Best Solar Flagpole Lights Reviews

The vast majority prefer to put up a flagpole 24/7 to show their off their patriotic spirit to commemorate their country’s history and heritage. In countries like the United States, the U.S flag code rules that all flags should be illuminated at night. With this, the market for the best solar flagpole lights has thrived in recent days.

A solar flagpole light is an eco-friendly solution and only uses energy from the sun to illuminate your flagpole. Sometimes mobility issues, convenience, and long working hours may give you the challenge to keep your flag illuminated at all times. But with automatic flagpole lights, you're covered.

At the same time, you'll be able to tackle the electricity bills in the long run. However, choosing the models that suit your needs isn't easy. You must consider some things before splashing hard-earned cash. Something great value for the money is what everyone would want.

Worry not. You're in the right place. Our in-depth review narrows down the best solar powered flagpole light for you. Also, the short buyer guide helps you to discover the factors to look for in a model.

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1. Deneve Solar Flag Pole Light

Solar Flag Pole Light

Deluxe is one of the popular solar-powered lights that can give your flag a dazzling glory for many years. While most flagpole lights' batteries aren't replaceable, this model is packed with both replaceable and rechargeable batteries. When the light deteriorates, you can unscrew the battery panel and replace it.

Installation is extremely easy and hassle-free. You can imagine setting these lights without needing any tools. You only need to mount it well in the direction of sunlight for extensive charging, leave it and it will automatically turn on at night. Thanks to auto on/off function.

Cautiously, please check whether the light will fit on your flagpole even before buying. It’s simple since you’re provided with instructions and specification lists. As it illuminates your flying flag, it will also add a sense of decoration and lights to your patio around the house

The panel features a stylish design and is durable to withstand any harsh conditions. Show your patriotism and pride by illuminating your flag all day long.


  • Has replaceable and rechargeable batteries
  • Offers 20 percent coverage
  • Adds decoration around your home
  • Auto turn on/off
  • Saves hefty electricity bills and time
  • Covers the flag position beautifully


  • Some users claim that Deluxe isn’t bright enough

2. Sunnytech Solar Flagpole Light

Solar Flagpole Light

Big in size, Sunnytech 2020 3rd Generation Black offers a wide lighting coverage. Because of its brighter and upgraded bulbs, the lights will brighten every position of your flag as possible, making it ideal for large-sized flags.

While you get the brightest illumination, the light incredibly shines to tackle all shadow formations bestowed around the flag. Made from ABS material, the unit is not only robust but also ecofriendly. Additionally, the 3rd Generation Black is crafted to serve for years.

Featuring a 4500mAH rechargeable battery capacity, you can replace the battery when it starts running out. No tools are required to reassemble this model.  Along with that, you'll have an easy time when installing the whole system.

Most users compliment its long working time. The unit provides 18 hours of power depending on the amount of sunlight that your area receives. Just raise your flag and let the model light up automatically when the dust comes. The package includes 6 pieces of solar panels, worth your money.

Finally, the panels are made of waterproof material, making it an impressive system that can handle the task during the rainy seasons.


  • Wide lighting coverage
  • Large size bulbs
  • Beautifully designed
  • Saves energy
  • Robust batteries that are rechargeable
  • Automatic light up


  • No ornaments, accessories, or flagpole included

3. GRDE 30 LED Solar Flag Pole Light

Solar Flag Pole Light

This solar flagpole light brings displays pride and respect. It's quite brighter to bring everything around your flag to a standstill. The lights are long-lasting, easy to use, and mostly applies to standard flag poles of 15 to 25 foot. ½ inch thick rod at the top offers more support but no gold ornament ball is included.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the Old Glory, these GRDE 30 LED bulbs provide a decent brightness to your honored flag, ensuring an active courtyard. Thanks to the new version of solar panels. These 11 units collect enough sun power for show time.

GRDE lights come with a 2200mAh battery that is not only sturdy but powerful. Further, it stores the maximum amount of energy for the night shift. When fully charged, the battery will deliver up to 10 hours of continuous working time.

Remember that solar energy is clean and ecofriendly. The owners are raving about how ecofriendly and energy saving this model is. You'll only spend some bucks when making a purchase, but in the long run, it will pay off by reducing the electricity bills.

Not forgetting the auto on/off, the lights will turn on at night and go off during the day dawn. These lights are versatile to light up roadsides, courtyards, walkways, and more.


  • Auto on/off function
  • Versatile lights
  • Offers super bright lighting
  • Durable construction
  • Powerful 2200mAh rechargeable battery


  • No serious issue raised about the lights so far

4. LBELL Solar Flag Pole Light

Solar Flag Pole Light

With LBELL Solar Flag Pole Light, you'll no longer take down your flag when darkness comes, which is a hassle task. This model comes to assure braveness in your land and home. Equipped with 30 bulbs, the unit has the ability to bring brightness to your flagpole.

Being solar-powered, the model is known to be a standout when it comes to energy saving. But this won't interfere with its task, which is to give better brightness to your flagpole.

Moreover, the package is boxed with upgraded solar panels that absorb enough power to enhance extended working time. The photovoltaic cells transform the power into electricity for whole night use. The turn on/off function will lend a hand when it comes to switching on and off after installation.

Stocked with powerful 2200mAh batteries that store enough energy for show time is another plus. You don't have to worry. Just set it and leave the rest to lights. The installation process is easy and worry-free.


  • Long-lasting 2200mAh battery
  • Brighter LED lights
  • Saves energy
  • Easy to use and install
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • Strong solar panels


  • The durability of solar panels is questionable

5. PISSION Solar Powered Flag Pole Lights

Solar Powered Flag Pole Light

Another workhorse that earns a spot on our list is PISSION Flag Pole Light. There's no surprise and wonders with the outstanding performance of this model. The manufacturer guarantees a lifetime warranty, something that speaks of confidence that PISSON has with its quality products.

One unique feature of these lights is that they can fit in almost every flagpole. No wonder why homeowners have invested in them for their home improvement. In fact, this solar flag pole light is regarded as self-charging and can deliver clean lighting for at least 10 years.

Just like high-end models, these bulbs will turn on at night and off during the daytime, allowing charging of the battery in the better part of the day. In terms of installation, the user requires no tool since there's no hassling with neither electrical connections nor wires.

Built-in 2000mmAh replaceable battery, the 26 bulbs provide light at night up to 10 hours after a full day of charging. Grab it together with 30 days refund policy.


  • Automatic switch on/off
  • Safe lighting
  • Robust 2200mAh battery
  • Has 10 hours working time
  • Easy setup


  • Limited 30 days warranty

6. Sunix Solar Flag Pole Lights

Solar Flag Pole Light

Sunix is our last quality model on our list. It’s reputable as the best commercial solar flagpole light of the 21st century. The lights are made of durable and IP65 waterproof, which is a water-resistant material. The panel can withstand unfavorable weather conditions like ice, snow, and wind.

One greater feature that Sunix lights embody is versatility. They are perfect for decks, stairways, pathways, yard, and garden. With their brightness, the lights can illuminate your outdoor space and give it another decorative look.

Above all, it’s built-in 2200mAh robust rechargeable battery that powers up 30 brighter bulbs. While bulbs are energy efficient, they can deliver promising results up to 10 hours after a fully sunshine of charging. And designed with intelligent photosensitive, the lights automatically turn at dusk and goes at dawn.

Compared to other models, this unit offers a high conversion rate. The 11 pieces of bigger solar panels play a vital role in illuminating your flag without spending much money. I would suggest this as your head to the next season of darkness.


  • Durable and waterproof material
  • 10 hours of working time
  • Has intelligent auto on/off function
  • Versatile option
  • Rigid 30 LED bulbs
  • Amazing performance


  • No ornament included

Things To Look For When Buying Solar Flagpole Lights

Solar Flagpole Light

Before jumping into the buying decision, there are some aspects to keep in mind so as to ensure that you choose the light product. That's the only way you can be sure that the flagpole light your pick will deliver to your expectations. These factors include:


One thing that will appear instantly when negotiating for flag lights is brightness. Of course, the unit should offer stunning illumination the whole night. Low-wattage lights feature low light while the standard one is only comfortable for 80 percent efficiency.

High powered lights, on the other hand, when positioned appropriately can be great when it comes to brightness. In fact, it can hinder sleep to your close neighbors, but it’s perfect for non-close residential areas.

Cell’s strength

This is another decisive factor as far as solar flagpole light is concerned. Here, the amount of sun striking the solar panels integrated into these units will determine how brighter the lights will be and how long it will illuminate your flag.

Notably, the strength, size, and design of solar panels or photovoltaic cells will play a significant role in this. Always check the wattage of these lights and determine the one that will match your flagpole.

Charging time

Every time you're in the market for a flagpole light, remember to check important specs such as charge time, allowing the right calculation of average daylight standards. If you're located in sunnier places, you'll enjoy a better charging time than stipulated in the product features.

Automatic or Not

While not all flagpole lights are automatic, it’s important to keep an eye on the setting options available. For flagpole, the automatic function will make your job easier. You don’t have to monitor or switch on/off the lights. These models turn on when the night comes and switch off at dawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Flagpole?

Select lamp-ready or integrated LED fixtures with at least 300 lumens or 7 watts of when it comes to brightness levels. But how wide or narrow? The fact remains that your flag will wave in any direction. That said, most people will prefer a beam that spreads light in every corner or position of the flag.

Can the American Flag Be Flown at Night Without a Light?

It’s not possible in the US. According to Flag code rules, every American flag installed should remain displayed from sunrise to sunset. Nonetheless, you can lower the flag at night to show respect for Old Glory. If you want to fly the flag 24 hours, then it should be well illuminated until all the hours of darkness are over.

Final Verdict

The best solar light for flagpole is what you need to keep your flagpole out of the darkness. But you need to select a real deal. Our list reveals everything you need to know about solar-powered lights, factors to consider, features pros and cons of each product. 

It's up to you to grab the choice that will meet your lighting needs. Our editor's choice is Sunnytech 2020 3rd Generation Black. This model offers wide coverage than others. Made of waterproof and durable material, the lights are set to last for years to come.