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Best Solar Generators Reviews

Investing in a backup solar generator for emergencies such as power outages is vital. Solar energy has become popular onto the scene in the past years. Thanks to its natural power that both sustainable and incredibly long-lasting. This concept also goes to fun activities, including camping RV trips, and fishing. Having the best solar generators for camping nights and long road trips is really a lifesaver. A great versatile device like the Bluetti AC200P is an example of a high-powered option that will really get the job done. 

If you're currently looking for the best portable solar generator and considering your options, this is the right place for you. We've rounded up the following ultimate detailed reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Along with the useful buyer's guide, you'll get the best deal. Let's get down to what you need to know regarding the best solar powered generator reviews.

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There are various reasons why you should own a solar generator. These reasons include:

  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • An excellent investment and long-term savings
  • Eco-friendly
  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Noise operation
  • Ready? Let’s get started.

    Selecting the Best Solar Generators in 2021





    1. NEXPOW Portable Power Station

    Best Solar Generators

    120 Watts

    2. ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power

    Best Solar Generators

    500 Watts

    3. OKPRO Backup Power Supply Portable Power Station

    Best Solar Generators

    500 Watts

    4. BALDR Portable Solar Generators

    Best Solar Generators

    330 Watts

    5. PRYMAX 300W Solar Generator 

    Best Solar Generators

    330 Watts

    Top 10 Best Portable Solar Generators Reviews for 2021

    1. NEXPOW Portable Power Station

    Solar Generator

    Those with charging needs and a small budget may find NEXPOW Power Station suits their purpose. It features built-in lighting hence a nice choice for outdoor activities. It offers visibility to see what you need to power even in the dark.

    The model provides 150W and is small in size, thus a portable device. Along with 178Wh, this station is packed with a lithium-ion battery hence a decent device to store energy. 

    Also, it is crafted and engineered with a unique designed USB so it can charge your MacBook Pro with ease. To add to this, the device includes an AC outlet and 2 USB ports. Use this unit to charge tablets, phones, drones, and a camera.

    Recharging the generator is quite direct with multiple options, including a wall outlet, solar panel, and a car charger. However, you'll need to buy solar power separately, though it's packed with a car solar charger. A drawback is that it does mot power devices over 150W.



    • Budget-friendly
    • Multi-functional
    • The LED display offer visibility
    • Easily rechargeable
    • Portable
    • Can’t charge devices above 150W
    • Solar  is purchased separately


    The generator is applicable at home and when camping. With electronics such as tablets, phones, cameras, and iPhone, charging is never a problem. But charging electronics over 150W is a problem.

    2. ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power Station

    Solar Generator

    Despite its slightly larger price, ROCKPALS 500W offers massive performance on the scene. This model is packed with a lithium battery.

    The portable power station boasts a super-large LCD display the features multiple readings for clarity and convenience. Along with that, it features various plugs and a handle to support several types of chargers.

    Comparatively, the lithium power pack is powerful enough to power smartphones about 58 times and laptops for 7 hours. On the other hand, it charges other small appliances for about 6 to 7 hours. 

    By plugging it into your vehicle, solar power, or wall, you can change it easily. I like its ultra-bright emergency lights and efficient display. As a result, you can detect the battery operating status efficiently and timely.

    The powerful light offered is perfect for emergency and outdoor illumination. I can't vanish without mentioning the safety feature that allows it to power sensitive devices like tablets without causing damage. Lastly, I suggest and appreciate the 18-month worry-free warranty.



    • Well-designed for portability
    • lightweight
    • Convenient with extra power output like USB and AC
    • Versatile with various output ports
    • Easy setup
    • Has built-in battery thus can’t be replaced.


    This solar generator kit is not only suitable for camping but also at home. It solves all power questions and turns them to answers by changing sensitive devices. 

    3. soyond Portable Solar Generator

    Solar Generator

    The best solar generator reviews from soyond comes with an affordable price tag. Besides, the feature list is pretty expensive. This device features a more substantial power capacity for your devices like mobile phones.

    Its portability makes it perfect backup power for travel, fishing, camping, and lights. Designed with a rechargeable battery, this device features a digital LED display and supports SD card and USB.

    Plus, its multi-functional feature boasts the charging capability. With that, it's easier to charge multiple electronic devices like tablets, iPhones, fans, and digital cameras.

    This excellent portable generator for camping comes with a Bluetooth option, and you can connect your phone to call or play music.

    Soyond generator is quickly rechargeable via wall outlet or sun. If you decide to choose any of the methods, both are superb. In fact, they are fast and easy.

    For something portable for outdoor, this model is comfortable and cute to handle. Take it to everywhere power is needed. Quality is guaranteed to enhance battery utilization and safety.


    • Easy to handle
    • Has a rechargeable battery
    • Top-notch quality
    • Has improved battery utilization
    • Comes with a 1-year warranty


    Overall, this best rated solar generator is widely applicable to hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, expedition, and outdoor activities, as well. With its friendly price tag, it will provide prime results. 

    4. PRYMAbatteryX Portable Power Station

    Solar Generator

    The PRYMAX Portable 500W is easy to use and requires no assembly. Take it out of the box and use it right away. It’s also relatively powerful to support various outdoor activities.

    Only weighing 6.5 pounds, this unit is not only compact but also portable. Storing it and carrying with you on the camping site is worry-free.

    If you think it’s not possible to charge different devices simultaneously, PRYMAX makes it a reality. You'll stay connected for the better part of the day. 

    Once it's fully charged, it can keep the charge for longer periods. Contrary to other nature's generator, this one runs more safely to ensure a healthy charge for sensitive devices.

    Uniquely, the device comes with updated lithium battery cells. And with 298Wh, the generator is powerful enough to charge numerous devices for longer hours. Apart from a warranty, enjoy friendly and professional customer assistance given by Prymax.



    • Applicable both at home and camping
    • Professional customer surface from manufacturer
    • Offers safety
    • Has a cooling fan
    • Silent operation
    • Eco-friendly
    • The battery isn't long-lasting


    I would recommend this advanced solar generator kit on the market. It will satisfy all the power needs that come on your away. The user will widely apply it at home and the campsite well once charged fully.

    5. FlashFish 300W Solar Generator

    Best Solar Generators

    FlashFish 60000mAh's wide application makes it perfect for multiple devices. With devices such as laptops, tablets, Christmas lights, and other machines, this unit does it work fantastically.

    While USB port charge sensitive devices, outlets are used to charge appliances like car refrigerators, car vacuum, and car air fan. You won't question its durability. It features a silver case, thus more durable than other models.

    Also, black ends are plastic made hence easy to carry, handle, and store. 60000mAH is enough for any power need. This is one cool feature that makes it the right backup generator.

    Enjoy your outdoor activities with this easy to carry model. I suggest its capability and convenience for camping, emergency usage, fishing, and traveling. Not to mention, three lithium batteries make FlashFish useful.



    • Durable
    • Multi-functional
    • Optimum performance
    • High power capacity
    • Great for outdoor activities
    • Relatively expensive


    Among the best portable solar generator review, FlashFish 60000mAh is one of many. It works and performs optimally. Its sturdy design is the reason behind its durability.

    6. Goal Zero Yeti 400Wh Portable Power Station

    Best Solar Generators

    Goal Zero is among the reputable brands when it comes to portable solar power sources. Its 400W is a massive addition to lithium battery-powered devices. For one, it's capable of running multiple critical appliances like mobile devices, refrigerators, and power tools.

    At home, you can use it to power health care equipment, including the CPAP machine. It comes with 369Wh lead acid battery capacity to power up many devices at once. 

    Charges tablets, phones, cameras, and small devices yet a backup power for small gadgets and lights. Get this engineered and designed model by experts.


    • Low maintenance
    • Operates silently
    • Charges multiple devices
    • Portable
    • Nice backup


    For emergencies, this model is ideal for those living in apartments. It's less noisy and requires less maintenance. Of all, it's significant to power up to 7 devices.

    7. Jackery Portable Power Station

    Best Solar Generators

    The Jackery Explorer 500 is highly portable but remarkably easy to use. While it's small, you can unpack it out of the box and install it right away.

    You won't waste time to assemble it, and this is a plus in your investment. The unit provides outdoor green power solutions for campers. Its satisfying flexibility of this generator is a bonus feature. 

    Therefore, you can use it to charge multiple appliances, gadgets, and devices. Featuring 3 USBs and an AC outlet, you can power your essential units at once for extensive periods. 

    Moreover, the LED display plays an essential role in allowing you to check the power status of the battery. With this, it will deliver sufficient power.

    The only downside of this best backup solar generator is its 500W, which is a lower wattage level. So, high-wattage capacity, Explorer 500, might fall short of selection.



    • Offers high-wattage capacity
    • Has LED display
    • Easy to use
    • Durable
    • Portable
    • Its battery may not last for long


    Users who feel stressed when it comes to using generators, Jackery is easy to use. It gives a chance to charge multiple charges hence versatile. We tested its performance, and it's not a surprise why this unit is popular.

    8. BALDR Portable Power Station

    Best Solar Generators

    BALDR portable power station size-wise is small, less weighted, and also large when it comes to capacity. This henceforth contributes to its use in numerous outdoor activities for easiness in carrying out these activities as revealed by traveling and hiking.

    Additionally, the portable generator can also be used in cases of disasters such as floods and fire incidences. This aids in curbing these pandemics. That said, it’s used as backup power generator to equipment such as electrical to enhance operations occurring every day.

    Beyond, the model provides electricity by using solar panels. This is achieved through a process whereby the solar panels are charged. Thereafter voltage is achieved through revamping solar energy.

    Having a watts rate of 330W, BALDR encompasses several benefits. Namely: used as lighting in the situation of absence of power, one can also charge their phone in a wireless mode.

    However, the device may encounter challenges in sustaining equipment using massive power for a more extended period.



    • The battery can be recharged quickly
    • Wide applications
    • Lightweight
    • Quiet operation
    • No fossil fuels needed
    • The battery can deteriorate quickly


    The users who like a portable model will get it right here with ease. This solar power generator for homes use and camping. It will provide the user with enough power when needed.

    9. MAXOAK Power Station 500Wh

    Best Solar Generators

    Another standout model is right here. Maxoak generator is a wire-free in charging. With its power capacity, it can be used in charging small appliances such as phones and laptops. It’s therefore desirable as a backup in power for garden activities.

    This unit has a particular design, thereby considered safe. It’s made of a quality flame resistance substantial hence making it more reliable than other distinctive battery features. Concerning that, its dischargeable rate is higher, and also the heat levels are lower.

    Maxoak charges at a range of 6-7 hours for a full recharge from a wall plug. In another option, can be recharged for about 4-5 hours through the solar panel.

    The crimpable handle form is regarded for ideal adventure activities. With your electric drill and blender, will everything will turn awesomely.



    • Easy to handle
    • Offers safety
    • Designed to last
    • Charges multiple units
    • Functional and portable
    • It’s charging range is less


    For adventure activities, I would recommend MAXOAK Power Station right away. It's easy to handle and features enough power to make everything connected off-grid. Get the powerhouse that will rescue you during power outages.

    10. OKPRO Backup Portable Power Station

    Best Solar Generators

    Reliability and safety are among the smart features that come with OKPRO Power Station. This unit uses the battery management system to improve automotive battery capacity.

    In addition to this, it prolongs the service life through overcurrent protection and other functions. If you need an eco-friendly clean wattage supply, this pure sine wave inverter will work even to sensitive electronics.

    Most importantly, OKPRO is lightweight and portable. Since it covers all standard outputs, the generator excellent to meet all your power needs. 

    Weighing only 11 lbs, the heavy duty solar generator is convenient and compact. It's pretty nice for easy camping trips. Being the best solar generator for RV, the unit can incredibly be charged in 7 to 8 hours in direct sunlight. 

    You can either use these two ways to charge- plugging into a 12v solar battery charger and a wall. I recommend it because it comes with a 12-moth warranty. Get to know it today!



    • Charges quickly (7-8 hours)
    • Impressive performance
    • Portable
    • Offer multiple charge options
    • Easy to maneuver and lightweight
    • LED isn’t that bright


    For something portable, OKPRO comes as a gift. With your vacation ready, this model will satisfy all your needs. And with all remarkable features, specifications, and design you've everything to be proud of this purchase.

    Factors to Consider While Buying a Powered Generator

    It is a smart idea to consider having solar powered generator-gadget that makes use of solar panels. From the sun, the solar panel can gather energy. This acquired energy is thus stored in the panel’s batteries, where it then supplies the energy to the generator.

    Having a solar panel at your backyard is cost-effective as considered to having certain energy providing devices such as fossil fuels.

    It’s a nice thing having to gather free, un-altered energy for your home gadgets- to having to undergo hefty costs to have electricity at place.

    However, despite the need to have a solar generator, it can’t run alone. Several devices are of importance for a complete energy provision. These devices include; batteries, a solar car battery charger, charge inverter, and solar panels.

    Power Requirements

    It’s a key factor to consider the power required for energy supply. This is paramount in making the decision while purchasing a best solar powered generator. In some cases, you may require low power requirements, and at times, higher power capacity needs.

    There are rechargeable devices that may require a low capacity power generator. Such devices include; laptops and phones where a 300 to the 400-watt battery is recommended.

    In other cases, you may need to charge large devices such as the fridge. Hence a 14000 to the 15000-watt battery would be of use.


    This is where the whole point of view lies in the device during its purchase. With less capacity, portability is made more accessible, and on the other hand, with a higher capacity, portability levels become tedious. To do away with the cumbersome portability, the generator can have in-built wheels to withstand the weight.

    Availability of Charging Outlets

    During the purchase of your solar generator, a generator with several charging outlets is a factor to consider. This is to have in place your devices charged and appliances powered up in regard to your tastes and lifestyle needs.

    Intended Activities

    Most generators are designed for particular activities. Some are meant for home use while others for outdoor activities such as hiking. So, know the intended use. You may need to charge your appliances at home or in camps.

    Capacity Levels

    Basically, it’s important to purchase a solar generator with the necessary capacity. You’ll need a model that will satisfy your power needs. The higher the wattage levels, the more efficient and more dependable it is.

    How Does A Solar Generator Work?

    Most of us experience frequent power outages, but with solar generator comes in as a solution. Whether at home or on the road, this device keeps your essential electronics powered. These may include phones, tablets, cameras, lights, among others. 

    Unlike other generators, we know, a solar generator needs no fossil fuel. Therefore, you’ll stay connected totally off-grid.

    Simply, a solar generator is a decent electronic unit containing a charge controller, an inverter, and batteries. This generator is usually powered by the sun, energy harnessed through solar panels, and transmitted into the battery.

    There are three primary elements of this generator- the charge controller, the battery, and the inverter. Here, the battery stores the amount of energy that comes from the sun. The solar generator uses a lithium-ion battery, but some are compatible with a lead-acid battery.

    On the other hand, the solar battery charger controller acts as a protector. It safeguards and enhances the lifespan of the battery. Different charge controllers come with features to not only charge but also discharge the battery.

    Finally, there's the inverter that switches the low Direct Current in the battery to Alternating Current power. When the energy is converted to AC, you can quickly charge electronics and household appliances in your house.

    Final Verdict

    To sum up, the best solar powered generator is the device you need during power outages. With our guide, you now have detailed information about the best DIY solar powered generator review.

    Their features, and benefits. Should you purchase one, make a wise decision. Our best pick is NEXPOW Portable Power Station. It is budget-priced and performs well compared to others.

    Also, it's the best portable solar generator for outdoor activities. It won't disappoint when it comes to charging devices like tablets, phones, among others. I suggest that you grab this model today.