Best Solar Flood Lights Reviews

Today, you can illuminate your outdoor playing area superbly without having to consume much electricity. Whether it's your deck, patio, back door, garden, or garage, solar-powered flood lights are important for security and aesthetics. Despite its small size, it can help your upgrade your house.

Well, you may decide to light up your yard with some fun lights for ambiance. Professionals recommend you to use the best solar flood lights. They make your pathways and driveways safer. Equally important, they are reliable lights with the absolute build quality.

Investing in a solar powered floodlight is the smartest way to add more light and decoration around you at night. These lights are great, brighter, concentrated, and amazing.

Vitally, important, they require no electricity because they are powered by free and abundant energy from the sun. You'll save reduce the cost of your monthly electricity bill in the long run. But, with a variety of best outdoor solar flood lights in the market, it’s a task to choose the model that will suit your needs.

In our buyer guide, we'll curate the best models worthy of consideration.

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Why Buy Solar Powered Outdoor Flood Lights?

Not even once I have heard people asking this question. But it gets down to the fact that solar flood lights come with indisputable benefits. Apart from providing lights to your outdoor area, here are some of the other advantages:

  • Solar-powered lights are reliable and ecofriendly
  • The lights offer security at a minimum costs
  • Solar flood lights are elegant, attractive, and decorative
  • Easy to use and install

How Long Do Solar Flood Lights Last?

On full power, the solar floor lasts will last around 6 up to 10 hours. Your solar panels require at least five to eight hours of direct sunlight in 24 hours to fully power up the batteries. With that, you're covered.

The 6 Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights Reviews

1. Outdoor Solar Led Flood Light

Outdoor Solar Led Flood Light

Looking to brighten up your yard, garden, pool, porch, and garage doors, look no further, Upgrade solar flood outdoor light is an ideal for the home. For them to work, no wire connection is needed. Used as a backup, the unit will serve you during winter and hurricane when the on-grid runs out of power.

With 3 working modes, including no light without motion, full bright under motion detection, and no light without motion and stay at 20 percent bright at night, you can choose any mode that suits your needs. That shows that these lights are versatile.

Equipped with ip6 waterproof material, the lights are the best choice for outdoor use. The durable material allows them to withstand snow, rain, dust, and even fog. In simple, words, they're weather resistant. Most users have raved about how easy they are to install with the help of bolts and screws included.

Apart from enjoying a brighter ground, and providing security for your family and property, the manufacture offers 24 months warranty to cover any issue that may arise.


  • Easy installation
  • No wire connection
  • Perfect for outdoor space
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made of quality and weatherproof material
  • 24 months warranty


  • Has no motion sensor as the manufacture claims

2. High Powered Solar Flood Light

High Powered Solar Flood Light

Solar Flood Lights Led Lights from Richarm are probably the best solar security flood lights we've today in the market. They are not only cost-efficient but also eco-friendly. Most reviewers are seen to praise their versatility – meaning that they can be used to light up your fence, garden, flagpole, pool, and walkway.

Thanks to its high-efficiency solar panel that suffice to convert up to 17 percent of sun rays into electricity. The unit can take only 5 hours to fully charge under direct sunlight. Stocked with a 2200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, you can't panic about the power outage. You can use it as a back up to illuminate from dusk to dawn.

Just like other highly-rated flood lights, these units are made from sturdy metal and ABS material. Since this case is IP6 weatherproof, the users can install them without having to worry about rain or any other adverse weather condition.

Richarm solar powered floodlight features an auto sensor that turns on the 42 LED bulbs when the night falls and off at dawn. That's massive. Along with that, the integrated Die-cast aluminum allows a wider coverage angle.

Get these lights and use them as outdoor security lights or flood lights or landscape lights. You can adjust the system to meet your wants and desires.


  • Multiple installations
  • Wider coverage
  • Brighter lights
  • Highly efficient solar panel
  • Auto sensor
  • Weatherproof build material


 Some claims that you can’t adjust the lamp brightness

3. Solar Powered Outdoor Flood Light

Solar Powered Outdoor Flood Light

Another worthy investment is LEDMO 200W led solar flood light. Built-in a large 39000mAh storage battery, the light is super bright to illuminate a wide landscape of more than 3150 square feet. It’s encouraging to hear that you’ll undergo zero electricity cost for a long time.

The majority refer to it as 'energy save workhorse', the reason being that the entire solar system requires no wire installation or cordless installation. As result, you may save more extra costs.

Not all solar powered flood lights are controlled by remote control, but LEDMO is among the few that is equipped with that feature. The control allows auto modes, full bright mode, gradient mode as well as half-bright mode.

I love its versatility that makes the light to be used in different scenarios like residential roads, rural roads, sidewalks, gardens, courts, sports fields, and commercial areas such as parks, streets, scenic spots, and farms. Finally, be assured to claim a five-year warranty.


  • Wider application
  • Features an upgraded remote control
  • Super bright
  • Large storage battery around 39000mAh
  • Easy installation
  • 5-year warranty


  • Its durability is questionable

4. Solar Powered Motion Activated Flood Light

Motion Activated Flood Light

It’s another solar floodlight with an elegant and attractive finish. Featuring a white and Matte aluminum, the unit is perfect for decorative purposes. No wonder why many homeowners have installed this impressive brand around their area of stay.

More to that, the box is packed with 84 pieces of LED that produce 730lumen. Each piece has a power capacity of 6 watts. These LED light allow up to 7 to 12 hours of working time, which is dusk to dawn. An integrated standalone PIR motion sensor, on the other hand, boasts an extended area of application.

Uniquely, you can set a dim mode lighting, which eliminates dark spots. The full brightness is useful when it comes to safety and security. At least, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re walking on the right path around your home.

You don't need to hire an engineer for installation because, with the help of a user manual, you can get the job done in no time. While it embodies new improved features, Guardian 580X floodlight is an absolute steal. The 2500mAh lithium battery has high efficiency in your area juiced up with light the whole night.


  • Fast installation
  • New smart features
  • 730 lumen for full power mode
  • Long working time
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Attractive design and elegant finish


  • Time of light display if fixed, hence one can’t adjust

5. Solar Powered Motion Sensor Flood Light

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Flood Light

With little bells and whistles, LED Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light comes as a rescue to bring back your home’s glory. Categorized as one of the best solar powered outdoor flood lights, this model is practically powerful through the eyes of many.

Those of us who are planning to install an outdoor security light, I unclouded should pay attention to this best value for money product. Equipped with a 950LM 5000k daylight motion detector, the fixture is suitable for your yard, garage, driveway, and patio.

Featuring a PIR motion sensor is a plus. The unit will light up every time it detects a motion. Simply put, you and your family will feel safe from intruders. This is a form of safety protection that helps you to release worries.

The model is made with strong die-cast aluminum housing, ensuring durability. Plus the weatherproof PC lens, the lights will serve for years. You’ll appreciate it wide coverage that’s enhanced by a super bright light.

Get it, save your electricity bills and enjoy a 24-month warranty as you illuminate your landscape extensively.


  • Durable construction
  • PIR motion sensor
  • 24-month warranty
  • Bright light
  • Energy saving
  • Wider coverage


  • No drawback claimed so far

6. Solar Powered Led Flood Light

Led Flood Light

Last in our list yet quality model is LTE 30 LED Outdoor Security Floodlight from CLY. The package includes 30 super bright solar LEDs that are essential to brighten your house door, pathway, garage, yard, and more. With 150Lumen, the lights offer a 120-degree beam angle that endures a maximum illumination for wide areas.

Easy to install, the box stocks an adjustable wall mount bracket. Together with one stroke, you to hook it on the wall effortlessly and use it as a solar security light. The lights are IP65 waterproof. You can leave the fixture in any weather condition worry-free.

Re-engineered with a 2000mAh lithium-ion replaceable battery, the user can enjoy continuous illumination for up to 8 hours when fully charged. Also, it can decorate your outside world from dust to dawn.

Another great feature is the light sensor. These lights will auto turn on at dusk and goes off at dawn at working mode. So, you don't have to be there for it to operate. I'd advise you to try this. It could be your gift to brighten your pool as welcome the summer.

What To Look For In Solar Flood Lights 

Solar Flood Light

You don't just splash your cash for the best solar powered lights without considering some factors. It's paramount to identify them in detail. Also, ask yourself this question, what's your intended use. That way, it will be more simpler to pick the model that matches your needs. These key things include:

Automatic or On/Off Switch

You’ll have to consider and decide whether an automatic or on/off switch is the right lights for your family. Most people prefer the auto sensor unit since it makes work easier. You don’t have to inspect it for switching on or off all the time.

Personally, I would reckon the auto on/off because it will get the job done as you engage in other daily routines. It will switch on the light at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. While some are forgetful, this feature will be of great importance.

Battery Backup

It’s not always that your area will receive sunlight. We know solar energy is a decent method to cut down our hefty electricity bills and carbon footprint. But there are times you’ll need a battery backup. So, any product equipped with a robust battery is an extra gift.

In some scenarios, take for example, during winter. Your solar panels won't draw sufficient power during this season. But to keep your flood lights running without any bumps and hangs, a battery backup will be essential.


Another undisputable factor worth mentioning is brightness. Every time you come across light aspects, brightness must pop up. It's through excellent lights that your outdoor space will regain its ambiance and elegance.

Also, brightness will strengthen security and safety in significant areas like walkways, pathways, garage door. Consequently, your family and friends will get it easy to find their way in and out without any hassle.


Check the wattages that a solar panel can offer. A good wattage equates to a better light up and long working time, too. A perfect unit should feature solar panels that can absorb and generate power for lights for more than 10 hours.

Final Verdict

We hope that our comprehensive reviews will help you choose the best solar powered flood light. Before making a purchase, make sure to check out the important factor as discussed in the buyer guide section. Otherwise, you may regret it if you don't pay attention to that,

Our top pick is LEDMO 200W LED outdoor solar flood light. The model comes with a massively powerful 39000mAh storage battery that provides wide coverage, a long working time of continuous power, incredible illumination, and brighter light. Of all the models, you can pick the best, though.