Best Solar Panels for Camper Van Conversion and Rv

Solar Panels for Camper Van

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Solar panels are lifesaving equipment that not only provides you with power but also catapults your efforts to fight global warming on another level. Having one on your van converts your van from a moving machine into a luxury home!

The best solar panels for van are equipped with all kinds of security, lightness, flexibility, and above all, they give you the freedom to tap green energy.

The accelerating need for solar power is triggered by costly electricity bills and the need to live a solitary life in self-sustaining mobile homes.  Each year, the surging cost of electricity sets a new record that requires a hefty paycheck to achieve.  

Best solar kits for vans contain all the necessary equipment for endless adventures, converting your van into a portable workstation earning your money while traveling as a digital nomad.  Similarly,  no electricity bills for a portable bungalow!

The initial investment of the best solar panels is usually hefty. Still, with the right information, you will spend less converting your traditional van into a contemporary off-grid camping cabin!

The best solar panel system for vans not only saves you from the noisy electric generator and slashing your expenses but also horn your DIY skills, especially when installing! 

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Let’s get started!

The 5 Best Solar Panels for Camper Van Conversion and Rv 2021

  • Renogy 100W Flexible Solar:Best Solar Panel Kit for Camper Van
  • Renogy 400 Watt 12 Volt Off Grid Solar Premium Kit:Best Solar Panel System for Van
  • ALLPOWERS Solar Panel 100W Flexible Panel:Best Solar Panel for Sprinter Van
  • Newpowa 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel:Best Solar Panels for Work Van Roof
  • Renogy 160 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel:Best Solar Panels for Van Conversion
  • 1.Renogy 100W Flexible Solar Panel

    Flexible Solar

    Renogy is among the best portable solar panel for a sprinter van and exploratory folks interested in long trips. It has a high output to produce more than enough power to last you the whole night. However, you will need multiple Renogy 100 W flexible solar panels for a full-time power supply.

    The ingenuity of Renogy engineers is exceptional!  Renogy is made using ultra-modern tools that not only make it a reliable panel but also a flexible one.  This solar arcs up to 2400 without snapping. This property is making Renogy a fancy but functional model; every user would feel comfortable with it on their van.

    The ultimate flexibility is just a drop in the ocean compared to this solar’s capabilities! While most solar packs enough weight threatening breaks through the roof of your van, for Renogy users, the threat is seemingly impossible to happen!

    This solar is ultra-light; its weight is almost 30% of a conventional solar panel. Having one on your vans means you have a reliable power station that isn’t difficult to carry around and consumes less fuel.

    Installing Renogy is straight forward, thanks to the unique flexibility property.  Just by gluing it on the surface, you are done!  Furthermore, you don’t need distinguished DIY skills to get the job done or to upgrade the system. It’s pretty the best rv solar panel kit for camper van available for travelers.

    Amid Renogy’s blooming and attractive properties, there are disadvantages! The solar panel doesn’t promise longevity compared to standard solar. Also, the low power output is a small price you pay for its fancy properties!

    Highlighted features

    • It’s an ultra-light solar panel
    • Incredibly flexible with abilities to arc up to 2400
    • Heavy-duty solar panel maximum power reaching 140W
    • It has a wide range of operating temperature of up to 1500c(-400C to 900C)
    • Produces a reliable voltage reaching 22V
    • It packs enough currents to sustain most of the van’s appliances

    2. Renogy 400 Watt 12 Volt Off Grid Solar Premium Kit

    Off Grid Solar Premium Kit

    Holding the silver medal on our best solar panels for vans is the Photonic Universe 400W solar panel. Photonic is a beautiful dark-colored solar panel that, when mounted on your van, everybody will focus on its glamorous appearance as you enjoy a comfortable life thanks to its operations!

    This panel is waterproof, making it suitable for all seasons. This is good news for all time campers who spend over 90% of the year out in their vans.

    At 15kg and spanning on an area less than 2m2, this solar panel was designed to fit on the rooftops of all vans. The considerably lightweight does not dent your van’s roof.  Also, it doesn’t cripple speed, and you can hit the paddles on a smooth highway when you want!  Note- always observe traffic rules!

    Manufacturers of Photonic panels drills mounting holes on these panels, incredibly slimming the complexities you face during installation. The installation process is simple, pair the mounting kits and the holes, then secure the panel on the van. Nonetheless, after mounting, seal the holes on the roof of your car to prevent water from socking your cabin.

    The continuous power supply provided by photonic panels transforms your van into a portable power station. It is excellent for hardcore campers who need permanent power output.

    Highlighted features

    • Features a Bluetooth power module
    • Effective and efficient
    • Excellent components included
    • Sleek design and size
  • Decent performance all-day
  • 3. Newpowa 100 Watt Monocrystalline 100W

    Newpowa 100 Watt

    A heavy-duty frame protects the solar panel; hence it promises longevity. Improving Hightec solar panel’s years of service is the lamination build from multilayer sheets that not only enhance cell performance but ensures the solar lasts longer.

    This solar panel is very versatile, supporting an array of mounting options such as on poles and wall installations! Likewise, it sits on a flat roof patiently for years!

    Capable of withstanding stormy weather, these solar panels are fit for almost any environment. At this time, it is the heavy-duty iodized frame that protects the panel from heavy payloads of stormy weather., the cables are also protected using a waterproof seal at the junction, preventing a short circuit caused by water.

    Being the best solar panel system for van, the unit stands at 27Lbs, even the weakest rooftops cans support this massive power station.  But, the secret of its high efficiency resides in its ability to produce 100W.

    Highlighted features

    • A sturdy ionized frame supports the solar panel
    • Multilayer laminated sheets increase cells performance and durability
    • It an all-weather solar panel
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Weighs less hence portable
    • Maximum power output is 200W
    • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, the smaller one producing 100W while at the top is 210W

    Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Rv Solar Panel Kit for Van

    Power output

    The concept of power output directly relates to how the solar charges the batteries. An estimated solar capacity of 200 watts is sufficient to charge a 100Ah lithium battery in dim light within a single day.

    But, if you multiply solar capacity by two, then the time used to charge the same battery is cut by half! Nonetheless,  power output also pivots around the number of appliances a solar panel can comfortably hold- higher output wires many appliances! Therefore, always go for solar with high output.


    Efficiency works hand in hand with your geographical position with respect to the sun. If you are living in desert conditions with blazing heat and boiling degrees, a van’s solar panel works efficiently. 

    However, there are fewer hours of light during winter; hence, you need not only high-efficiency panels but also many of them to charge a single battery. Though it is a drawback, some companies are improving their solar efficiency to carter for this problem. 

    The size of your van

    The size of your vans determines which solar panel to go for in two ways; if the roof can’t accommodate a big solar, stick to smaller solars with exceptional efficiency- above 22%.  Secondly, small vans have fewer appliances; thus, you don’t need a huge solar- it’s heavy, and a lot of energy is wasted!

    Quality attitude

    At this point, all your senses and instincts should be working optimally! Focus on a solar’s efficiency,  flexibility, power rating, materials used during manufacturing, etc. High-quality solar is designed to last, has high efficiency; though it may not be flexible, it’s sturdy.

    The Best Solar Panels For Vans FAQs

    How much solar do I need for my van?

    You need a couple of small or a single large efficient solar panels capable of producing over 200W. But their varied reason that determines the size of sustainable solar panels, such as weather and number of appliances.

    How many batteries do I need for a 200W solar panel ?

    Between 1 to 3, 300amp batteries!

    What are the best solar panels for a campervan?

    Any solar from the above-highlighted category is fit for camping. Nevertheless, the choice depends on the size of your van and the number of appliances you wish to connect to solar power.

    Final verdict

    Are you itching to show the world that you are an environmental worrier using your recently acquired solar panel for a van?  You must also want to share a picture of an illuminated camping vehicle in the wild, telling people that it is the work of solar panels!

    But before you show the world your quiet mobile life, you must acquire a van’s solar panel. Renogy 160W Flexible Solar is out top pick. It’s capability to produce optimal power ouput and high efficiency makes it a winner!


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