Best Solar Pool Heaters Reviews

Summertime is approaching, and some of us are thinking about our pools. Making them clean, safe and healthy to use. However, jumping into pool waters during the spring and fall season isn’t a fun experience. For this reason, you need a pool heater to boost the temperature of your pool heater. So, will the best solar pool heaters work?

Most homeowners have invested in solar pool heaters because they are cost-friendly. If you compared with others like gas pool heaters, then it’s high time to cut your gas bills, which is expensive. Electric heaters are also costly.

For eco-friendly and economical solution, a solar pool heater is a perfect choice to level up your home swimming. You’ll enjoy your happiness and be a lifelong passion for swimming pools.

With a slew of models near you, it's an entertaining task to choose the best models out of many. Our comprehensive guide provides you with invaluable tips. So, what criteria did we use to come up with our top picks?

  • Pool size
  • Accessories
  • Pool type
  • Warranty
  • Without further ado, let’s begin!

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    The Best Solar Pool Heaters Reviews

  • Smart Pool S601 Pool Solar Heater: Best Solar Heaters for Inground Pool
  • Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System: Best Solar Pool Heaters Diy
  • SunHeater Pool Heating System 2 Panels: Best Solar Pool Heaters for Above Ground Pools
  • XtremepowerUS Solar Panel Heating System: Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Heaters
  • 28"x20` Solar Energy Swimming Pool Heater: Best Solar Heaters for Swimming Pool
  • 1. Smart Pool S601 Pool Solar Heater

    Smart Pool S601

    Smart Pool S601 utilizes a polypropylene heat collector panel system to offer optimal and consistent heat for your pool. This is a durable material that can last for long. It’s designed for not only easy DIY installation but also increases pool temperatures as you’d expect.

    While it comes with panel accessory, the unit is ideal for heating your in-ground pool hassle-free. Unlike other pool heaters, installing Smart Pool can be somehow tricky because it features a double construction and time-tested design, but it’s a champ when you set it for work.

    The workhorse has an ability to inexpensively and passively raise water temperature by 4 to 6 degrees, making it arguably the best solar heater for inground pool available today. You can enjoy your leisure time with your family by diving in balanced water temperatures.

    With 80 square feet of solar panels, the device performs best when mounted on roofs. Additionally, the package comes with a liquid heat shield that keeps warmth locked in through limiting water evaporation. So, owning this model comes with promising benefits around your most loved waters.


    • Can be mounted on all house roofs
    • Utilizes  polypropylene heat collector panel system
    • Delivers optimum increase in temperatures
    • Packed with a heat shield bottle
    • Solid construction


    • Installation can be a challenge

    2. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System

    Economy Heating System

    If you want the best value for money, Fafco Solar Bear is a reputable solar heater you need to keep your pool temperature in shape. You can place it in a nearby rack or on the ground or roofs as per your wish. Assuming there’s obstruction of sunlight the whole day, the panels will still deliver optimal heating between 10 am and 4 pm.

    It’s made with polyethylene material, which is believed to be Ultraviolet-stabilized. Therefore, the solar panels will retain high endurance under the intense sunshine through multiple seasons.

    Some of the accessories included in the package include 12 mounting straps, a wide solar collector with barb connections, 20 rubber tube plugs and 1 valve handle. So, you've nothing to hassle during installation.

    For ground installation, there are additional materials like ground spikes and flexible hose. So, it's distinguished as the best solar heater for above ground pool. However, Fafco urges the users to just tilt the panel 10-30 degrees to the South.

    Besides, this unit can warm up your large pool size – 17,000 gallons of water. Equipped with a bypass valve, it’s easy to regulate water. I suggest it as a gift for your pol season.


    • Performs best within a specified time
    • Bypass valve helps to regulate water
    • Made of solid material
    • Comes with useful accessories
    • Can be set or mounted in numerous areas


    • Some components like clamps and hoses aren’t included

    3. SunHeater Pool Heating System 2 Panels

    Pool Heating System

    This one is an excellent choice for both inground and aboveground pools. The device allows you to make better use of free energy from the sunshine to effectively heat your pool water. It's a pretty and cost-effective way of heating your pool.

    It uses a large solar panel with tubes where water circulates, warm and then sent back into your swimming pool when it's 15 degrees warmer. The panel comes in a compact size and is light in weight, hence easy to maneuver when needed.

    Moreover, the pool heater is durable enough to withstand high temperatures or harsh conditions. With that, it can perform consistently for a long time, keeping your pool water warm in a smartest and cost-effective and decent way.

    Above all, the SunHeater possesses a tube design and traditional panel capable of warming water of small to large aboveground and in-ground pools by 15 degrees. At that price range, the model is versatile for your hard-earned cash.

    Easier to connect is another feature worth mentioning. It’s easy because you’ll be dealing with a direct flow process or system. As you make a purchase, the manufacturer assures you a 5-year warranty and full customer service.


    • Suitable for both above ground and inground pools
    •  5 years warranty
    • Easy connectivity
    • Has interchangeable connectors
    • 2 strong solar panels
    • High performing design


    • On easy to install for a beginner
    • The panels are large

    4. XtremepowerUS Solar Panel Heating System

    Solar Panel Heating System

    Made of weatherproof material, the XtremepowerUS Solar panel optimizes heat transfer and requires low to no maintenance. The heater can handle home pools day in and day out. Remember that polypropylene material is durable enough to survive through seasons of harsh weather conditions for long.

    Thanks to the fact that this solar panel is an upgrade made from tubes that provides a large perimeter for pool water heating transition process. The best thing – XtremepowerUS provides instructions to their customers about how these pipes should run.

    The system gets help from the filter system and pools pump to circulate pool water. Once the panels are installed, they don’t produce greenhouse gases. It’s time to extend your swimming season at a friendly cost with the aid of sun rays.


    • Made of solid polypropylene panel
    • Withstands weather impacts
    • Doesn’t produce greenhouse gases
    • Require little maintenance
    • Cost-effective


    • Relatively costly than some models

    5. 28"x20` Solar Energy Swimming Pool Heater

    Swimming Pool Heater

    This pool heater comes with countless benefits to rave about. Its ability to heat pools in winter seasons without costing that much has been the reason behind its demand and popularity. With a contour dome construction, the model thrives above ground pool.

    If your pool attributes at least 10,000 gallons of water, this unit will increase the temperature up to 5°F. It’s a laughably affordable system that’s easy to install for both beginners and novice pool owners. Along with that users have appreciated it convectional tube design.

    Plus, it works and looks great, the heater is both flexible and convenient to the environment, not to mention, its versatility feature. One unique feature is about portability. The heater is made to foldable meaning that you can move it from one pool to another.

    Combined with its reasonable price tag and 2 years warranty, it’s truly the best thing to speed up the temperatures of your all-round pool. I would suggest that you give it a try.


    • Designed for pumps and all types of pools
    • Easy installation
    • Contours and nice-looking design
    •  2-year warranty
    • Excellent performance
    • Suitable for small to medium pools


    • Not perfect for large-sized pools

    Factors To Look For When Buying A Solar Pool Heater

    When purchasing a pool heater, it's advisable to look for some vital things. This ensures the right target because knowing what you're going for brings confidence when it comes to decision making.

    Pool size

    First off, measure and evaluate the shape and size of your swimming pool before going further to the next step, which is making a purchase. Solar power pool heaters are different.

    Some may work well for small pools with less water flow while others are designed for a large volume of water. So, make sure your choice matches the gallons of water inside your pool.

    Pool type

    Is your pool in-ground or above-ground? Just like we have different types of pools, heaters are also different. For instance, you need an above-ground heater if you own an aboveground pool and vice versa, depending.


    Sometimes, a basic solar pool heater is not enough to work properly and produce promising results. Choosing some important and necessary accessories can boost performance. These components may not be mandatory but will be of utmost importance in one way or another.

    A solar cover is a recommended auxiliary; if you want to maintain optimal heat in your pools. Also, solar cover plays a role when it comes to durability.


    Solar pool heaters feature varying warrant as they come from different manufacturers. Get a product with a convincing warranty. In case of any issue, the manufacturer can replace or refund your money.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It?

    It’s a no-brainer that solar pool heaters come as a rescue. You can pretty reduce your swimming pool heating costs and this time no use of costly gas heaters or electric pool heaters but solar-powered pool heaters.

    The solar heaters utilize free energy from the sun rays, making them cost-effective. After all, they require little maintenance and only low annual operating costs.

    How Many Solar Panels Does It Take to Heat a Pool?

    The 4'x12′ panels are equal to the task. Most heating systems require about five to 10 solar panels to tackle any pool waters. But the popular ones feature seven to eight solar panels. Keep in mind that your choice will depend on your location. If your area receives much sunlight the few panels will work better. 

    Final Verdict

    With our guide, I hope that you can now select the best solar heater for pool without any problem. A pool heater is what you need to heat your pools and enjoy the best aquatic experience. Whether you own an in-ground or above-ground pool, this unit is an absolute deal. 

    Our list covers the best you can get in the market. Our top pick is SmartPool S601 pool heater. Crafted from a durable and light polypropylene material, the model is a powerhouse to work both on oval and round ovals without any compromise.