Best Power Inverters for Cars

Keeping everyone entertained on long car rides is a chore whether you are sharing a ride back to college. Making a trip to a conference with colleagues, or taking the family on an extended road trip. You will get help Best Power Inverters For Cars.

The problem is that mobile entertainment needs AC power to recharge, if it is rechargeable at all. Fortunately, there is a lesser known automotive device that solves this problem easily.

A DC power inverter can provide all the electricity you need to keep entertainment powered up for the whole car ride no matter how far you are going. You need to estimate the correct wattage to run all your devices, but once you get that totaled up you are ready to choose the best power inverter for car all your travel needs.

Not sure which one to buy? Check out our product reviews and buyer’s guide  the best power inverters for car to get started. Take a look at what we’ve got for you:

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The 9 Best Power Inverters for Your Car in 2021

  • VETOMILE 1500W Power Inverter For Car: Best Car Power Inverter for Laptop
  • Quesvow 1000 Watt Power Inverter for Car: Best Portable Power Inverter for Car
  • BESTEK 1000W Power Inverter for Car: Best Cheap Power Inverter for Car
  • AngLink 200W Car Power Inverter: Best Small Power Inverter for Car
  • BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter for Car: Best Power Inverter for Car Autozone
  • Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter for Car: Best Power Inverter for Car Battery
  • POTEK 2000W Power Inverter for Car: Best Power Inverter for Car Lighter
  • VertaMax PURE SINE WAVE 1500 Watt 12V Car Power Inverter: Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Car
  • UFire 3000W Power Inverter for Car: Best Ac Power Inverter for Car
  • 1. VETOMILE 1500W Power Inverter for Car

    Car Power Inverter

    Versatility is important when selecting best car inverter, and the Veto-mile 1500 watt Power Inverter definitely fits that descriptor. In addition to two standard AC power outlet for running AC appliances and devices.

    The Veto-mile also has two 2.1-amp USB ports for charging mobile devices directly. All you need is the right charging cable, and you are ready to quick-charge your device.

    Additionally, the Vetomile can be directly wired to your vehicle’s battery terminals, providing you with AC power even when the vehicle’s engine is not running.

    This feature also allows you to connect the inverter to a solar panel array and provide power from the sun for your devices and appliances.

    The versatile Vetomile DC to AC converter for car makes powering devices, appliances and hassle-free. It's provides outstanding performance at an affordable price. It’s definitely an excellent fit for busy commuters and traveling families alike. 



    • Two USB 2.1A charging ports with 2 AC outlets 
    • Wires directly to vehicle batteries for safe and secure installation
    • Heat sink and fan cooling combination to prevent thermal overload
    • Must be wired directly to the battery

    2. Quesvow 1000 Watt Power Inverter for Car

    Car Power Inverter

    Homeowners who plan to keep charged 12 volt batteries handy for electricity in an emergency will love the Quesvow 1000 Watt best car power inverter. With heavy duty battery terminal clips and O-ring cable connectors that are secured via threaded post caps.

    You can safely and easily connect your inverter to a 12-volt car battery and run your low wattage appliances. The Quesvow 1000 Watt model has three grounded AC outlets on the front end, allowing you to plug in up to three devices simultaneously without straining the inverter's capacity with a power strip.

    It also uses and integrated cooling fan and heat-sink to keep your inverter from overheating and failing while in use. Better still, this inverter connects directly to your vehicle’s battery. Which means you don’t need to run your car and use fuel until the batter starts to get low.

    This power inverter is ideal for those who need AC power while camping, or who want to run or charge appliances and devices from their car battery without complicated hookups or needing to have the car running while using the inverter.



    • Easy clip-on style connectors
    • Threaded post cap o-ring connectors for wires
    • Can be permanently installed in a vehicle via an adapter cable and some minor wiring.
    • Does not include a standard 12-volt plug adapter

    3. BESTEK 1000W Power Inverter for Car

    Power Inverter

    A good power inverter needs to have adequate power protection and cooling to be effective. The Bestek 1000-watt model has both an effective quiet cooling system and multiple fuses to prevent overload when connecting your AC appliances or devices.

    The cooling system has a built in variable speed fan that vents hot air away from the internal heat-sink to prevent overheating during operation, protecting your inverter from the long term strains of heavy usage.

    Additionally, the Bestek’s power protection system includes three multi amp fuses that are inexpensive and easy to exchange in the event of an overload or surge power in the system.

    These two key features make the 2 AC outlets safer and better regulated when running electrical appliance or devices off of your car’s electrical power supply, both when the engine is operating and turned off. It’s a great choice for families or working professionals who frequently require AC power converter in their car.



    • 1000-watt capacity
    • Advanced cooling system
    • Includes DC plug for standard DC power outlets
    • Large footprint
    • Wiring direct to the batter requires some electrical experience


    4. AngLink 200W Car Power Inverter

    Car Power Inverter

    Low-demand power inversion is pretty much the standard for commuters and working professionals. Particularly when carpooling or traveling to and from job sites.

    AngLink’s 200 watt inverter model is an excellent choice for providing the necessary AC output for mobile devices and chargers.With 200 watts peak power, this unit easily handles most device chargers or continuous AC power supplies for laptops and DVD players. 

    It also has a longer than average DC power cord to reach passengers using their devices in the rear seats of your vehicle. Making it a great option for families and car pools.

    Furthermore, you don’t even have to give up a dedicated DC port in your car, as this inverter has a DC socket to connect other DC powered devices.

    Best of all, the AngLink 200-watt also has 4.8A output dual USB ports for quick charging mobile devices like tablets and smartphone. If you don’t need to run appliances from your car’s electrical system, the Anglink 200-watt is an excellent choice.



    • Dual 4.8A output USB ports
    • Dual AC outlets
    • Longer DC outlet plug cable for easier reach in the rear seats.
    • Must keep airflow clear for cooling fans

    5. BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter for Car

    Power Inverter

    For campers and RV owners, this is the behemoth power inverter you’ve been looking for. Supporting up to 2000 watts on 3 independent outlets.

    This Bestek power inverter can be mounted in your vehicle or kept mobile thanks to its integrated mounting kit and efficient cooling system.

    This inverter not only generates plenty of power for running multiple appliances simultaneously using your car’s battery or electrical system, but it also can be operated independently of the engine’s operation.

    This independent operation makes it ideal not just for vehicle use, but also for emergency 12-volt battery banks, too. If you need mobile AC power in your RV, truck, or car, this is the device you want to keep everything charged and running, from mobile phone and tablet chargers to coffee makers.

    It makes a great emergency AC power supply whether you are traveling abroad or weathering a storm at home.



    • Powerful 2,000 watts of AC electrical current
    • Includes battery clamps, ring terminals, and a DC outlet plugin
    • Powerful cooling fans and heat sink
    • Permanent mounting with battery direct power requires running wiring directly through your vehicle’s cabin firewall.

    6. Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter for Car

    Power Inverter

    Sometimes you need a powerful inverter that doesn’t take up much space where you need to install it. When space is at a premium, choose the Ampeak 2000 watt inverter model.

    With 3 AC electrical outlets, a 2.1A USB charging port, and the ability to run up to 2,000 watts worth of appliances and devices. This mighty midget is ideal for tight spaces.

    Since it is designed to run multiple appliances. Ampeak’s 2000-watt inverter includes everything you need for direct battery connection.

    Including ring-terminal wiring kit and battery post caps. Just link it up to the battery and you are ready to roll. Best of all though, the Ampeak 2000 watt inverter also has three cooling fans (1 intake, 2 vents) to ensure the inverter does not overheat and shut down under a heavy wattage load. It’s an ideal compact power inverter for campers, RV owners, and contractors alike



    • 3 outlets and a USB charging port
    • Easy mounting hardware
    • Powerful 2000-watt output
    • Direct battery connection requires cutting through your vehicle’s firewall

    7. POTEK 2000W Power Inverter for Car

    Power Inverter

    For portable AC power that can run power tools of a 12-volt battery, the Potek 2000-watt model is an excellent solution for contractors on a job site with no available electricity.

    This massive inverter can handle both the heat and the wattage draw for large power tools and appliances, and it does so with plenty of fused power protection to spare.

    In addition to its 3 AC outlets, this car power converter also has a 2.1A USB charging port for smartphone or tablets, making it convenient to have on site if your primary means of communication starts to run low on battery power.

    It also features large, heavy duty cooling fans to prevent thermal overload while working outdoors in hot weather. Potek’s 2000-watt power inverter is the ideal choice for contractors that frequently need to use vehicle power or 12v battery power. When you need reliable and portable AC power, Potek is the way to go.



    • Heavy duty construction with dual exhaust fans
    • Heavy gauge battery connection terminal cables
    • USB charging port
    • Must be directly wired to a battery to function (no DC plug option)

    8. VertaMax PURE SINE WAVE 1500 Watt 12V Car Power Inverter

    Power Inverter

    Optimized for use in RVs and vehicles, this 1500 watt sine wave power inverter from VertaMax is built to last for years without fail. Not only can it provide stable AC power for multiple devices and appliances, but it also has surge protection up to 3,000 watts.

    In addition to powering devices in RVs and cars, VertaMax 1500-watt pure sine wave inverter is also useful for converting DC current from solar power arrays or home backup power battery banks.

    Regardless of the application, this 3 outlet inverter can provide plenty of AC power easily no matter what source is being used.

    Best of all, the outlets can be individually powered to control the wattage rating, an option that can make a big difference when attempting to manage heat and device draw.

    Bottom line, the VertaMax is designed and built from the ground up to give you AC power in our out of your vehicle or home for up to 1500 watts worth of devices. It is both an excellent choice and an excellent value for its class and price point.



    • 1500 watts of power
    • Cooling fan and heat sink
    • Switchable outlet power
    • Connectors and wiring kit sold separately

    9. UFire 3000W Power Inverter for Car

    Power Inverter

    With more and more households going solar, the need for a reliable, compact power inverter is becoming more and more apparent. The 3000-watt model from UFire is one such inverter with a convenient footprint that makes it easy to install on walls, beams, and even under vehicle dashboards.

    The versatility of the UFire inverter has made it a prime choice for solar powered homes, RVs, and home battery bank power backups, and it is uniquely equipped to handle these tasks thanks to its 3,000 watt output via 2 AC outlets.

    In addition to providing massive amounts of stable power output. The UFire 3000-watt model also has a 2A USB power port that can easily provide power for customized power or lighting control devices.

    As well as greenhouse sprinkler system controls or other wireless network environmental control devices. If you are looking to build a solar powered smart home, shelter, or greenhouse off the grid, this is definitely the inverter to look at.



    • Easy 12VDC to 110AC power conversion in a compact frame
    • 2 AC outlets with a USB 2.0A power port
    • Dual integrated cooling fans to prevent overheating
    • No DC plug option for vehicles (connector sold separately)

    Best Power Inverters For Your Cars - Buyer’s Guide

    Power Inverters For Car

    To get the most for your money without overspending, you need to understand how an inverter works and what specific features and capabilities to look for when shopping for your car-based power inverter. Take a look at our buyer’s guide below:

    How Does an Automotive Power Inverter Work?

    A power inverter takes direct electrical current (DC) produced by your car’s battery and alternator and converts it into alternating electrical current (AC). DC power cannot be used directly with household electric devices and appliances. So, a electric converter for car makes that possible.

    There are different types of inverters with different voltage inputs and wattage outputs, and it is important to choose an power converter for car that can handle higher wattage output if you plan to use multiple AC powered devices. Here’s what to look for:

    A. Types of Inverters

    There are two primary types of power inverters sold: inverters for car automotive use, and inverters for charging/home use. Automotive inverters tend to cap out around 1500 watts and usually include a DC power plug and a 2 USB port or two for charging mobile devices.

    Home use inverter/chargers are connected to battery banks or solar grids to power appliances and devices around the house in the event that power is lost.

    These tend to have a maximum capacity of 3,000 watts each, and can handle just about any type of home appliance you might need to run, aside from potentially an electric clothes dryer or washing machine.

    B. Expected Usage

    Is this inverter going to be powering electrical device and appliances at a campsite, or will it be used for keeping entertainment systems running while you are in the car? You need a lot more wattage handling for a coffee maker or hot plate than you do to charge a smartphone.

    C. Wattag

    You need to add up the total wattage draw for the devices you intend to connect to your inverter before making a buying decision. To give you an idea of how much power different appliances or devices need, here’s some commonly used examples:

    -XBox One or PS4 Gaming Consoles: 150 watts

    -Coffee maker: 340 watts

    -LCD TV/Display: 110 watts

    -Laptop Computer: 100 watts

    -Smartphone Charger: 15-20 watts

    Your total wattage for your device draw must not exceed the total wattage output of your power inverter. In other words, you can’t connect 1000-watts of electronics to a 200-watt power inverter without causing it to blow a fuse and shut down.

    D. Special Features

    Here are some features to look for depending on the intended application for your power inverter:

    Sine Wave Output/fast Transfer Times

    Ideal for providing power to computers or wireless networking equipment.

    High Initial Power

    Allows users to start up motors, electric air compressors, or water pumps that require a higher initial electrical charge to get started.

    GFCI Outlets

    Outlets on the inverter meet OSHA requirements for safe operation in wet or humid conditions

    How to Install a Power Inverter in a Car (How It Works)

    Who Needs An Automotive Power Inverter?

    If you frequently travel with friends, family, or colleagues in a vehicle. A power inverter is essential to making sure everyone can keep their devices charged, and any AC appliances you may need to use (for example, a coffee maker on a camping trip) supplied with power.

    Contractors and construction workers often keep power inverters for use around job sites to run power tools where there is no electricity, or to recharge battery packs for cordless tools.

    The bottom line, if you work out of your car or spend significant time traveling by car, chances are you will want or need a power inverter to simplify your work life and keep everyone happy when traveling together as a family.

    Final Verdict

    From what we learned in our product reviews, the best value for a car/vehicle power inverter is hands down the VETOMILE 1500W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V 2.1A Dual USB Car Adapter.

    It has all the features you need without many extras you don’t, and you will never need to worry about whether you have sufficient power to run virtually any appliance you might connect to remote control in your vehicle.

    It’s relatively quiet, efficiently cooled, and it has both USB and car AC outlet. To provide sufficient power and charging for any and every device, you need to keep running in your car.

    Give the VETOMILE 1500W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V 2.1A Dual USB Car Adapter. The first look when you shop around for an inverter for your vehicle. It is well worth the investment.