered Home IP Camera

Conico wireless solar-powered IP camera comes with a 15000 mAh rechargeable battery. It also comes with an external eco-friendly solar panel.

When the electricity runs out, do not worry, the solar-powered security camera can be self-powered. Conico solar-powered camera has PIR motion detection and adjustable motion sensitivity.

This ensures only an important motion alert is detected and avoids motion caused by minor things. You will receive instant alerts on your phone in case the detector senses motion.

The solar-powered camera is built with 1080p HD video that allows night vision. The outstanding night vision covers up to 15m with four infrared LEDs. Y

ou can be calm and safe all night as you can see everything in the dark. Works well with Google as you can download the app to enable your camera to respond remotely. You can view all the happenings around your home at any time and from anywhere.

The conico home security camera is easy to install and stable. The Wi-Fi antennae provide stable and better connectivity. Connecting to a 2.4G wireless router, the outdoor camera will be easy to operate.

The home security camera can work perfectly with harsh weather conditions since the IP65 is weatherproof.

Key features

•    IP 65 is waterproof

•    Smart PIR detection

•    Multiple storage ways

•    Extended night vision

•    1080p Full HD video

•    Stable Wi-Fi connection


•    Easy to install

•    Great motion sensor

•    Works with Google

•    Works in all weather conditions

•    Remote surveillance is enabled


•    A bit slow in video recording.

2. ZUMIMALL Solar Powered Surveillance Camera

Solar Powered Surveillance Camera

The solar-powered security cam has an eco-friendly security system with a rechargeable battery and a solar panel. A 2.4 G WI-Fi connection, will make the outdoor camera easy to operate. The rechargeable batteries have a life of 180 days.

The home security camera has a smart PIR motion detector technology that only senses human movements. This is vital as it reduces false alerts triggered by passing cars and animals. Upgraded PIR sends the only critical notification. You can customize and adjust your preferred recording time.

It is a 1080p HD camera. The security camera also has a great night vision of up to 33 ft. Adjust the lenses into night mode enables you to get a view of all images at a wider angle at night. You can also see real-time images remotely.

The camera allows multiple-user sharing and two-way audio. You can share with family members and also communicate with pets or kids when you are away from home. Your data is safe and private as the video is encrypted and stored in the local SD.

Key features

•    CloudEdg app makes it easy to setup.

•    Wireless design

•    Solar panel ensures continuous power supply

•    Use of infrared LED light allows clear view at night

•    Sharable app

•    Allows real-time communication


•    Customized time recording

•    Sharp image delivery

•    Long battery life

•    Easy installation

•    Its waterproof


•    Once in a while it may lose connection.

3. FUVISION Solar Powered Battery PTZ IP Security Camera

Security Camera

The wireless outdoor security camera is one of the best in the market. It can horizontally pan for 350 degrees, 100-degree vertical tilt, and zooms 3x. The app provided allows you to watch all the coverage remotely.

The ability to cancel noise enables you to talk to anyone within the range. The wide-angle camera is great for business and home surveillance. The 1080p HD allows a live view of happenings at all times. Full IP65 is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The motion detector uses high technology sensors that only record important alerts. The moment PIR motion is triggered, a notification is sent to your phone. All data captured by the camera is stored in the removable SD card.

Data security is highly enhanced by the use of RTMPS streaming-encryption with amazon cloud. Night vision is enabled by white LEDs AND infrared LEDs lights. Which give sharp, clear, and colorful images. The camera auto switches to night mode and records images within 36 feet. The camera work at all times and give real images with time and date.

Fu vision solar power batteries are rechargeable with a 12000mAh capacity. The solar panel is detachable to ensure an increase in battery life. Connection to 2.4 Wi-Fi will enable remote streaming.

Key features

•    Full HD 1080P

•    Has a waterproof grade IP65

•    Battery capacity 12000mAh for continuous power supply

•    Connects with 2.4G

•    High motion detection PIR

•    Works great with Google app.


•    Remote access

•    Easy to setup   

•    Durable

•    Wide-angle coverage

•    Affordable.


•    Needs sunlight to charge

4. Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless

Outdoor Security Camera System

The solar-powered camera system is wireless with an eco-friendly solar panel. The batteries are rechargeable and the camera can run for a year. Connecting to a 2.4 G Wi-Fi makes the security camera more reliable. It smartly connects with Google assistant to use voice instruction,’’ hey Google’’ is all you need to say and request the place you need to watch.

The camera will then display all the images of the specific place. E.g. backyard.  The function allows you to set the camera at any place. It gives you clear images and video since it has a 1080p full HD and CMOS image sensor. All things happening within 33 feet range will be captured.

A highly sensitive PIR motion sensor reports instant alerts when motion is detected. You need to adjust your security system and determine working times and motion sensitivity. These setups will ensure no false alarms will be caused by small movements of birds or branches.

Events are recorded in an SD card and free7-day cloud storage. You can use the app on your phone to view live events and playbacks. It also allows two-way audio communication where you can talk to the family when you are away from home.

Key features

•    Google assistant enables hands-free camera control

•    1080p full HD is highly sensitive and allows night vision.

•    Allow two-way audio and live stream

•    SD card allows saving and playback clips.

•    Smart PIR sensor with instant alerts

•    Compatibility with Google allows remote access.


•    Easy to install

•    Free cloud 7-day storage

•    Motion sensor is highly sensitive

•    Works easily with Google assistant

•    Eco friendly


•    The SD is bought separately

5. Outdoor Security Camera, Wireless Wi-Fi Pan Tilt 360° View

Outdoor Security Camera

The outdoor security camera can rotate 320 degrees horizontally and the pan-tilt is 90 degrees vertically. The 3x zoom enables clear images with a broader and flexible view. Equipped with 1080p full HD daytime video recording.

Two infrared LEDs and four white LEDs enable night vision. Clear and colorful videos are captured during the night within a range of 32 feet. You can also talk to the family through the camera since it enables clear two-way audio.

Soliom security camera pairs with Google app to view live images. The SD card stores all the recording plus a one-month loud free storage. This ensures your data is safe from leaking. It is a wireless security camera with an integrated solar panel enabling extensible battery power.

The S600 camera has a sensitive PIR sensor that reduces and controls false alarms. It captures and detects human faces and movements only. Movements caused by trees and animals do not trigger the alarm.

Key features

•    Solim+ APP is used to rotate the camera at any angle

•    It is shareable to a maximum of ten users.

•    With the app you can remotely access the recording

•    1080p Full HD image capturing

•    Color night vision


•    Easy to use and install

•    Easy repair

•    Long battery life

•    Lovey spotlight

• Wireless.


•    Does not support continuous 24/7 recording

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Solar Security Camera


There two things you need to decide before purchasing a solar-powered security camera. The place where to set up the camera for total coverage and protection. Secondly, the best position for the solar panel to maximum harness sunlight.

A place where it gets full exposure to the sun will be suitable. Though the charging rate depends on the intensity of the sun rather than the period the sun is shining. It is always good to make sure you’re solar is exposed to the sun especially peak sun hours to be fully charged.

Weatherproof rating

Any outdoor device will always face the harshness of the weather. How strong it is to withstand the pressure, is a big factor in your list. Dust and water are the main components that affect solar-powered outdoor cameras.

Ingress protection rating {IP} is used to group devices and their casing depending on how resistant they are to water and dust. The rating is usually displayed as IP65 the rate of waterproof is 6, followed by a dustproof rating. Any rating with an X in the middle means the product is rated for one factor only.

Solar panel capacity

The electrical energy produced by the solar panel depends on the intensity of the sunshine and its efficiency. The common solar panel for cameras produces a power of 265 watts.

Your battery capacity should be 10 times the solar panel capacity. This is highly recommended to avoid battery damage caused by overcharging.


Security cameras are only useful if they can detect sounds and motion. The sensitivity of the sensor is a key feature that you need to consider before buying a solar power camera. Different cameras have different sensor modes.

Some will turn off when no movement is detected, others can capture images when a sound is detected. Other cameras have defined sound detection as baby cry. You can analyze the options in the market and buy what you feel is best for your property.


How easy your solar camera can work with the different applications should be a priority. By this I mean, you are aware of the device where the recoded videos or images will be sent to.

A camera capable of working with iOS and Android or a computer is highly preferred. Chose a solar camera model where you can access information through your phone. It will also enable remote access.

Best Outdoor Solar Security Cameras FAQs:

How do solar-powered cameras work?

The solar panel harness sunlight and convert it to direct current energy. The power is then used to charge the batteries for the camera functionality.

The efficiency of the solar will be at its peak when there is sharp sunlight. The excess energy produced is stored in the battery to ensure the camera continues to work even on dull days.

How is night vision achieved?

Most wireless solar-powered outdoor cameras allow night vision. You can view clear images during the night as the camera uses LED or infrared light. The lights are stronger than the sun rays such that they can show an image in the dark.

LEDs consume less power than infrared lights. A wireless solar-powered camera with rechargeable batteries will be favored by LED for night vision and autonomy.

Bottom Line

Solar-powered security cameras are a great improvement to your home security. Those who live in remote areas where it is expensive to deal with the conventional security system. Solar panel energy is friendly to the environment and will cut down the electricity bill.

From the above discussion, you can choose the best solar-powered camera that serves you best.