Best Solar Powered Pool Lights Reviews

Are you on the hunt for the best solar powered pool lights? Using eco-friendly technology has gained momentum in recent years. Easy to use and energy-efficient, solar-powered floating pool lights are the best coolest innovations. With them, you can decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces without spending a staggering amount of money on power consumption.

While these models are waterproof, some of them can be submerged in water without worrying about damages. They will still perform amicably to meet your expectations and needs. Thanks to their solid construction.

As we know, led pool light are an eye-catching addition to any spa or pool. They will glamour and add elegance, as well as perfect visibility for night swimming.

Everyone would want to install these built-in lights to illuminate, add drama, and flare to your pool. But with a range of options out there, choosing the right unit can be daunting. In this buyer guide, we've consolidated the list of the best floating pool lights for you.

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6 Best Floating Pool Lights Reviews

1. Esuper Floating Ball Pool Light

Floating Ball Pool Light

Esuper Floating Ball Pool Lights not only brighten up your swimming pool, lawn, and garden but also installable to add glamour to your backyard.  The more beautiful multi-color changes automatically to give an ambiance around your space.

When hanged, the units can be used as party event lamps, mood night lights, Halloween, wedding atmosphere lights, and Christmas lights. Unlike others, these balls pool lights come with decent IP68 waterproof function; hence they can be placed in any pool for any harsh weather conditions.

The solar charging LED ball is 100 percent rechargeable in direct sunlight; just set them in the sun rays angle and let them automatically illuminate the darkness. Also, the floating solar lights are inflatable, making them float on the water since they are made of vinyl material, which is miles better than the hard plastic material used to craft some LED lights.

Better still, they are universally practical and useful. The lights float on the water, thus ensuring a perfect atmosphere for gatherings and parties. As you buy, the manufacturer promises a 1-year warranty and free customer service.


  • Waterproof function
  • Floatable and inflatable
  • Illuminates the darkness in pools
  • Rechargeable LED light
  • Eco friendly


  • Multi-color changing may at times irritate the eyes

2. Cootway UFO Floating Pool Lights

Floating Pool Lights

Another name to find in the solar-powered industry is Cootway. With their UFO floating led pool light, you'll never go wrong, especially if you want to decorate and light up your swimming pool. These lights offer wide applications from garden and lawn pond to beach and aquatic areas.

Their auto changing color makes them a better choice for indoor and outdoor illumination. One significant feature is about floating waterproof design. Made from top-notch quality PVC material, the light can easily float on pool water, making the atmosphere dreamier.

Aside from that, they're energy-saving solar units. The light is 100 percent powered by solar, which is abundant and free. No wiring or electricity is required, and they will offer at least 8 hours of working time when fully charged.

Anyone needs a light up night atmosphere. These floating solar pool light bring forth the white color to enhance brightness compared to other models. On the same, they can be hanged to decorate your night with one of the most fabulous changing colors. Install them in your backyard, pool, pond, room, or lawn.

The users will enjoy a satisfaction guarantee, and if your units have issues, you can contact the manufacture 24/ for a resolution, answer, or replacement. I recommend it.


  • Bright white color and different color
  • Variety of usage
  • Energy saving
  • Floating waterproof design
  • Cheap option
  • Beautiful lights


  • Low working time under low sunlight

3. HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights

Solar Floating Pool Lights

Being the best solar powered underwater pool lights and solar powered light for inground pools, as well, Floating Pool Lights from HAPICKY are a standout. With cute changing colors, these LED units will twinkle to different colors after every 20 seconds. What's more, this is remarkable to your guests.

You want to make up party fun? These lights are equal to the task. You’ll like the floating balls that add excellent color to fall in love with. The result is the excitement in your pool, backyard, and rooms. The balls are big enough to light up a wide area with brilliant color.

Also used as a multipurpose gift for Christmas or any other occasion, HAPIKAY lights are the best for outdoor decorations, perform well for schools, church functions, festivals, gardens, birthdays, pathways, among others. You'll simply enjoy everything related to them.

Moreover, the lights feature an auto-off/on function. You don't have to worry about time or battery. Set it and forget. They will automatically switch on at night and off during the day to boost solar charging. Above all, you're covered with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


  • Easy to install
  • Auto on/off function
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Quality ball lights
  • Beautiful changing colors


  • Some users say that the package comes without a remote control

4. SOLMORE 4 Pack Solar Deck Lights


It’s rare to find a neat thing like SOLMORE solar deck lights. The units will charge during the daytime automatically while they will switch on at night. Packed with 6 premium top quality LED bulbs, the lights are excellent in giving out extra bright light to any pool or spa.

Thanks to its 12 hours working time that brightens up your space the whole night without charging them in the main grid. After all, no wiring is needed. The fact that they are environment friendly makes them an option in today's lighting. Apart from that, they add an attractive décor whatsoever, giving your guest a comfortable lifestyle around your space.

In addition, these solar dock lights are constructed with durable aluminum alloy casting frame. As a result, they are effectively resistant to rusting. On the other hand, the battery is tightly sealed for protection and safety, even in the bay.

Even better, the units are easy to install. Imagine this; a wireless set up. You just need to screw it and fix it to the desired path, fence, stair, pillar, wall, or tree. Either mount it on the flat ground or vertically to ensure it receives enough sunlight.


  • Made of top-notch quality materials
  • East setup
  • Durable construction
  • Super brighter light
  • Long working time


  • The first-time installation needs 12 hours of sufficient charging

5. 2-PK Floating Pool Lights

2-PK Floating Pool Lights

Investing in solar powered underwater pool lights is a nice idea, but picking the right kit is a challenge. Whenever you hear about 2-PK Floating Pool Lights, think no more. The lights are ideal for decorations, pools, lawns, party events, pathways, and Christmas. And unlike those cheap models, this one light up to brighten any space.

To create a fabulous atmosphere, place these units in romantic settings while you watch them decorate not only your pool but also your yard. Enjoy these vibrant color modes, including solid colors like blue, green, white, and red. Just choose the right color that will fit your décor and desires. 

On top of that, 2-PK Floating Pool Lights are a great bet when it comes to placement. It's flexible in that you can employ multiple placement options. While they are floatable and waterproof, the units will allow wider coverage. Just hung them properly and let them show off their glowing capabilities.

The purchase is quality backed by 100 percent customer satisfaction. This brings confidence on board, knowing that you're investing in a premium kit yet value for money. The 1-year guarantee and free customer service are awesome.


  • Quality kits
  • Multiple placement options
  • Brighten your space
  • Multiple auto color modes
  • Solid construction


  • Pricey than some in the list

6. Cootway Solar Powered Pool Light

Solar Powered Pool Lights

We warp up our list with Cootway Solar Powered inflated Pool Lights, which lights up your garden, pond, backyard, and more. The 17-inch inflatable night lights go further to decorate and illuminate your empire space with beautiful lights all around.

Featuring a solar panel kit shows how the model is energy saving. Everything is governed by solar energy when the sunlight strikes the panel to generate electricity. More so, they're eco-friendly and will help you're a bunch of dollars in your monthly bills.

The construction is durable and waterproof. The solar powered lights are crafted with ultimately quality PVC material. Whether there’s high heat during some months or snow during winter, the LED units won’t scorch at any given time. 

Use then for multiple options. You can decide to decorate indoor and outdoor. Along with that, hang them on the fence or trees, as well. Enjoy the quality guarantee offered by the manufacture upon the purchase.


  • Wide applications
  • Quality guarantee
  • Cut down hefty power bills
  • Durable LED lights
  • Cheaply priced


  • No drawback yet

Factors to Look For When Buying Above Ground Pool Lights

Solar Powered Pool Lights

Weatherproof and waterproof

Choose the solar floating light, which are durably constructed, meaning they can withstand not only harsh climate but also high heat all year round.

Color options

The unit that displays multiple colors automatically proves to be mightier. It will decorate, illuminate, and add a fabulous atmosphere to your pol, lawn, garden, among others.

Versatility and easy installation

Nearly every float light is made to be versatile. You can place it on the fence, wall, and trees to illuminate your pool, garden, or patio. Also, most of them need no wiring connection. Let it be easy to set up your option.

Final Verdict

Add an ambiance, decorate and illuminate your space with the best solar pool lights. They are not only energy-efficient but also budget-friendly. What they offer can't be compared to their low cost, and an option on our list can be your Christmas gift.

Our top pick is HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights that brings fun to your backyard. Its versatility, durability, energy efficiency, the easy installation makes it a choice to beat. If you're planning to pull a surprise gift, choose no other than this option.