Best Power Inverter for Semi Truck 2021

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Krieger 3000 Watts Power Inverter

Krieger 3000 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 110V

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Hiplussun Power Inverter

Hiplussun 2000 Watt Inverter 12v to 110v for Semi Truck

In this modern era, truckers are super-modern. Most of them have added use of equipment and tools to their truck, including mini-refrigerators, microwaves, TV sets and DVD players. I do all this to ensure a happy and satisfying journey.

These appliances will only work successfully with sufficient power. So what do you need to operate them flawlessly? The best power inverter for semi truck is the best solution.

When you have a semi-truck, a power inverter becomes not only an important device but also a necessity. On average, a trucker spends anywhere between 3 to 10 days away from home. Thus, they spend most of their hours in the semi-trucks.

That tells that semi-trucks act as their second homes. If your idea is to have this equipment inside your truck, then you need to make a great buying decision. We've presented a pride-worth guide describes different models.

Here picked our best models using these criteria:

  • Best selling
  • Safety
  • Power by watts
  • Connectivity
  • Durability and price
  • Top 6 Best Power Inverter for Semi Truck Reviews

    1. Energizer 1500 Watt Power Inverter

    Energizer isn't a new name when the name inverter comes about. The manufacturer owns an appreciation and reputation for offering top-notch inverters that are reliable and durable.

    That's the reason why this power inverter has become a favourite to truck operators. Featuring a modified sine wave tech, this equipment is a premium choice for you.

    ENERGIZER 1500 is well-designed with preciseness and uniqueness. Therefore, you'll find it easy to use and operate. Also, the design of this unit makes it light in weight and portable for hassle-free storage and carry around. Still, its installation is smoother than ever as compared to other devices in the market.

    Significantly, this inverter delivers 1500W in output and has up to 3000W surge protection. It's well modification using advanced technology helps you to regulate the supply even to a higher voltage. The best aspect is the 2 USB ports that serve the trucker in multiple ways.

    Moreover, this inverter features a universal protection jacket that acts as a defence against any short circuit, overloads or high temperatures. Not to mention, it comes with an LCD that provides information about the health integrity of the device and the charge percentage.


    • Works silently
    • Durable and serves for many years
    • Easy to tract the charge percentage
    • It's easy to install and use
    • Designed with modified sine wave tech


    • LCD may be prone to damages


    This power inverter is an excellent purchase. I suggest that ENK 1500 performs superbly and surpasses your expectations as a semi-truck operator. It operates silently and features a fan that contributes to this. Its durability and portability features make it prominent.

    2. VOLTWORKS 2000 Watt Power Inverter

    This 2000 watt power inverter from VOLTWORKS has its aspect and sights set on mobility. For something portable, this unit comes in handy. It's not only made of high-quality materials but also safe to truckers who spends weeks while camping.

    The multi-protection feature that includes output short-circuit, over-current, under-voltage protection and short circuits enhances safety.

    With a reliable cooling fan, the inverter is quieter and energy-efficient. Also, this prevents the device from malfunctioning that results from overheating. It's all about smart fan technology. Because it comes with remote control, it's easier to control this inverter on/off more also with the help of 15ft cable.

    The high-quality aluminium casing ensures steady heat dissipation, and this is the reason behind its long-time usage. It's, therefore, ready to offer you more years of durability.

    If you think about first charging, then VOLTWORKS 2000 watt is the best deal. It has dual USB ports accompanied by 3 AC outlets to foster multiple loads. I recommend its purchase.


    • Offers full-protection
    • Comes with remote control technology
    • It's portable
    • Made of quality materials (aluminium housing)
    • Energy efficient
    • Operates silently


    • Might drain the battery faster


    VOLTWORKS 2000Watt is the unit you need to enhance enough power to power electronics in your semi-truck. It's portable and durable not only to serve more years but also provide services you need.

    3. KRIËGER 1100 Watt 12V Power Inverter

    If heavy-duty power inverter is in your thoughts, the pay attention to KRIËGER 1100 Watt. It is powerful to power handheld power tools, gaming consoles, televisions, home electronics and small gadgets in your truck. With it, you'll never be disappointed with the power, especially when you need it.

    This unit comes with an advanced LCD that shows the input voltage. Together with battery level, it's elementary to check out the output wattage in real-time. Thanks to its thermal fan that makes its operation quieter than ever. With an output wave of 1100w and surging abilities that this unit offers, charging tools comes as a gift.

    In addition to this, Krieger 1100W takes a fantastic design that makes it look elegant. More on that, the black and yellow colours complement well to each other, making it appear gentle.

    The complete package comes with all the installation wires and kit equipment, hence easier set up. The installation process is faster and quicker. Still, the 2 AC outlets bring everything to perfection as you can power multiple devices simultaneously.


    • Has ANL fuse included
    • Comes with LCD to show battery/watt/volt level
    • Super silent
    • Provides multiple device charging
    • Packed with ON/OFF remote control


    • 1100w isn't that powerful to power more extensive tools
    • Issues with fast charging


    For your truck needs, KRIËGER 1100 can be your ideal choice. It can serve you for more hours without issues or any disruptions. Its ultra-silent feature makes it user-friendly in any environment. Perhaps, you own many electronics demands power in most hours, and this unit is what you've looking for.

    4. Power Inverter 3000 Watt by Grandel

    For recreation, camping, picnic and emergency, Power Inverter 3000 Watt is a sure bet. The unit is exorbitantly expensive, but if the quality is what matters, then don't hesitate to pick it.

    With smart cooling fan, there's more comfort and less heat. This unit delivers 3000W power input, thus a heavy-duty inverter to run even large appliances like the refrigerator and electric stoves.

    Inclusively, it features AC terminal blocks that provide stable and safe current for your electronics. Moreover, you'll find 2.4A USB ports that ensure easy and quick charging.

    While we know that safety is a consideration, this product is not left out. It has an intelligent digital display that comprises overvoltage protection, overheats protection and under-voltage.

    As an added pro, the trucker won't struggle when it comes to installation and use. It's widely application means that you can use it in trucks, boats, and RV trailers.

    It will save you from any power failure emergencies that result from hurricanes and storm. You'll like its LED display and remote control that enables you to control the unit ON/OFF easily.


    • Offers remarkable performance
    • Easy to control using a remote device
    • Installation is hassle-free
    • Delivers fast charging to electronics and appliances
    • 100% safety protection
    • Cables included


    • Not easily affordable/pricey


    Power Inverter 3000 Watt is the solution to all power needs and requirements. With it, the user will enjoy all the advantages from easy installation to ease of use. The remote access device makes it easy to turn ON/OFF your device wirelessly.

    5. GoWISE Power PS1004 3000W

    Being one of the best-selling, GoWISE Power PS1004 can't miss out in this list. It's a pure sine inverter that can use in vessels, RV trailers, cars and campervans.

    The model offers maximum efficiency to sensitive equipment and computers. You don't have to panic when in a power failure situation.

    It comes with five protection systems, including overload protection, thermal protection, under shelter, overvoltage protection and voltage protection.

    All these bring safety to you and your devices. GoWISE Power PS1004 is rated 3000W of continuous and 6000w of peak power. It's a suitable choice for high power tools.

    The cooling fan is paramount. It plays a substantial role in ensuring silent operation. You enjoy four access points with 3 AC outlets and one USB port. Still, it's designed with an additional port that helps to install a remote controller.

    Besides, the 'green' and 'red' LEDs notify about both power and fault modes. When you own it, be sure of a 1-year warranty. In terms of portability, I suggest this model as a must-to-know choice.


    • Offers high-end service
    • Durable
    • Comes with a 1-year warranty
    • Features multiple protection systems
    • Has great efficiency
    • Operates quietly


    • Not relatively cheap
    • Some customers point out to poor customer services


    The device guarantees the best service. Most users have rated it among the finest with positive reviews and amazing comments. It's pretty the best-designed product for semi-truck since it allows durability and high-end service.

    6. Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter for Semi Truck

    With STL and ETL products, Ampeak has become a leading dealer in the automotive industry. It offers 200W to enhance smoother powering to your devices while delivering optimal performance. If all you want is power satisfaction, this model is exceptional.

    Besides, it features a remote control function that lets you manipulate the inverter. The unit includes 2.0 USB charging port and 3 AC outlets to allow multiple charging. Outputs need to fortify protection, and Ampeak 2000 satisfies this.

    The power inverter gives various features to enrich safety. It has a digitalized LED display which shows fault codes, wattage and voltage. Automated shutdown system protects faults issues. It will turn off when your inverter overload, up-down voltage or overheats.

    Plus, the audible alarm and cooling fan are paramount when it comes to safety. The cooling fan will cease once the inverter overheats while the alert notifies the critical warnings. For durability, the model has ABS material; the shell that provides all-round protection.


    • The inverter is ETL certified
    • Smart digital display notifies the output wattage and input voltage
    • It's durable
    • Ideal for RV and trucks for long road trips
    • The automatic shutdown feature enhances safety


    • Not suitable for large appliances like refrigerators


    As a modified sine wave inverter, Ampeak 2000W offers high performance. It's perfect for your RV or semi-truck. Get this safe choice that brings forth multi-functioning.

    How to choose Best Power Inverter for Semi Truck

    Every time you're making a purchase, it's important to note a few things into consideration. A right choice ensures you select the best model for your semi-truck.

    If you're a beginner, this can prove to be complicated. First, decide your needs and requirements. Our comprehensive guide checks out a lot of things you need to consider.


    Most people have a common belief that large power inverters are the best. Fortunately, it's not always right. You'll notice that the size of a unit has less to do with power delivery and capability. The size of your product should fit your store and place entirely. Consider measuring it if you got a place to mount.

    Modified wave or sine wave

    Power inverters for either semi-trucks or RVs are available in the market in two variants. They are either a sine wave or modified wave technology. Both of the techniques mentioned above come with their uses and significance.

    If you're planning to equip your truck with power-sensitive tools such as drilling machines, it's advisable to stick with a sine wave inverter. The technology delivers power without obstacles and any fluctuations.


    Knowing connectivity is essential. It helps you to connect and assemble your device correctly. Find out the type of outlets that your power inverter has. In most cases, low powered inverters have few USB ports and AC outlets.

    Contrary, the high powered ones come with at least three outlets and several USB ports. If you carry more devices around you, you should pick the model that fulfils the requirements.


    Safety! Safety! It comes in vain if your choice doesn't offer enough protection to you and your devices. Because inverters deal with electricity, high-quality safety features matter.

    This will save the user from emergency and unnecessary electrical issues. The current electric problems include overvoltage, overheating and overloads. That way, choose a unit that has a thermal fan.


    Prices of different power inverters may depend on several things like sine wave type, power and more. It's always good to go for highly-priced products, but the less costly ones are also better. The point is that you should refrain yourself from overspending. Instead, remain with your budget.

    Final Verdict

    With our best power inverter for semi-truck review, we hope that now have the upper hand when making a decision. While best products bring happiness and satisfaction, wrong power inverters cause trouble to your devices.

    Having said so, we recommend you to consider different models in our list. Though all products are perfect, our best pick is GoWISE Power PS1004 3000W. It surpasses others when it comes to performance and providing high-end services.

    If you're passionate about riding and adventuring, this power inverter is easy to use, portable, and versatile. Importantly, it is versatile enough to power multiple tools and equipment. Once you buy, you'll know more!

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