Choosing a Power Inverter for Camping

Summer is already here when you should be enjoying fresh air freshness. But the vacation won't be complete without a power backup. Camping with your loved ones and friends could be pretty rewarding with the best power inverter.

With the little energy, you need to charge small devices and appliances; the inverter will play a significant role. Most weekend RV campers who love adventuring find it challenging to handle a range of electronics. So, what is the best power inverter for camping?

Whether it's a little camping on a long road trip or under the stars, you'd need an AC power. The best thing about car power inverters is their easy to carry. Meaning, they're small and lightweight to move around. Sounds cool, right?

However, with plenty of options around, choosing might be confusing, especially for beginners. So don't try one model after the other. For this reason, our ultimate guide comes with everything you need to know concerning the product's features, benefits, pros, and cons.

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Comparison Table of Best Power Inverter for RV 





1. Jackery Portable Power Station

110 volts

100 watts

2. SUAOKI Portable Power Station

110 volts

100 watts

NDDI 1500W Car Power Inverter

110 volts

1500 watts

BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter

110V~120V AC

2000 watts

Before going deep into knowing them, we settled on some considerations when selecting. These are:

  • Reliability and durability
  • Number of outlets
  • Wattage and productiveness
  • Budget-friendly
  • Safety features
  • Top 5 Best Power Inverter for Camping 2021

    1. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160

    Designed by experienced, yet professional experts, Jackery Explorer 160 is safe and fashionable. The unit is designed to power your small devices for outdoor camping.

    Also, it serves as a backup during an emergency. E160 is the ultimate choice for those people who want to invest in an appropriately sized unit to ensure energy flowing to hand-held devices and electronics.

    Built-in a might LED flashlights, it's easy to use it. You only need to long-press the button and activate the SOS mode. It's helpful when at home or outdoor. When it comes to safety, the inverter features a battery management system that allows short circuit protection, temp control, voltage control, and additional safety operations.

    Additionally, the model is light in weight and compact power station. The 160-lithium battery pack backed by 167Wh capacity keeps all your small devices charged, apparently, with 3.75 lbs—only the unit us convenient enough both in size and design. For a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip, I recommended this portable power inverter.

    Nonetheless, the only drawback is that this rv inverter can't support large devices rated 100W or above. It's only crafted for electronics for camping life. It only offers 100W. For hiking and camping, the Jackery E160 offers clean flashlights.


    • Dependable for hiking, camping, and long road trips
    • Offers safety
    • LED lights notify the amount of wattage
    • Compact and easy to carry
    • Quiet
    • Environmental friendly to providing clean power


    • Not suitable for devices rated over 100W


    All in all, Jackery E160 suits those people who are planning to camp or hike. It delivers excellent results to all small devices around. Safety boasts its reliability and dependability at home or outdoor. It's as superb as that.

    2. SUAOKI Portable Power Station 150Wh

    Suaoki 150W provides affordable and reliable emergency charging answers to meet consumption occasion needs. It suits, outdoor activities, home usage, commercial usage, all together. With it, your camping life will be bright, and you'll always keep in touch with the outside world. Compact and efficient, the portable inverter is among the reputable power station in today's market.

    The model features ten outlet ports consisting of 4 Dc ports, dual 110W AC outlet, and 4 USB port. All these offer massive charging when camping. Think of it; the size comes in as another advantage when carrying it around you.

    The model features ten outlet ports consisting of 4 Dc ports, dual 110W AC outlets, and 4 USB ports. All these offer massive charging when camping. Think of it; the size comes in as another advantage when carrying it around you.

    Characterized by 3-ways of recharging, Suaoki 150W can be recharged from the direct sun through solar panel connection. Still, plug it into a wall charge,r, and it will take only 7-8 hours for fully charging. Lastly, use your car to recharge it and will only take 11 hours.

    Moreover, it's designed elegantly and only weighs 2.9lbs. Hence, it's ideal for outdoor activities. Its portability attribute gives the owner a chance to transport at ease. The fact remains that Suaoki is engineered for your camping, hiking, road trips, and tailgating for power supply. I would suggest that you grab this model for a fabulous adventure.


    • Portable, safe and reliable
    • User friendly
    • Has LED indicators that alert the user on power status in real-time
    • Has 3-ways of recharging
    • More efficient


    • Not all 3-ways of recharging works perfectly


    For safety, portability, and ease of use, I would fancy this rv power inverter. Most importantly, emergency flashlights keep your night brighter in an outdoor environment. User-friendly and design make it a stand out.

    3. PAXCESS 100-Watt Portable Generator

    Looking for something safe to use? The increase in demand for 100-watt portable inverter generator proves how reliable it is. This model is powerful enough to ensure all your devices are charged up. Also, it features a mix of portability and power. It's sturdy with a compact body encase, which is remarkable.

    Engineered to a portable and travel-friendly, this power station makes everyone smile. Moreover, it's not only easy to handle but also to power up your electronics easily. Thanks to its compatibility and lightweight that makes this possible. You just put it into your backpack and kick off the journey.

    Perhaps, when camping, you need everything to keep racking up, staying connected, as well, and with this model around you. As mentioned, the camping generator is safe to use. The battery management system undertakes current, voltage, and ensures complete protection.

    It is powering your phone, laptop, camera, tablet while camping is now easier than before. Why? This ultimate portable model proves to be an incredible power supply. Besides, it's silent. Built with led flashlights, your environment during outdoor activities will look charming.


    • Utterly limited wattage
    • It offers multifaceted and versatile usage.
    • Well-calibrated to enhance fast charging
    • A perfect power backup
    • Safety and satisfaction guaranteed
    • Portable and clean power


    • Has limited wattage


    This is our standard pick for users looking to power smartphones and laptops with quality power inverters during camping. It's one of the gas-free and silent power stations that complete multiple recharging needs. Indeed, it's efficient and reliable.

    4. NDDI 1500W Car Power Inverter

    What first drew beginners towards this model is it's widely used. The converter will solve all your charging needs on the long road trip and run equipment for travel. It's a decent choice for camping, long car journeys, offices, and emergency. With your laptops, digital camera, shaver, and cellphones, everything will be smoother.

    Besides, its safety and convenience make it a more convincing option. It has four replaceable fuses that allow to effortless deal with the issue of replacing the fuse.

    More of that, it features two cooling fans that minimize noise. This boosts its service life and boasts usage time. The unit provides you with multiple relevant protections. Everything to do with overheating, overload, low voltage, and short-circuit is doubtable here.With two smart USB ports, you'll power all appliances.

    You can select anything from a video game, air conditioner, and video game. Backed by 3000 watts peak power, the unit will still faultlessly run them without problems of voltage drops. Despite being pricey, I consider it worth it.


    • Offers extreme protection
    • Features a reliable design
    • Has a high compatibility
    • It's widely used in many fields
    • Can charge multiple devices simultaneously


    • Not a cheap option


    Most people who a dependable power machine should check out this model. It features the happiest costumers, which is over 98%. Very safe and convenient to use makes it compatible with all devices around you.

    5. BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter

    Another reigning champion in the automotive industry is BESTEK 2000 watt power inverter. This model ultimate enough to deliver up to 2000 watts and 4000 watts surge power.

    This is sufficient to power up your essential appliances faster on your vacation. It's well-packed with 3 AC outlets plus 1 USB ports. Hence you can charge four devices simultaneously.

    One incredible feature I like with this inverter is the smart, sophisticated LCD. The intelligent display is clear enough to see. It keeps you informed about all vital details like fault codes, DC input voltage, and wattage. Ampeak 2000W is safe to amazingly safe to use.

    It comes with several protection systems, such as the audible alarm. Also, there's the auto-shutdown protection feature that brings everything to a standstill when there's a short circuit, overheating, and overvoltage.

    Into the bargain, the inverter features an ABS case that promotes electrical insulation and the unit's stability. All these great features prove how the group is to recreational activities. It might be slightly expensive; however, with such an array of features, I suggest that this model will genuinely compensate for it.


    • It's durable
    • Has various protection systems
    • Offers safety to connected devices
    • Portable


    • It's pricey


    To all campers and road trip enthusiasts, BESTEK 2000W is the pride-worth. It's unusual when it comes to safety, performance, durability. It will surely pay every penny you invested in it. It is certified and satisfying!

    How to Choose the Best Power Inverter for Camping

    Aside from features and their benefits, pros, and cones, you must be updated and know to select the best inverter. It's only this that you'll get the superior results. Some important things to check out include the following.

    Power Rating

    It's recommendable not to roam around and abruptly choose an inverter. First, examine the power rating because different types vary between 50 watts and 50,000 watts. As the user, know the devices you intend to power up.

    Additionally, you should keep a tab on the maximum surge. The amount of time a tool can maintain a particular wave is vital. With all this in consideration, you won't panic later.


    Every inverter comes with specific features that focus predominately on making the unit safer, just look for them—for instance, the auto-shutdown against short circuit and alarm on battery power.

    The digital LCD as a feature is advantageous, and it's gradually becoming a must with the models. Remember that low and high voltage simultaneously affects the devices and appliances connected to an inverter. After all, you need s smooth power flow.


    Be mindful of this factor. When picking the inverter size, you must ensure your unit meets two critical things, peak power, and typical power requirement.

    The inverter needs to supply continuous power and at a specified watt rating. Think about the appliances you need to power up and choose the unit that is power drop free.

    Energy Efficiency

    Another significant factor, not to mention, is energy efficiency. When deciding which inverter is best suited for you, check the power consumption. An excellent choice will save you from hefty electricity bills. Most expensive inverters are energy efficient.


    Draw much to your budget. Avoid exceeding what you have in your pocket. If your budget is squeezed, go for the medium-priced inverter. Not all cheap models are of low quality; it all depends on the manufacturer. However, if you have a disposable budget, consider a pricey model because 98 percent of such inverters will not disappoint.

    Buyer's Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

    The section tries to answer any question you could be having regarding the power inverter. If you've any issues to be addressed, feel comfortable to read this guide.

    What size of the inverter do I need?

    Users tend to informed decisions when it comes to size. The intended use will influence the ideal choice of a model for your power needs. You wouldn't want to grab a large unit than you require.

    If a small inverter accommodates all your needs, then shop for it. Also, portability is defined by size and material used for construction. At campgrounds, you need a massive supply of electricity.

    How do I use a power inverter?

    New users may feel satisfied to see this question answered. Power inverters are measured by watts and come in different designs and sizes. The power is entirely dependent on the lone equipment you select.

    The majority are those that feature 300 watt power inverter or less. You can plug such a model to your campervan's battery. Use your power inverter properly, and I'm sure you'll have an extraordinary camping trip.

    What are the possible issues of a power inverter?

    You need to enjoy the moving services provided by your inverter. This doesn't come cheaply; you need to maintain the excellent condition of am inverter.

    However, some indications show your unit is wholly or partially malfunctioning. Issues like overuse and ultrasonic vibrations are possible issues that will hurt your inverter in the long run.

    Final Verdict

    Choosing the best power inverter is integral to enjoying a continuous power supply. It's a unit that will turn your journey perfect regardless of where you go.

    Our guide gives a comprehensive comparison of various models. That way, as the user, you can select one that will meet your needs. Portability, performance, productiveness are all related to the best power inverter for camping.

    As a camper, BESTEK 2000W is the winner. It comes with everything and is second to none when it comes to efficiency. Starting with safety, this inverter is well-equipped with ultra-safety features like audible alarm and auto shutdown.

    It's widely used, whether in camping, in offices or long road trips, the model is superb. Its compatibility is another outstanding feature. Since the pros of this device are multiple, I recommend it.