Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights Reviews

Looking to add superior security to your home? Then, the best solar powered motion security light can really help. Today, solar lights are looming in demand because they're energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Unlike the traditional electric models, these types save you some dollars in the long run.

Solar motion light will brighten up dark corners of your outdoor space, including garden paths, sheds, driveways, porches, fencing, walkways, and more. So, they'll ensure your home is well-lit day and night.

Besides, the solar motion security lights durable. The fact that they operate without any connection to the electrical grid proves how independent they are. Even during power outages and blackouts, they can function as a backup solution.

With a range of models in the market, shopping around these options can be time-consuming, especially if you don't have a clue on what to consider before buying.

In this guide, we compile a list of commercial-grade solar powered security lights for you. In the end, it will be simple to pick one that will meet your needs.

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The 5 Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights Reviews

1. Sunforce Solar Motion Security Light

Solar Motion Security Light

Solar security sensor lights are significant in any garage or porch to provide stunning security at night. Sunforce features 1500 lumens that allow wider light in your outdoor space. Unlike other models, this one enjoys a high energy efficiency to ensure remarkable illumination.

With adjustable side lamp heads that can move not only downwards but also upwards and horizontally to allow maximum lighting coverage. These lights are perfect for all locations, including pathways, sheds, and garden.

The built-in amorphous solar panel gives an assurance that it will charge all day without needing direct sunlight. Thanks to the motion sensor that shuts off the lights during the day for charging and turn on at dusk.

Stocked with 150 bright white LED bulbs, it is a signal that you can benefit from superior brightness anywhere and everywhere. Easy to install; just mount it anywhere since no main electrical grid or wiring is required.


  • Easy to install
  • Wider coverage and high brightness
  • Auto motion sensor
  • 1500 lumens for super brightness
  • Solar panel can withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • High efficiency


  • Some users complain about motion sensor not functioning



This is another motion activated solar powered security light that you need to secure your property. From Baxia Technology, their solar outdoor light will help you save money from hefty monthly power bills.

The motion sensor is the best-selling asset of these lights. It doesn't need any human intervention to work. The automatic sensor will turn off the lights at dawn and turn them on at dusk.

So, you can attend to other tasks in or out of the compound, leaving you with peace of mind. This sensor can also detect anything approaching from 10 to 16 ft.

I fancy its sturdy construction. The lights are made from robust quality ABS materials, making them waterproof and weatherproof. In simple words, the material can entirely withstand adverse weather such as snow, wind, and hurricanes.

While installing, you may decide to mount the light to a wall or place it on porches, garages, entryways as well as pathways. But no panic about any faults, the manufacturer gifts you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Equipped with 2,000 lumens and 100 LED lights, you’re assured of an ultimate wider coverage and superb illumination.


  • Ultimate wider coverage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Wider applications in porches, garage, garden
  • Eco-friendly lights
  • Cost-effective
  • Brighten up and secure up your areas


  • Some lights may not charge

3. Westinghouse 1500 Lumen Triple Head Solar Security Light

Triple Head Solar Security Light

Perfect for sheds, garage, wall, porch, pathways or driveways, Westinghouse motion activated security light is an absolute steal. From where I sit, this solar-powered motion sensing security light is best for brightness.

Are you a timid handyman, and you're considering a neat kind of thing to keep your area lit? Then look for this unit. It has 1500 lumens, which are motion-activated, leaving you with a smile that no one can sneak up on your area. Remember that dark nights are big opportunities for thieves and buglers.

Crafted from heavy-duty cast aluminum, these floodlights embody a weather-resistant construction. No worry that your unit will fail if filled with water or breaking debris and dust particles from the wind. With just a towel, you can maintain its cleanliness by just wiping off that crust.

Energy-efficient is another undisputable feature that many people are praising about the product. When the sun rays strike, the amorphous solar panels absorb enough sunlight to recharge a 1500mAh battery during the day. At night the LED lights offer a long working time to keep your home safe.


  • Energy efficient
  • Durable materials for construction
  • Long working time
  • Offers safety and security
  • Little maintenance required
  • Super brightness


  • No negative reviews on this product

4. LITOM Solar Motion Sensor Light

Solar Motion Sensor Light

You can’t go wrong with LITOM solar motion activated outdoor light. It’s the most reputable model we’ve in the market. The combination of solar and LED, which are the two most efficient and innovative technologies, makes it the winner.

The Litom sensor outdoor solar light, meaning that it harvests the sun's energy and stores it in the lithium-ion battery for night lightning. Most importantly, it has a unique sensor such that when there's a detected motion, it will light up instantly.

Thankfully, its 24 LED solar light offer a wider range of lightning in your pathways, garage, and porches, and yard.  The ability to reach up to 200 square feet on coverage secures every corner of the area.

Furthermore, it comes with 3 modes of operation, including dim light, light mode, and sensor mode. Sensor mode is ideal for security purposes. Litom will turn on only when there's motion detected but will stay off on the normal operation. My vote goes to this unit.


  • 3 modes of operation
  • Strong 24 LED solar lights
  • Wide coverage than others
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant
  • Long lifespan


  • Pricey than others

5. LEPOWER 1600LM LED Solar Security Lights

Solar Security Light

In our modern homes, we need a solar-powered security light with a motion sensor because it can make our life easier. Crafted with security and efficiency in mind, LEPOWER 1600LM LED solar outdoor security light can make a top choice. 

Build on quality; the lights come with even more benefits than that. First off, its solar powered light that buys free energy from the sun. Having it means that you’ll be saving your electricity bills while it’s still environmentally friendly.

It features a powerful rechargeable battery with 2400mAh power capacity. When fully charged, the unit provides a longer working time, boosting the lightning on your pathways, garden, walkways, and yards.

With an upgraded motion sensor, the lights will switch off during the day to allow charging for night use, and when the dusk kicks off, the sensor turns off automatically. Along with that, the lights can easily be triggered by any moving thing, including cars, animals, and humans. It brings safety around you.

Moreover, the solar lights are made of IP65 waterproof to ensure no outdoor weather conditions will halt their performance at any given time. Most people will like how easy it is to install these lights. I highly recommend this defiant motion security led light solar powered all day.


  • Easy installation
  • Made of IP65 Weatherproof material
  • Heavy-duty rechargeable battery
  • Build quality
  • Perfect motion sensor lights
  • Super great solar lights for brightness


  • May fail to function at times.

What To Look For In The Best Solar Powered Motion Security Light

Motion Security Light

Before picking the solar-powered motion led security light, it's paramount to consider some things. Failure to that, you'll have failed in your buying decision. So, what are some of the things to keep in mind? Let's take a look closely:


If you want to improve your home and property security, a motion activated outside light with wide coverage will be the best choice.  Installing these lights is not only easy but also a breeze.

More importantly, the god range may even prevent unwanted folks and intruders from sneaking into your porch, garage, front door, pathway, among others.

The brightness of the light

Brightness is another decisive factor that defines the best sensor solar lights. The intensity of light reflects how the units will illuminate your area. First, refer to the number of lumens the product has before you buy. Note that higher lumens offer brighter light.

Some of us may not have a problem with dimmer light. In that sense, you can go with lower lumen lighting. This option is perfect for small area coverage if you want to brighten your large area with high-intensity lights.


Weatherproofing and waterproofing abilities are vital. You must get a solar outdoor motion sensor light that will offer a long lifespan. Some units get damaged easily when they’re exposed to adverse outdoor elements like snow and rain.

Having weather components are promising when it comes to offering heavy-duty performance. Thanks to their solid construction, that gives them a good value for money.

Capacity of the battery

The capacity of the battery is another factor that should not be written off in any scenario. A unit with heavy-duty and strong battery capacity will suffice for a longer time.

If a battery can store a charge that will provide lights for 8 to 10 hours, be assured of amazing illumination at night without any worries.

How Good Are Solar Powered Security Lights?

Solar powered sensor security lights are of utmost importance. It's through them that your outdoor area will be secure and safe for you, your friends, and your family.

Since they use solar energy, your monthly electricity bills will go slow. Also, it easy to install and experience long lifespan lightning.

Final Verdict

It's now easy to pick the motion sensor solar light that match your needs through our buyer guide. Either for longer brightness or illumination, these lights are the best bet for security and safety in your home.

Our top pick is LITOM Solar Motion Sensor Light that strikes a balance between efficiency and performance. Its ability to light up a wide coverage makes it popular and great in any scenario. Just try it today.