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Best Solar Charge Controllers Reviews 2021

    A solar energy controller is one of the essential protective devices for battery in grid-connected systems and an off-grid PV system with battery backup. To prevent battery damage, every solar power system will require regulation, that's why this device is here for you.

    The unit will help you to keep your portable battery power bank and batteries from overcharging. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your solar generator or batteries, you should consider this solar charge regulator.

    Most models require a hefty upfront investment. So, which are the best solar charge controllers that can help you get secure your solar panels and significantly extend battery life?

    There are numerous devices available in the market; therefore, choosing the perfect model requires extensive research. To help you make the right decision, we've compiled the list of best solar charger controllers in our review.

    1. Temank EPEVER 80A-MPPT Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    Our first product is Temank EPEVER 80A mppt controller which has numerous features that every person will love. For one, it features an auto control system to manipulate and limit charging power and current over the desired value.

    The most notable attribute is how it prevents reverse polarity, overloads and reverse discharging. With a Modbus communication protocol, the unit can meet various communications requirements in particular and different situations.

    You can widely use it for various applications like household system, solar RV and industrial field monitoring. Enjoy the automatic overcurrent protection from this solar charge controller. Lastly, its circuit board offers insulation from lightning strikes and external weather conditions.


    • Multiple electric protection
    • Customer service is great
    • Easy to control
    • Extra safe


    • At times LED indicators flicker
    • Longevity concerns

    2. ALLPOWERS 20A-Solar Charger Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    If you're looking for functionality, then this device is perfect for you. It is usually equipped with STM 8 microprocessor to manipulate the charger as well as discharge process. With a reliable battery, ALLPOWERS will never disappoint.

    Also, it has multiple electric protection, including short-circuit protection, low voltage, and inverse connection protection. I like its useful heat dissipation feature that makes it unique than others.

    Additionally, it's easy to use. The model comes with a proper display that will indicate the data and status. The machine is suitable for industrial, commercial and home use. 

    Significantly, it comes with a warranty just like other products from ALLPOWERS. After making an order, don't worry because the manufacturer will be responsible for all After-Sale.


    • The charging modes and parameters can easily be configured
    • Comes with a warranty
    • Light control
    • Easy to use


    • LED display isn't that impressive
    • Ideal for small energy system

    3. HQST 30 Amp 12V/24V PWM

    Solar Charge Controller

    This affordable PWM microcontroller is a multifunctional and intelligent machine with 2-USB ports designed to charge power and electronic devices. With temp compensation employed, you can easily adjust charging parameters automatically without any hassle.

    Besides, the unit provides a human-machine interface and dot matrix graphic LCD screen with a key. With this, the operation on the interface becomes more convenient.

    HQST 30 Amp provides overcharge, overload, and over-charge protection, yet reverse-connection and short-circuit protection. You'll be surprised by light control. During daylight, the light source will switch off.

    On the same, the residential solar panel system will instead charge batteries. With no essence of sunlight, the garden light will automatically switch on. Use it to charge your tablets, mobile phones, and speakers.


    • Durable
    • Efficient
    • It's Reliable
    • Affordable price


    • Has no enough descriptive details
    • Can easily break if over tightened

    4. Outback Flexmax 80 FM80

    Solar Charge Controller

    This product is designed to charge batteries voltages from 12 to 60VDC. This unit could be the best pick for you. The appearance and quality of this model will get your attention right away.

    It has backlit 80 character-display that shows the battery voltage and current operational status. If you want to charge your portable battery bank, then this is unit will perform a marvellous job. Get more amps from your solar panel directly into your battery every day.


    • Quality is top-notch
    • Durable
    • Has LED indicators
    • Battery life feature


    • Expensive compared to others

    5. GHB 20A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    Grab this GHB 20A 12V device to solve all your charging problems. The unit comes with an LCD screen that helps to display all parameters.

    The LCD is clearer, more modern, more beautiful, display better and more-power-efficient. It's fully automatic hence easy to operate, connect and features an intelligent control. 

    Moreover, the charge controller is power-efficient. It will notify you when the battery is fully charged and will automatically stop charging.

    Noticeably, pay attention to positive-negative polarity to avoid any reversed connection. Otherwise, the load may be damaged. With protection functions, this device will not only prolong the battery's lifespan but also improve system efficiency.


    • Multiple protection functions
    • Ensure prolonged battery lifespan
    • Power-efficient
    • LED indicator to control all charge parameters


    • LED indicators may fail sometimes

    6. Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth Solar Module Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    Renogy BT-1 meets all the standards of being among the best models available in the market. The unique thing is that it comes with an affordable price tag. With BLE technology and Bluetooth 4.0, it features uninterrupted and fast communication.

    Most importantly, you can control the wireless monitor via Bluetooth. Also, you can connect to a user-friendly phone app and Oenology BT to keep alert of your system.

    Setting the device is easy and straightforward. You only need to click ‘Read', and you'll be notified after modes and read parameters successfully. After that, you can load configuration and change battery. I highly recommend this device as phenomenal.


    • Powered directly
    • Provides fast communication
    • Temperature control is automatic
    • Easy to use


    • An issue with LED indicators
    • Customers claims about terrible support

    7. Renogy Rover 20 Amp 12V/24V DC

    Solar Charge Controller

    Renogy Rover is the most dependable and durable charge controller. The unit features some of the characterizes its predecessors lacked. Probably, the best feature is the smart tracking algorithm which maximizes the energy from solar to automatically charge the batteries.

    The sequential low voltage and reverse protection will prevent your cells from discharging. To add, the high trafficking efficiency and controller's MPPT tech are an assurance of top-notch experience.

    With it, you'll enjoy other compensatory features, including electronic protection and comprehensive self-diagnostic functions that prevent any damage brought about during installation. I suggest this device as the best in this generation.


    • Ensures maximum heat dissipation
    • Prevents battery's overcharging
    • Programmable LCD screen
    • Suits various solar applications


    • No sufficient display information on voltage/current

    8. Victron SmartSolar MPPT Solar Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    Victron components are amazing and incredible. You'll be pleased with the finish and fit of this Android VictronConnect mobile app. The unit is easy to connect over Bluetooth, viewing, and data and managing settings are effortless.

    The build quality is impressive hence worth its price. And, the app beautiful and quickly conveys the essential information. If you're planning to purchase a rv solar charge controller, then I recommend Victron SmartSolar as the top choice.


    • Easy to connect and use
    • Nice build and fit
    • Managing setting is easy
    • Affordable


    • Noisy at times
    • Durability issue

    9. EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller is a top-ranked device that features impeccable features. It comes with a remote meter that ensures convenient parameter setting and real-time data viewing.

    You'll see this model delivers efficiency up to 99.5 per cent with its application of advanced MPPT tech. With a conversion rate of 98 per cent, this technology means that your device will maximize the energy it acquires from the solar panels effectively.

    Another popular feature this model offers is the capability to track your controller's progress through your computer. In real sense, it delivers real-time data. This examines how the device is useful when it does its job.

    Likewise, the LCD screen display will help you track the model's operating data, including amperage and voltage. Also, I discovered the built-in protection against overcharging, reverse polarity, overcharging and overload. Try it today!


    • Applies MPPT tech
    • LCD screen display
    • Built-in protection layers
    • Comes with a 2-year warranty
    • Monitors controller's progress


    • Issues with computer software

    10. Rich Solar 20 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    Another pick is the Rich Solar MPPT charge controller which features an advanced, upgraded dual-peak tracking tech. It can accurately track the PowerPoint at its maximum.

    Just like other MPPT models, it comes with an LCD screen that efficiently displays programmable charging parameters. Get to see its advanced digital power supply tech, where its energy conversion rate is as high as 98 per cent.


    • Wonderful technical support
    • High rate of energy conversion and tracking efficiency is 98%
    • Has LCD screen display


    • Has a limited capacity of 20A

    11. EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    The model has a tracking efficiency of 99.5% and above. This makes it a reliable solar charge controller that provides maximum charge to your batteries.

    It worked well with all lead-acid batteries, flooded battery and sealed AGM GEL. Furthermore, it features a user-mode that allows setting your charging parameters.

    To meet several communication requirements, the model has standard MODBUS and RS-485 communication bus interface. PC monitoring cable and temperature are also attached. Its solid-state is something to recommend whenever you're using a power inverter click here.


    • High performance
    • Perfect tracking efficiency
    • Compatible with all lead-acid batteries
    • Elegant design


    • Longevity concerns

    12. OOYCYOO MPPT Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    Here is another True MTTP solar charge controller is designed with die-cast Aluminum for efficient heat dissipation. You'll not struggle when installing the charge controller, and it's elementary than you can imagine.

    However, you should not expose it to high temperature and direct sunlight. It features 2 USB 5A/2A for phone charging. The RS485 indicator that consists of green light flashes will indicate that your load is working correctly.

    On the other hand, yellow flames usually show the charging state of the solar power energy system. Luckily, the LED display will show the various real-time data effectively. To operate and reset the parameter is just a more straightforward task. 

    Just long-press and toggle key button to restore the factory settings. Let this product be part of your next budget. Its high tracking efficiency is exceptional.


    • Ensures efficient heat dissipation
    • Easy to reset and restore the factory settings
    • Indicators that show charging
    • Easy to install


    • Failure to work properly when exposed to high temp and direct sunlight

    13. PowMr 30A Solar Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    This is a top-notch solar charge controller. The device has a fuse that works appropriately with the copper coil, thus providing double protection.

    The copper coil itself guarantees stable charge as well as discharge during use. Upgraded heat dissipation and more safe design are what you need to keep your work going.

    The unique thing is that the controller is easy to install because it comes with full details. With temperature compensation function, the unit will prolong your battery life. I can't wait to enjoy a 1-year warranty. I declare that this product the best choice for you.


    • Double protection
    • 1-year warranty
    • Top-quality
    • More safe design


    • Longevity is not impressive

    14. EPEVER 60A Solar Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    EPEVER 60A is a famous charge solar controller from EPEVER. It works properly with all lead-acid batteries (sealed, flooded and gel).

    This device will automatically detect system voltage when in operation. With a multiple load mode: time control, light control, and dual time control, this model is a powerful 60A charge controller.

    Besides, the regulator features an LCD design. Therefore, it dynamically displays all operating data as well as working condition. For convenient operation and comfortability, the device comes with a humanized button.

    There are multiple protections against over-discharge, overcharge, reverse polarity and overheat. This shows how reliable the unit is. With a 13-month warranty, I have a reason to recommend it.


    • Multiple protections
    • LCD display design
    • Efficient
    • 13-month warranty


    • Buttons may fail to work properly

    15. HQST 40A PWM Solar Charge Controller

    Solar Charge Controller

    The last in our list is the HQST 40 Amp which is a negative ground controller. The device is highly compatible with a negative ground system hence a conventional and standard way of grounding.

    The temperature compensation and smart PWM charge controller is charging increase battery life. This also improves system performance. It features backlit LCD helps in displaying error codes and system information. Indeed, it's easier to self-diagnose and adjust settings.

    Having intelligent protection means that there will be no occurrence of a battery short-circuit, reverse polarity, overload, over temp or load short-circuit.

    Whether you want to charge your mobile phone, tablet or speaker, the model features a 5V 1Amp USB output. Get to know it and enjoy its various applications.


    • Has a USB port for charging other devices
    • Intelligent protection
    • Prolongs battery life
    • Backlit LCD screen
    • Safe to use
    • Compatible with different batteries


    • No clear instructions

    Things to Consider When Choosing a Solar Charge Controller

    Knowing the overall use of a solar charge controller is essential. When searching or before buying, you must consider various features. This will ultimately influence your decision. Let's discuss the essential factors to consider. They include:

    Type of the model

    After understanding its overall usage, the type of model comes second. It's advisable to choose the right kind. Currently, there are two main types available in the market. They are MPPT and PMW. Their main difference comes about the charging method used.

    Voltage consideration

    To choose the perfect model, it's advisable to consider the voltage. The standard option is the 12V unit. In most cases, these voltages range from 12V to 24V. To ensure positive results, you are required to read and follow all instructions.


    Price is a primary factor to consider in every business. Many models are superb and will get the job done. But it's always important to identify your needs before investing.

    Check the price of every device and ask yourself whether the product is worth. To mention, top-notch quality models are costly hence you must be prepared to spend more.

    Final Verdict

    A solar charge controller improves battery performance. It also increases the lifespan of a battery by preventing over voltage, overcharging and complete discharging.

    EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller is our best pick. It may be expensive and worth its value. For one, the model is well-made, easy to use and features simple operation.

    Also, its performance is remarkable and its construction is elegant and solid. You'll have no problem during installation hence an excellent option.

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