Best Solar Panels for Home

Are you on the lookout for the best solar panels for home? In the past years, solar energy systems have gained momentum because of various reasons. First off, a solar system is eco-friendly and cost-effective. You can cut down your hefty electricity bills as this is a solar-powered system.

The sun is free and abundant, and most people from the off-grid and commercial areas are using it as a backup option and for home use. It’s thus reliable to power up not only electronic devices but also appliances whenever needed.

Solar panels that play a vital role in the system are responsible for converting energy from sun rays into power or electricity. But with many solar panel brand in the market, you must weigh the pros and cons of each so as to identify the one that will suit your needs.

Our post today will compile the list of the best rated solar panels for home use. The best overall is Renogy 10Pcs 300 Watt Solar panels. Its construction is stable and will whip up an excellent performance.

Let’s closely look at other top models. Shall we?

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The 5 Best Solar Panels for Home Reviews for 2021

  • Renogy 10Pcs 300 Watt Solar panels: Best Solar Panels Systems for Home
  • ECO-WORTHY 1KW Complete Solar Panel: Best Solar Panels Kits for Home Use
  • Paxcess 330W Portable Power Station: Best Diy Solar Panels for Home
  • Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel: Best Portable Solar Panels for Home
  • RICH SOLAR 30W solar panel: Best Small Solar Panels for Home
  • 1. Renogy 10Pcs 300 Watt Solar panels

    300 Watt Solar panel

    One name to find in the solar industry is Renology, and this is because of their high-quality products, including solar panels. These units are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum frames so that they can withstand high winds. Their extended use is something to appreciate.

    Equipped with low iron tempered glass, which is both highly transparent and anti-reflective, these solar panels enhance stiffness as well as impact resistance. The panels come with a 1P67 rated junction box that makes them safe against low-pressure water jets and environmental particles to ensure more protection.

    Also reliable and versatile, Renology monocrystalline solar panels have wide applications. Whether it’s in garages, sheds, camps, or off-grid, they will suffice. In short words, they’re perfect for both commercial and residential rooftop systems. Their compatibility with off-grid and on-grid inverters is another benefit.

    Upon the purchase, the solar panel manufacturer offer convincing warranty information. It’s not easy to get a 25 power output warranty. At the same time, solar panels come with a high-efficiency rate. The package included 10 pieces of 300w monocrystalline solar panel.


    • 25-year power output warranty
    • Versatile
    • Reliable and dependable units
    • Durable construction
    • High efficiency


    • Not easy to install for beginners

    2. ECO-WORTHY 1KW Complete Solar Panel

    1KW Complete Solar Panel

    Depending on the strength of sunlight, ECO-WORTHY solar panel should offer 4kwh daily output. That said, the system should power up electronics and appliances like a small fridge and more either at home or in off grid remote areas.

    The complete system features a 3.5 KW inverter and 200Ah for comfortable setting up. The inverter allows the direct current to be converted to alternating current, making it easy and safe for your sensitive devices. Also, with a 60C controller, everything is in shape and secure.

    The 195W solar kit is made from high quality and rigid frame, which boost durability and makes it also resistant to harsh weather conditions. Knowing that you’re purchasing something which will withstand snow, wind, or rain is great. It emanates value for money.

    Again, it’s the best backup power solution to have when there are power outages in your area. The charged battery ensures your cabin, shop, or shed has electricity. Plus a one year solar panel warranty, you can’t get things wrong with this choice. ECO-WORTHY technical support team is always on 24/7 to answer any of your questions or call.


    • High daily power output
    • Easy installation
    • Wide applications
    • 1-year warranty
    • Great power backup option


    • Some users claims about incomplete instructions

    3. Paxcess 330W Portable Power Station

    Portable Power Station

    Paxcess 330W is another standout when it comes to solar panel systems for homes. This is one of large capacity and reliable power stations. Compared to other portable electric generators of the same price, this model possesses 288.6Wh, which means that you can charge multiple devices without any worry.

    In fact, this portable power station can charge your smartphone more than 27 times and 12 times when it comes to a mini-tablet, while it can power up floodlight 56 times. However, it must be fully charged before subjected to these tasks.

    Unlike others, Paxcess is equipped with numerous outputs. It is built in 3 portable USB ports where type C is integrated to allow you charge your laptop and other devices at ease. That to the facts that it will meet your power needs upon power outages.

    Besides, this generator is silent and will ensure a quiet environment during operation. Featuring a pure lithium battery plus a durable sine wave inverter, this device works smarter, faster, stable, and quieter. Without toxic fumes and gasoline, a generator is completely eco-friendly and healthy. That’s what PAXCESS offers.


    • Quieter during operation
    • Portable power station
    • Has multiple USB ports
    • Large capacity to generate more power
    • Solid construction


    •  It may be heavier than other models

    4. Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel

    Portable Solar Panel

    Jackery is founded in California and specializes in delivering the nest outdoor green power solutions. If you’re an explorer, this solar panel is excellent option to keep you connected with your family and friends out there. Make your camping life easier today. The solar panel is not limited that only, you can still use it for your home use.

    One of the greatest selling assets for this model is its durability. The system is made from durable STFE material that ensures a long lifespan service from it. Despite the material, the durable rv solar panel is lighter to carry everywhere you need.

    Most importantly, Jackery SolarSage features 2 outdoor devices, including a USB-A output and USB-C output. As a matter of fact, it will be easier to power your gadgets hassle free. Another benefit is that Jackery is eco-friendly to providing clean energy while you’ll enjoy quiet operation.

    Alongside this, this solar kit delivers high conversion efficiency than other solar generators. Efficiency hits up to 23 percent. Having said that, it will generate more energy to provide optimal performance, especially under hot weather.


    • High conversion efficiency
    • Quiet operation
    • Durable construction
    • 2 USB ports included
    • Eco friendly and clean power


    • Solar kit isn’t waterproof

    5. RICH SOLAR 30W solar panel

    30W solar panel

    Build with a sturdy aluminum frame and solid tempered glass, RICH SOLAR 30W is one of the excellent choices if you want something that can offer services for a long.

    The solar kit is suitable for both residential and commercial use. Most homeowners love it’s because of its budget-friendly yet quality. At that price tag, it’s a gift of any home.

    Powered by solar energy, the 12V off-grid solar kit is strong enough to absorb more sunlight and convert it to solar electricity in no time. Many models are tricky when it comes to installation, but RICH SOLAR set up is a breeze. With a user manual which they provide, you shouldn’t have any worry whatsoever.

    Well known for its ability to withstand challenging weather conditions, the device has built confidence amongst potential buyers as the best bet. It’s certified to be used in off-grid areas as well.

    With it, you’re guaranteed a clean power that is eco-friendly and free from toxic fumes. Stocked with 2 USB ports allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

    One unique feature is that this monocrystalline panel is remarkable even under low sunlight. It will still perform better on mornings, cloudy days, and evenings. Thanks to its portability nature. Its compact design makes it easy to carry wherever you go.


    • Strong construction
    • Portable device
    • Excellent even under low sunlight
    • Certified to be used
    • Durable and versatile


    • To cheap, and this makes it suspicious

    Best Solar Panels for Your Home FAQ:

    home solar panel

    How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for a 1000 Sq Ft Home?

    Many homeowners would like to know the question to this question. Solar panels are a catalyst to any system that concerns power from the sun. Of course, you need quality kits that will allow your activities to run smoothly with or without a direct electric grid connection.

    There are numerous factors to look for before determining how many panels to install in your home. In fact, there’s a basic formula. Assuming that you’re a homeowner who needs solar panels to power both hot water and electrical needs, some guidelines follow.

    For an average household, which is approximately 1,500 square feet, Garrison states that the house requires around 16 panels to cover all your power needs entirely.

    For instance, to heat water for a family of four, two solar panels are a must. Remember that hot water consumption is prevalent in many homes.

    Other things like powering up appliances like refrigerators, air fryers, electric cooking stoves, and laundry machines will use around 10 thermal panels.

    The electronics don’t require so much energy like others; hence 2 solar panels will do better. We have done all this with the assumption that there’s direct sunlight in your area.

    The remaining 2 solar panels will cater to power needs when there is no enough sunlight. At times, the weather will be cloudy, rainy, and for that matter, you’ll need those extra panels to combine with others to deliver outstanding results.

    So, it always better to go for extra panels in your system for a backup. With this, you’re ready to go and cut electricity bills in the long run. Homeowners who have installed residential solar energy systems enjoy an opportunity to enjoy abundant power from the sun. 

    How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for a 2000 Sq Ft Home?

    Homeowners are interested to know how many thermal panels to install for a 2000 square feet home to power their house. One way to do this is to find a professional solar installer who can analyze your home power usage. But you can estimate accurately by yourself by reading your monthly electric bill by using a solar calculator.

    Even though this may take some minutes to determine the real number, people in the US want a quick answer to this statement. According to the EIA Energy Information Administration), an average house between 2,000 and 25000 square feet in size uses around 11,606 kilowatts per hour or 967 Kilowatt per month.

    Assuming that your house is facing the South at which no shading during day time, the system will need anywhere around 16 to 25 thermal panels to deliver enough electricity. The solar panels must be premium, meaning that they feature about 400W. Also, they must be of high solar panel efficiency.

    Premium solar panels will save you much money and will generate extensive power per panel. Budget solar panels may be an option but will generate less power. Most of them come with around 250 watts. That means that 2,000 sq home will need 967 kWh p.m which will need between 24 and 28 budget solar kits.

    The main priority is to get the maximum power that can cater to your power needs. So, you should always achieve and target the best bet. Most cities in the United States receive much sunlight, making them suitable for solar energy system. For example, the cities like Mesa, Arizona, which is located in the South will favor solar systems. Just make sure these kits are well mounted and maintained.

    How Much Does Solar Panels Cost for a Home?

    solar panel for home

    Cost is one decisive factor when it comes to solar panels for homes. Maybe you’ve heard that a solar power system can reduce your expense as far as power bills are concerned. However, you may wonder how much the solar panel installation cost.

    Of course, the cost is high, but this will pay back with time since the electricity bills will have reduced. That’s the reason why most homeowners are considering investing in solar panel kit. This is a no-brainer in the USA and European countries.

    On average, the installation of cost combined with the system can run between 15000 dollars to 25 000 dollars. Before you think about the whole solar installation process, it is useful first to learn how location, labor, and incentives can influence your budget over time. Here are things to check out so that you can determine the average price depending on your state.

    Evaluate your sunlight exposure. It clear that electricity is generated from the sun, so more sun equates to more energy. If your home is located in areas that receive more sunrays per day, then you’re guaranteed dependable power output.

    Review your power bill. If your electricity bills are high, it’s better to switch the gear to a solar panel system. The charges of power usually vary from state to state. Some States have high electricity prices but receive more sunlight. If you’re located in such areas, you should not waste any more time.

    Maintenance of solar panel cost. Another thing that impacts the cost is maintenance. Most polycrystalline solar panel and systems require little maintenance. Some feature a solid construction that can last up to 20 years. Since the government offers incentives to homeowners, the cost of installation will significantly reduce by 26 percent of the initial cost.

    How Do Solar Panels Work for Your Home?

    Solar energy is becoming a favorite amongst many residential solar panels houses as more countries adopt the need to use renewable energy. The sunlight provided to the earth is unique and could probably rescue your bills in a whole year. However, you must have top-notch quality solar systems. So, how do solar panels work for my home?

     Solar panels work in the houses by absorbing sunlight with solar pv cell after the sun rays strike them. But it must be mounted on the roof, free space, or wall.

    The panels convert this energy from sunlight into direct current, which is then transferred inside your building to the power inverter, where the energy is converted into an Alternating Current.

    The power then flows to the electrical panel hence powering the appliances, electronics, and any other gadget that requires energy.

    Typically, solar cell are made of a semiconductor like silicon. When the light strikes the silicon cell, the electrons are dislodged and set in motion. This interacts and initiates the electric current flow, commonly known as the ‘photovoltaic effect.’

    Benefits of solar panels include:

    Now that you know how solar panels work, it’s essential to understand the whole system's importance.

    Reduce electricity bills. Remember, the energy generated comes from the sun. Only the installation process will cost your money. Set it and leave the rest to the abundant sun. With time, your monthly electricity bill will decrease.

    Renewable energy source. The energy is accessible since it is coming from the sun. Sun is a renewable energy source that does not produce toxic gases, create noise, or pollute water. It’s always available and a green dream.

    Low maintenance. As the best power backup option, solar panels require little maintenance. The kits are made of solid materials that can withstand adverse climate. You only need to clean using a towel only a few times a year.

    How to Set Up Solar Panels for Your Home?

    More than 1.2 million homeowners have their solar panel systems in the US today. It’s simple to set up solar panels for your home. What are these few tips you should know before kicking off the process? Let’s dive in:

    1. First, ensure your roof is strong enough to withstand solar panel installation. It may not be necessarily a roof, so the place you are planning to mount should support the weight. No need to try the installation on the roof, which is vulnerable to caving because it can result in more costs.

    2. Next, measure the dimensions correctly to ensure the solar panel module fit on the roof's available space. Also, space should not be limited to specific solar panels. It should offer space for adjustment or addition of solar kits in the future.

    To allow an effective installation process, the panels should face the direction where the sunlight comes up from. Mostly, the Southern part. Also, make sure the roof is free from shades such as buildings, homes, and trees.

    3. Then, connect your solar kits by hoisting them. Lay them out onto mount rail system of brackets and fasten them well to enhance a firm grip. While installing, let everything be secure and hold the solar panels well so that they don’t slide.

    4. When the installation is complete, check whether the wires are waterproof and well insulated. The panels should secure and set according to the amount of power you need. To prevent any shock, introduce a ground wire and mount it from the earth to the hardware.

    5. Now, set the PV accessories as per manufacture instructions. Install an inverter in the building, garage, or office.

    6. Final step involves running the alternating electricity from the string inverter to the home’s breaker panel and later on to system components. By this time, your solar power energy system should be complete and working. Now you can power up your appliances and electronics at ease.

    Now you can enjoy electricity in all corners of the house without spending much money. Whether you have a hot water system, fridge, coffee maker, smartphones, and laptops, you will just plug in and let them charge as usual. Cost-effective and eco-friendly is vital.

    Final verdict

    With our buyer guide, it more than possible to walk away with the best solar panel kits for home use. But it would help if you considered some factors like construction, efficiency, power output, warranty, and price before making the final decision. The best part is to choose the one that meets your needs and desires.

    Our above list comprises one of the best models in the market today. So, with any choice, you won’t shortly after making a purchase. Our top pick is Renogy 10Pcs 300 Watt Solar panels.

    The panels come with add on features that makes them outsmart the competitor. Versatility, durability, build quality, and more are attributes behind its popularity and performance.