Best Solar Path Lights for Your Lawn and Garden

Imagine living in a rural neighborhood or an area without street lights where it's extremely dark at night. Solar driveway lights can light up your walkway and driveway. These outdoor lights are both decorative and practical. They bring brightness to your yard, making it easier to see where you're stepping.

Even better, the path lights reflect eye-catching details that enhance your home appearance. However, with many models to choose from, picking the right outdoor path, light isn't easy. To help you out, our buyer guide nails down the best solar path lights for you.


We'll tackle everything from features of each product to pros and cons. In the end, it will be incredibly easy to make use of the sun with the perfect path lights. When picking up our top picks, we put key considerations. These include:

  • Brightens
  • Battery life
  • Waterproofing, and
  • Design
  • The 10 Best Solar Path Lights Reviews for 2021

    1. Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light

    Solar Path Light

    At a glance, these outdoor path lights from Enchanted Spaces are gorgeous. They feature metal ground stakes and real glass lenses that are designed to offer a long lifespan. The elegant rubbed bronze finish enhances the architectural view and aesthetics of your home.

    The model is equipped with a waterproof LED containing an upgraded AA 1200mAh Nickel-rechargeable battery. When fully charged under direct sunlight, the battery allows the lights to shine brighter, stronger, and for 8 to 9 hours.

    It's easy and quick to assemble and install. You need neither the electricity nor wires to set up. Also, it's easy to maintain merely replacing the solar batteries. Alongside this, the real glass lens help in creating a gorgeous pattern of light, increasing safety for you, your guests, and your family.

    The buyer won't walk alone but will enjoy a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. And the fact that these beauty path lights are budget-friendly gives you a chance to bring them at home without a big hassle or investment.



    • Create gorgeous ambiance
    • Offers safety and security
    • Cheap option
    • Quality real glass lens
    • Long-life battery
    • The batteries may take longer during the first time charging

    2. Aityvert Solar Lights Upgraded 42.9 Inch

    Aityvert Solar Lights

    You want to add drama to your next backyard bash or your landscape lighting, Aityvert 42.9 inch solar lights are the best choice. These tall torches mimic the cute glow of brighter firelight. Thanks to its elegant dancing flames design that being a mood and soft, clear environment around your space.

    Built-in 2200mAH rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, you can rejoice between 5 to 10 hours of total illumination. However, this tends to depend on seasonal and weather conditions. Again, the light shuts on/off automatically at daytime and night.

    These flickering lights are fun to watch as they give a faux flame. You can't struggle, guess or try to stick in your yard when you invest in them. You'll like how simple it is to install them anywhere since no wiring is needed.

    Another unique feature is the weatherproof eternal flames. While some people may worry about the damage from adverse conditions, these lights possess IP65 waterproof. They have the ability to withstand any harsh conditions all-round the year.



    • IP65 waterproof and durable
    • Strong battery for long working time
    • Elegance flickering design
    • Simple to install
    • Auto shut on/off function
    • Could be taller

    3. BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights Bright Lights

    BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights

    Over the years, BEAU JARDIN has devoted to creating appealing garden outdoor lights that add unique look charm to your garden. It's ideal for patio, walkway, patio, driveway, lawn, and garden.

    For one, BEAU JARDIN lights can beautify your garden by giving an elegant look all around. The units are designed to eco-friendly and high-efficient. The solar 6 Lumens output consisting of one white LED provides amazing pathway light. At the same time, diamond-shaped LED light offer decorative glow of lights.

    These outdoor lights are governed by a 100% durable solar panel integrated on the top. You'll enjoy these lights for at least 8 hours, and no extra electricity is required. With auto on/off function, the products will switch on at dust and off at dawn.

    Thanks to its easy setup and installation. No tools are needed to get the job done. Featuring substantial rustproof glass, the lights are well-build to last and offer outdoor lights durably. Eventually, the path light is all-weather resistant. You don't have to worry about snow, rain, sleet, or frost.



    • Durable construction
    • Quality brightness
    • Suitable for garden decoration
    • All-weather resistant
    • Ease of installation
    • Wider application
    • Some complaint about defective design

    4. Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights

    Garden Solar Light

    Another top option is Homeimpro solar garden light. Perfect for solar lighting up patio, lawn, courtyard, and pathway, these units are solar-powered during the day. During the night, the lights automatically turn on at night and deliver light 6 hours of full charge.

    Designed with Warm White LED, this light creates a pattern that reflects one of the best beautiful and romantic atmospheres. That's a wonderful look that everyone would like. Made of glass and stainless steel, the model tends to be moon staff alike.

    Furthermore, weather-resistant and durable construction features guarantee a long-lasting life. Along with that, you'll praise its dramatic performance under most weather conditions.

    The 1AA batteries are included in the package. It can store the charge for up to 7 hours. If you're looking for lights that offer security around your path, this product is a great deal.



    • Comes in different colors
    • LEDs offer bright and beautiful lights
    • Has rechargeable solar batteries
    • Has a convincing warranty
    • Adds a touch of romance
    • No flexible placement

    5. GIGALUMI Solar Lights Outdoor Lights

    GIGALUMI Solar Light

    GIGALUMI Solar Lights offers a beautiful antique design that many other lights don't have. Integrated with a glass lens, this model is the best solar path lights for shade because of its sophisticated pattern effect.

    In essence, the installation is effortless and straightforward. You're required to push the metal stakes into the ground so as to position and secure them, which is a simple process. Thanks for the bronze finish that magnifies a nice touch to your patio.

    Being a multipurpose light, the models are preferred to others when it comes to brightening the front or backyard, walkway, driveway, sidewalk, or around your porch. The solar-powered AA battery is replaceable and can serve for 8 up to 10 hours once 100 percent charged.

    Moreover, it comes with a weatherproof design withstands rainy nights, sunny days, and even snow days. Above all, it's backed with a risk-free refund warranty and a 1-year replacement.



    • Multipurpose use
    • Replaceable battery
    • Weatherproof
    • 1-year warranty
    • Easy installation
    • Replacing the battery may come as sooner.

    6. Solpex 8 Pack Solar Pathway Light

    Solar Path Light

    Solpex 8 is another top-rated model that takes an attractive design. First off, the double rings of these pathways lights create a vivid and striking snowflake-like pattern. Such a gorgeous glow is suitable for your patio, yard, and garden decoration.

    Also, made of high-quality polysilicon solar panels, corrosion resistance ABS plastic, and rechargeable batteries, you can have the fun of lights up to 8 hours. In addition to illumination brightness, it's easy to know where you're going or stepping around your home.

    Installation is a breeze. No additional tools are required during the setup process. Being 100 percent solar powered light means that you can cut some monthly electricity bills. These lights will charge under sunshine and turn on at dusk.

    Thankfully, the landscape lights are IP44 weatherproof. They will ultimately withstand rainy sunny and any other adverse weather conditions. In case of any faults, the manufacturers offer excellent customer service.



    • High-quality lights
    • Energy-saving
    • Remarkable lights for decoration
    • Wider application
    • Somewhat costly than some models

    7. Otdair Solar Ground Lights

    Solar Ground Lights

    Ground lights don't have to be expensive. For a beautiful twist on path lighting, try Otdair Solar In-Ground Lights. They can give your landscape another look, including your pathway, yard, walkway, garden, and walkaway.

    The lights provide glorious lights for your birthday party, Christmas, Thanksgiving at your comfort. Each garden light has 8 LED lights and features a 600 mAh battery. For a great working time, the battery needs 6 to 8 hours to be fully charged, illuminating for 8 up to 10 hours.

    Easy to install, the units don't pose a challenge during the assembling and setting up process. After everything is set, they will go off during day time hours and turn on at dusk. All this is enhanced by an automatic turn on/off functionality.

    Besides, the solar buried lamp ensures a premium outdoor décor that matches your environment. Stainless steel lamp is sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, thus perfect for outdoor use.



    • Lamps are waterproof
    • Excellent outdoor space decor
    • East setup
    • Bright lighting
    • Eco-friendly
    • Brightness can vary

    8. GardenBliss Best Solar Lights


    Reliable, elegant, and lasting, GardenBliss best solar flashlight are a great answer to providing light at your patio during the night. If you love a remarkable enhancement when it comes to appearance, this model is the way to go.

    This kit comes with 10 LED pathway lights, which are solar-powered over the day to power up the battery fully. The Nickel-hydrate technology used in the battery is durable to last for many years. Still, the small polycrystalline solar panel is of great quality and absorbs maximum energy from the sun.

    When the night falls, this kit comes with a sensor that automatically turns on while dusting day time, the lights go off to allow extra changing. I fancy the beautiful design that illuminates your garden to give it a new outlook.

    Unlike others, this model has two height options. You can adjust to any height as long as it suits your needs. Be prepared to enjoy at least 30,000 hours in the long run.



    • Adjustable height options
    • Long-lasting kit
    • Beautiful design
    • Automatic sensor for shutting on and off
    • Rigid Nickel battery
    • The battery may not last the whole night

    9. Geloo Solar Pathway Lights

    Geloo Solar Pathway Light

    Yellow light is the first thing you'll notice from Geloo Solar Pathway Light. The appealing look they bring to your pathway or yards is mesmerizing. In terms of decoration, the kit possesses a beautiful design with 6-pack solar power lights making it perfect to be placed close to your pool.

    Most importantly, the lights are governed by solar energy, meaning that lighting fixtures require no electricity or wiring from the grid or during installation. You won't go extra cost while you invest in this kit.

    By absorbing almost 6 to 8 hours of sunshine, the pathway lights will provide around 8 to 12 hours of decoration and illumination at night using 10 lumens LED. They are brighter as compared to most garden lights.

    Don't worry about its durability and quality. The outdoor solar light are characterized by solid construction. This makes it resistant to any damage from snow, rain, or adverse weather conditions. Whether it's debris, dirt, the kit is worry-free. With a 1-year warranty on its name, I really recommend it.



    • Solid construction
    • Energy saving
    • More hours of illumination
    • Easy to install
    • Beautiful design
    • Seems to be pricey than others

    10 Voona Solar LED Outdoor Lights

    Solar LED Outdoor Lights

    Last in our list is the top-notch 8-pack quality Solar LED Outdoor Lights from Voona. Featuring a stainless steel body, the kit creates a unique pattern to match your décor. As one of the most valuable solar landscape light, this model is a pleasant surprise when we closely look at its price tag.

    Cheap yet stylish, Voona 8-Pack comes with a glass lens that boasts a significant pattern lighting effect. Therefore, it's cute for your pathway, walkway, and driveway without forgetting the patio and yard. The rigid construction minimizes damages from debris.

    Conversely, the ground stake made out of heavy-duty plastic, allows it to handle even wanting weather conditions. You don't require 200 lumen solar path lights or 50 lumen solar path lights. With a 6 lumen LED tech, the lights offer a soft white light appearance where they are mounted.

    Installed with a rechargeable Nickel 500mAh battery, the kit can work superbly over 8 hours hassle-free. Suitable for night hours, these solar lamp strike an attractive balance between aesthetics, price, and performance.



    • Great performance
    • Affordable option
    • Stylish design
    • Long working time
    • Rigid construction
    • Some users are unsatisfied with 30 days refund policy

    Final Verdict

    Solar outdoor lights have taken the solar energy industry by storm. There are so many options to choose from both high-end and budget-friendly kits.

    For illumination to decoration, our above choices will suffice and flourish. In fact, you don't need to invest in 100 lumen solar path lights in your pathways or patio.

    Geloo Solar Pathway Lights is our top pick. With its add-on features to enjoy from, this kit features an appealing finish. The yellow lights bring your environment into standstill, while its solid construction makes it durable and reliable for many years.