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Best Solar Fence Chargers Reviews

Animal and livestock keepers need an electric fence to control their animals. Electric fences create a barrier by producing a low and quick shock to the animal when touched. With time animals learn it is a barrier and keeps them confined within the fenced area. Property protection is another reason for having an electric fence to keep wild animals away from your home or animals.

Solar-powered electric fence chargers release the burden and stress caused by unreliable electric fences when there is a power blackout. Other areas with no power connection can still keep their animals safe with the use of the solar-powered electric fence charger. It has no installation cost since all you need is sunlight to make it operational.

In this article, we will discuss the best solar-powered fence chargers. What to look for, when buying a solar fence charger and the benefits of using solar chargers.

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Top 5 Best Solar Fence Charger Reviews for 2021

1. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 Low Impedance 6-Volt

Solar Fence Charger

It is a solar electric fence charger designed with a solid-state circuit, laser-trimmed, and computer precision. This makes it produce a powerful low impedance shock to the electric fence. The solar charger uses a solar panel to power the 6-volt battery. The power produced is enough to cover a 25-mile fence.

Producing energy of 1.4 joules, it is best for livestock control such as horses, cattle, even dogs. It is weatherproof making it suitable for outdoor use. The solar charger has a meter with features like voltage output test and meter test battery charge level. The performance meter shows the condition of the fence at all times.

Key features

  • Covers up to 25 miles fence range
  • UL and CAS listed
  • Suitable for medium and small pasture
  • The energy output is 1.4 joules.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • It is weatherproof
  • Affordable
  • Three-year warranty


  • Need sunlight to charge.

2. Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 Low Impedance 12 Volt

Solar Fence Charger

The Parmak mag12-sp is purely designed and manufactured by Parmak an American company with years of experience. It comes with a solar panel and 12v sealed lead acid solar rechargeable battery. The battery will be fully charged to power the fence at night.

The solar electric fence has a performance meter with three functions. First, operation test, to show voltage output and smooth meter movements. Secondly, solar battery level test to show whether it is discharged or charged and fit for operation. Lastly, the voltage output test shows the exact voltage level available on the fence.

Parmak mag12-sp is a low-impedance fence charger. It has an open-circuit voltage with 3.1 joules energy that covers 30 miles fence. This fence is suitable for large pastures like deer, pigs, bears, horses, and sheep. The solar electric fence charger is weatherproof and portable for outdoor usage.

Key features

  • Charges 30 miles fence
  • UL listed
  • 12v volt rechargeable battery
  • Low-impedance charger
  • 3.1 joules output


  • Suitable for large pastures
  • Come with a 3- year warranty.
  • Weatherproof
  • Portable design


  • Not easy to get fixed

3. Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Electric Fence Charger

Solar Electric Fence Charger

Manufactured by an experienced brand, Zareba ESP10M-Z is a great solar electric fence charger. It supports a 10-mile fence suitable for cattle, horses, and goats. With 0.15 joules energy shock, it is perfect to keep your animals contained in the fenced area. It is heavily reliable since when fully charged it can continuously work for two weeks without recharging.

The Zareba ESP10M-Z has a built-in mounting bracket suitable for round-wood, y-post, and T-posts and can charge at any place. It is a low impedance electric fence Charger with one year warranty including lightning damages. Look at your fence status by checking the Ok light, if active, the fence is running.

Key features

  • Output voltage of 7.5kv
  • It can be used with aluminum, steel, poly wire, poly tape, and poly rope.
  • When the fence is in contact with the weed it resists shorts.
  • Has low battery drain since it has low-impedance
  • One year warranty covering damages to lightning
  • Powers a fence of 10 miles.
  • Integrated and easy-grip knobs.
  • Pros

    • Easy to install
    • Durable
    • Weatherproof


    • Need sun to recharge.

    4. Gallagher S40 solar electric fence charger

    solar electric fence charger

    The electric fence charger supports a 25-mile single wire and 5-mile multiple lines. It can be carried anywhere making it suitable for remote areas with no reliable power. Consist of a tough solar fence energizer that is easy to install.

    The solar panel is inbuilt with a 6V rechargeable battery. Since it can cover 30-80 acres of land, makes it good for rotational grazing, wildlife exclusion, and livestock containment.

    The battery has power-saving technologies which enable it to keep running for three weeks without sun. This makes it reliable regardless of weather changes.

    You can manage your battery power by setting for a fast pulse during the day or night. You can also reduce the pulse at night while the animals are resting. 

    It comes with a water-resistant casing that can withstand all weather conditions and 360-degree mounting positioning for quick installation.

    The solar charger comes with a handle for easy transportation and built-in lightning protection. Do not doubt the quality as it comes from a trusted manufacturer with a three-year warranty.

    Key features

    • Rechargeable 6V battery
    • Come with fence lead set
    • Casing is water-resistant
    • Has a lightning protection
    • 360-degree installation capabilities
    • Can be used with turbo or poly wire


    • Portable
    • Durable
    • Easy to install
    • Can run for long without sunshine
    • Weatherproof


    • Needs sun recharge

    5. Zareba ESP5M-Z

    solar electric fence charger

    Zareba ESP5M-Z is a low impedance electric fence charger that energizes up to 5 miles of fence. Your fence can have power from any place. It is more suitable for remote areas without a stable main power supply.

    The battery is reliable and can go for two weeks without sunlight. The energizer can be mounted in different posts like round wood posts, y-post, and T-posts. It can rotate for 360 degrees, allowing many installation positions.

    Your cattle, pigs, or horse will be kept in the fenced area by the o.1o joules energy in the fence. Made from trusted manufacturers with one year warranty that covers damage from lightning.

    Key features

    • Powers a fence of 5 miles
    • Open circuit voltage with 8.6kv output
    • When in contact with weed it resists shorts
    • Used with steel, poly wire, poly tape, poly rope and aluminum
    • Less battery drain due to low-impedance technology
    • Made in the USA


    • Easy to transport
    • Can be mounted at any angle
    • Weatherproof
    • Continue working for long without recharging.


    • The warranty is just for a year.

    Benefits of Using Electric Fence Charger

    Keeps animals safe

    The solar energizer allows the animals to be contained within the fenced area. This reduces damage to the fence and animals getting lost. To keep the charger operational, ensure it gets enough sunlight throughout the seasons. Moreover, solar-powered electric fences are a safer substitute for electric barbed fences that can kill animals.

    Protects nature

    Solar-powered fences protect gardens, plants, and trees from damages caused by animals. It is also safe for the environment since the energy source is the sun. Solar power does not emit harmful emissions to the environment, making it a clean source of power.

    Remote use

    People in areas where there is no supply of main power can use solar-powered fence chargers. They do not need any connection to the national grid. All you need is the solar power charger and transport it to anyplace. The sun is its only source of power.

    Easily accessible

    The product is available in the market. Visit your local farm store or hardware and purchase one.  Its services too can be accessed at any point of the farm, this is because you can easily move it from one place to another. If you do rotational grazing, you can move it as you rotate the animals.

    Easy to install

    The installation method of a solar electric charger is simple. Some of the fence chargers come with manuals on how to install and operate. With modern models, you can mount it at any angle provided it get exposed to sunlight.

    Battery life

    The fact that the charger sources its energy from the sun, one may tend to think that during winter or cloudy days, the fence charger will not work. This is not true, solar-powered fence chargers have a rechargeable battery that stores power. During the night or dull days, it continues working. The solar-powered fence can work for two to three weeks without sunlight.

    Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Solar-powered Electric Fence Charger

    Type of animals and voltage

    The type of animals you want to contain will determine the voltage required in the fence. Big animals like predators, moose, and deer will need a higher power like 4000-5000 volts.

    That will produce enough electric shock to keep them away. On the other hand animals like horses and cattle would require about 2000-3000 volt.

    Joules, a unit used to show the strength of the electric shock the animal will receive. The intensity of the shock and the damage it causes depends on the energy output dissipated in the animal's body. Hence the shock intensity will be determined by the voltage, time of the electric pulse, current, and the electric resistance of the animal’s body.

    The UL-69 or IEC 60335-2-76 is the standardization of fence charge to ensure it does not cause damage to the animal, the recommended fence charger shock should not exceed 5 joules.

    Look for the best fence charger for your animals. Remember that the fence is a psychological barrier and not to harm.

    Fence wire and weed conditions

    The open-circuit voltage condition is the voltage available in the fence when no vegetation or animal is in contact with the fence. The voltage is however reduced due to the weed conditions and the type of wire or rope used.

    Hence, reducing the effectiveness of the power in the fence. As you look for a suitable solar fence charger, be aware of the fence voltage that the manufacturer indicates in heavy, medium, and light conditions. Also, be informed about the variation in voltage when you use different types of fence wire.

    Range capacity

    Each solar-powered electric fence charger is designed to support a certain fence length. The manufacture usually indicates the length powered by the charger on the device. As you go out shopping, ensure you know the length of your fence wire.

    This will enable you to avoid a lower range capacity that will underperform or a higher range capacity that will cause harm than protecting the animals. This expression is used to calculate range capacity.

    Range capacity=number of wires. Fence length. 2

    Battery life

    This is a vital feature in every solar-powered fence charger. The battery life will tell you how long the battery will continue working at night or on cloudy days when there is no sunlight. Look for a fence charger with long battery life.


    The solar charger is an outdoor device and needs to cope with the changing weather conditions. It has to be durable, water, and weatherproof to fully functional.


    Low impedance means that the shock produced will only last for o.oo3 seconds or less. This is an energy-conserving measure as no power is lost on vegetation which is an issue with the high-impedance model. With a low impedance fence, chargers receive no current disruption caused by vegetation.


    All man-made things are susceptible to damage. That is why you need to look for warranty time. Any damages that occur within that time, will be addressed for free. Choose the one with a long grace period.


    Electric fences are always used to ensure safety whether for property, gardens, or animals. The availability of solar-powered electric fence chargers has improved in ensuring the safety of your animals.

    In line with the world’s vision of turning into clean energy sources, the solar-powered fence charger serves the purpose. As discussed above there are different types of solar electric fence chargers meant for various animals and purposes.

    You can way your options and find the best charger that suits your needs. The above list gives the best solar electric chargers to keep your livestock safe.