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Best Solar Gutter Lights Reviews

Solar-powered lights have become one of the best ways to light up the yard, driveways, pathways and still save money. One of the ideal choices is solar gutter lights. The best solar gutter lights are adorable, attractive, and add aesthetics to bring your outdoor space another dimension.

Most importantly, these units illuminate and decorate your gutter without worrying about snow, rain, or wind because they're made from weatherproof and waterproof material. While brightness is the decisive factor when selecting these lights, wider coverage isn’t an exception.

However, finding reliable solar gutter outdoor lights for safety purposes isn't easy. To say the least, you must have a clue about some things to consider. That way, you'll get the right product such that you won't regret it shortly after buying.

After loads of research, we've prepared a buyer guide consisting of the best top-rated solar LED gutter lights. All are dependable, high quality, and capable of lighting up the drive or lawn.

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Comparison Table of Best Solar Gutter Lights

Product Name




1.8 Watts

1.2 Volts

Up to 8-10 hours

1.8 Watts

1.2 Volts

Up to 6-8 hours 

2.50 Watts

5.5 Volts

Up to 8-10 hours

2.5 Watts

5.5 Volts

Up to 6-8 hours

1.8 Watts

1.2 Volts

Up to 8 hours

Here the criteria we used to review and pick:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Trusted brand
  • Brightness
  • Ease of use and install
  • Versatility
  • Build quality
  • The 5 Best Solar Powered Gutter Lights Reviews for 2021

    1. ROSHWAY Solar Gutter Lights

    Solar Gutter Lights

    ROSHWAY Solar Gutter Lights are top-notch. If you're planning to invest in great gutter lights that deliver safety and some ambiance rather than glaring light, this model won't disappoint. They're perfect for pathways, patios, and other outdoor area where illumination is needed.

    You’ll like the unique design that these solar deck lights come with. Inspired by UFO, they stand well on the solar fence light, walls, eaves, and other places upon installation, making them the most decorative neat units for your pool or house.

    Equipped with NINE LED solar powered light, these units are brighter enough to illuminate all the house corners from dusk to dawn. Plus, a 1600mAh rechargeable battery and large solar panels work without reducing light time.

    Thankfully, it’s easy to install these units. Since there are 4 different installation methods, you can either fix the lights to the pathway or wall by a single bracket. Also, you can clip them to the gutter or fence by bracket. You can adjust the brackets up to 60mm.

    Again, the lights are made from high-quality ABS material, which is eco-friendly to withstand all weather conditions that might occur. In addition to that, they are made with durability in mind. This brand can offer excellent services for many years.

    If any issue arises within 30 days after the day of purchase, you’re allowed to return the product for a refund. So, set up your system worry-free.


    • Long service life
    • Worry-free installation
    • Easy to install
    • Has 4 different installation approaches
    • Unique design to décor your outdoor space
    • Great lumens and price


    • Misuse of lights won't be refunded.

    2. iSunMoon 6 Pack Gutter Solar Lights

    Solar Gutter Lights

    No more dark patios, pathways or yard, iSunMoon solar powered gutter light can help your manage your power consumption as you cut down hefty electricity bills. These units are outdoor friendly and energy-efficient to illuminate illumination lights for pathway, Eaves garden, and deck. 

    The auto on/off function ensures that lights are off during the day to give way for extensively charging while the sensor is integrated to detect something around your home. The elegant shape looks like UFO anywhere you mount them.

    The package contains 6 gutter lights, which are rain and weather resistant. A 1200mAh rechargeable battery is also included to allow optimal storage of charge for use. Note that these lights are a backup when there are power blackouts in your area.

    Most people fancy the average run time of 4 to 8 hours, depending on sunlight behavior and weather conditions as a whole. Under direct sunlight, expect continuous lighting from dawn to dusk. With such lights, garden enthusiasts are well covered.


    • 4 to 8 run time
    • No power cord required
    • A strong 1200mAh rechargeable battery included
    • Wide applications
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
    • Auto on/off switch


    • Durability is questionable

    3. InnoGear Solar Gutter Light

    InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights

    InnoGear solar power lights are distinguished because of their versatility to light up patios, gardens, pathways, garages, among others. Well, they're reasonably priced, making them accessible to anyone looking for nice offerings.

    Made from top-notch quality materials, this model is rarely damaged either by snow or rain. It is also easy to assemble, put together, and set up at an angle directly to the sun's rays. Their ability to shine the whole night brightly, thus strengthens security.

    Even better, these lights are stable and come with different working modes. First off, there's quarter brightness, dim light, and half brightness. A motion detector will trigger the lights to full brightness in no time when an intruder approached your home.

    A 2600mAh battery is quickly charged by a large solar panel, even in a less sunlight environment. This is as a result of the up-gradation of their solar panel.  With 80 super-bright LEDs, the unit can produce at least 460 lumens to supply security and lighting to your outdoor.


    • Numerous working modes
    • Brighter LED lights
    • 460 lumens for security purposes
    • Auto motion sensor
    • Heatproof and waterproof


    • Needs to be super waterproof

    4. CREATIVE DESIGN Solar Lights Outdoor

    CREATIVE DESIGN Solar Lights

    As the name suggests, the manufacturer crafts these solar light by giving them a creative design for outdoor illumination. It's not a surprise that there will be no darkness in your patio, garage, and walkway. The 80 bright LEDs have the ability to spark a super brightness to perfection.

    Easy to install is another selling feature you can get from these units. An aluminum mounting pole is included to enhance this. Just set everything and mount them on the wall.

    Equipped with a large size yet upgraded large-size panel, you don't have to panic at any time. This unit will speed up the battery charging time in medium and direct sunlight. Worth mentioning, the integrated lithium battery embodies a large capacity to offer longer working time.

    Like other high-end solar powered lights, CREATIVE DESIGN comes with 4 working modes consisting of dim light, motion sensor bright light, bright light at night, and dim light. Depending on where you want to illuminate, you have various modes to choose from; together with a water resistance build material, you're set to go.


    • Easy to install
    • Water-resistance materials
    • 80 super-bright LEDs
    • Speed charging battery
    • 4 working modes
    • Longer working time


    • Less to no drawback so far.

    5. JSOT Solar Gutter Lights

    JSOT Solar Gutter Lights

    Solar gutter lights motion sensor from JSOT is reputable in the solar lighting industry. It’s time to save money and make use of free electricity powered by solar. And the best solution comes down to these outdoor solar light.

    The upgraded nine LED lights emit the brightest beams than the old solar gutted lights. The decorative lights are cool to give your night another kind of illumination. In this way, you’re improving the safety of both property and people.

    Do you want Xmas solar deck lights? Well, this model comes with a 1600mAh rechargeable battery that offers a longer lighting time. On the same, the large size panel will keep lights on for more than 8 hours when fully charged.

    In comparison with other solar-powered lights, this one stocks 2 different installation methods. Imagine no wiring is needed during installation. It assures you a worry-free set up on the gutter, fence, deck, wall, and garden.

    On top of that, its unique appearance gives an ambiance. Plus, you're offered 30 days of money back and a 1-year risk-free guarantee, so be confident when purchasing this product.


    • High quality LED lights
    • Decorates and illuminates
    • Longer lighting time
    • Saves electricity bills
    • Cheap option


    • Has only 2 different installation method while others have 4

    Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Gutter Lights

    It's advisable not to rush to a buying decision before anything else. Solar gutter lights should offer the best results whatsoever. There are comprehensive factors to pay attention to. With that, you won't be disappointed as you move forward to secure your home and property.


    One thing that comes to your mind when lights are mentioned is brightness. Therefore, solar gutter lights should provide enough lumens for illumination in every corner and angle of your house. Choose the model that comes with many LED light for wider coverage.

    Longer lighting time

    The right model should offer a longer lighting time. Two components that influence lighting time are the solar panels and the battery. A large capacity battery has the ability to store more charge, keeping your patio lights lighting from dawn to dusk. On the other hand, a large solar panel will absorb more solar energy and feed the battery for optimal performance.

    Quality of construction

    Adverse weather conditions may affect your solar energy system. Winds, debris, snow are susceptible to damaging you’re your panels. Always go for a model that is made from waterproof and heatproof material.


    Warranty is of more importance just like others. During installation, you might find out some faults that you wouldn't have sensed in the package. A product with a good warranty and money-back guarantee policy offers a chance for replacement or refund.

    Final Verdict

    Choosing the best solar gutter lights can be a demanding task, but with our buyer guide, everything looks simple and straightforward. Reading it will be of a big benefit for you looking to invest in gutter lights for your next Xmas.

    Our top pick is InnoGear solar gutter outdoor light. The lights are not only super brighter but also illuminates a wide area. You can install them in decks, fences, garden, pathways, walkways, and more. Plus, its sturdy construction and ease of use, you've no reason to regret it after purchase.