Best Off Grid Solar System

Looking to invest in the best of grid solar system for homes and remote cabins? These systems have gained popularity in recent times because they’re both eco-friendly and economical. Thanks to the fact these systems use solar energy during operation. In the end, you’ll have to cut down your monthly power bill.

As incredible as they are, these systems require no electrical power grid connection. Instead, they feature a high capacity battery bank, which helps store solar energy absorbed by the solar kits. The amazing battery storage is the reason why the majority are using them as a backup option. Eco-worthy 2300w Off-grid Solar Panel Kit is a standout in any power scenario.

Whether there are inclement emergencies and weather, the system performs great under simple installation and little maintenance. They’re also ideal for people who live in rural areas, but they’re miles away from the main electrical grid.

However, purchasing an off-grid solar system needs total attention from the word ‘go.’ So it becomes an ultimate task for you, especially a beginner. There are plenty of models and factors of consideration to think about before making further steps. To help you out, our buyer guide complies together with a list of top-rated off-grid solar systems.

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The 7 Best Off Grid Solar System Reviews

  • WindyNation 400 Watt Solar Kit: Best Off-grid Solar System Kits for Remote Cabins
  • ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off Grid Solar Panel Kit: Best Solar Panels for Your Home
  • Renogy 6pcs 320 W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit: Best Off Grid Solar System Packages
  • Renogy 400 Watt 12 Volt Off Grid Solar Premium Kit: Best Off Grid Solar System for Farm
  • ECO LLC 900W 24V Complete Off Grid Solar System Kit: Best Complete Solar Power Kits for Homes
  • ECO-WORTHY 200 Watts Solar Panel Kit: Best Off Grid Solar Power System
  • 1. WindyNation 400 Watt Solar Kit

    400 Watt Solar Kit

    WindyNation 400W solar kit is the first in our list of the best off grid solar power system. Designed for homes, boats, RVs, cabins and remote power use. You can also use it as a backup option when during the winter season when hurricanes and winds come by and cause power outages.

    The complete package includes 4 pieces of 100w polycrystalline solar panel, LCD, P30L charge controller deep cycle 12V batteries, all of which are essential when installing the system.

    Notably, it features a PMW solar charge controller with adjustable settings for users’ experience. The LCD screen reflects your system’s voltage, amperage, temperature, amp-hours and direct current load draw. That way, it easier to monitor the readouts.

    These solar panels provide 1700 Watts or 150 Amp on an average charge per day. However, this depends much on the sunshine that your area receives. Thanks to the manufacturer who offers a 5-year warranty, 1-year warranty on components and 20-year warranty power output.

    This means that they are confident in their products. I would suggest that you try this and say hello to the sufficient power you need and, at the same time, cut back your monthly electricity bills.


  • Packed with additional accessories
  • Easy to read the system amperage, voltage and DC load
  • Perfect for homes and rural areas
  • Great for powering up small appliances and devices
  • Reliable equipment
  • Cost friendly option
  • Cons

  • Not that suitable for powering heavy-duty appliances
  • 2. ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off Grid Solar Panel Kit

    Off Grid Solar Panel Kit

    Eco Worthy has never been left behind when it comes to offering more advanced solar energy products. This time they pride themselves on a 2300W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit to help you create a solar power system from scratch.

    It’s packed with a charge controller and charging battery along with a combiner box, which provides additional protection. Installation is pretty easy, while the purchase is covered with a 1-year warranty plus superb customer service.

    Moreover, the unit comes with a charging battery, which can be used as backup power for your lighting, computer, refrigerator, electronics and household air conditioning. In terms of construction, the solar panel kit is made from a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame that assures a long lifespan. The panels can withstand snow loads, high winds for decades to come.

    It’s of great importance to enhance correct connection order. The user manual shows the entire process, from the start to the end. First, connect the battery pack to the charge controller while others follow. The proper connection will allow safety to your devices.

    To travelers, this model is best for you. You’ll camp without having to worry about the power of your devices. It’s an absolute grab.


    • High power output
    • Has protection and safety features
    • Essential components included
    • Made of durable aluminum housing
    • Easy setup
    • 1-year warranty


    • Installation may be daunting for a beginner

    3. WindyNation 400 Watt Solar Panel Kit

    Solar Panel Kit

    Here comes another reliable model from WindyNation. This model is the best bang for your buck, and it’s not easy to beat it when it comes to power delivery and performance. Irrespective of its friendly price, the solar kit has smart features, just like high-end products out there.

    While the package includes more premium accessories like an solar inverter, charge controller, and monocrystalline panels, you can generate enough power from the sun for many tiny homes and RV dwellers.

    Even better, it features mounting hardware that makes it easier to set both to a beginner and a novice, allowing more secure and faster installation. That’s what most people like about it. In fact, no need to hire a professional on this.

    It’s worth mentioning that WindyNation has solar panels that offer high efficiency. And with an aluminum housing, the kit is corrosion resistant to handle any climate condition your location may encounter – no problems about winds and snow.

    Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy saving money. Bundle and save! Grab all these components together and let your cash remain in the pocket.


    • Saves money
    • Easy to install
    • Versatile to power a wide range of selection
    • High efficient solar panels
    • Essential components included
    • Little maintenance


    • No cons reported yet

    4. Renogy 6pcs 320 W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

    Solar Panel Kit

    Perfect for shed farm, residential, home, commercial house, Renology is a recognizable dealer of solar kits and other solar system accessories. This unit can handle heavy wind load up to 4000 pa and snow load up to 6000 pa.

    Besides, it’s made of an aluminum frame, which is corrosion-resistant, allowing extended outdoor use. Well, the anti-reflective, superior low, sturdy tempered glass impacts resistance and strengthens stiffness. Understandably, this kit will live for more years to come.

    The IP68 rated junction box included assures that the system has complete protection against low-pressure water jets and environmental practices. The 6 pieces of solar panels are enough to light up your space as long as they get direct sunlight in the better part of the day.

    So, is this solar system versatile? Yes, the model is a gift for wide applications, including the garages, work sheds, camps, commercial rooftop systems and residential.


    • Wider application
    • high-efficiency solar panels
    • durable iron tempered glass exterior
    • can withstand adverse conditions
    • easy to install
    • useful components included in the package


    • currently unavailable in Amazon stores

    5. Renogy 400 Watt 12 Volt Off Grid Solar Premium Kit

    Off Grid Solar Premium Kit

    It’s a breeze to charge on your reengineered off-grid system with Renology 400W premium solar kit. To our surprise, this kit is efficient and reliable and will perform exactly what you would expect. Build with versatility and convenience in mind; you won’t go wrong with it.

    Like other models we’ve reviewed, Renology 400 Watt includes a lightweight and compact design. The monocrystalline solar panel is sleek in size and shape. Also, it’s polished color and weight makes prospective buyers like it at a glance.

    Considering what is included in the package, including an adaptor kit, mounting brackets and charge controller, battery system protection and a tray cable, you should be confident when investing in it. All these accessories guarantee easy setup.

    Uniquely, the Bluetooth power module feature is also included to allow easy monitoring of all the parameters. So, you don’t have to panic about remote changes on the system. The application known as Renology BT is up to this task.


    • Features a Bluetooth power module
    • Effective and efficient
    • Excellent components included
    • Sleek design and size
    • Decent performance all-day
    • Durable frame


    • Charging may vary with weather

    6. ECO LLC 900W 24V Complete Off Grid Solar System Kit

    Off Grid Solar System Kit

    Another best bet is the ECO LLC 900W solar system kit. Powered by the sun, this model has everything needed to suffice around your outdoor space, camping and in off-grid rural areas. All components included come with ultimate benefits to tout about.

    As you scrutinize this solar kit, it’s easy to notice that ECO LLC 900W is humble and generous to include vital components useful to running the entire solar system. As you grab it, save, and healthy energy will be a long term benefit.

    ECO LLC 900W is worth every penny, and if you purchase the whole set, you’ll be saving some dollars. Since it will give at least 2500 watts each day for an impressive power supply to your appliances and electronics, I would endorse it right away.

    Conversely, most users praise its rigid construction that includes a high transparency tempered glass making the solar panels strong to tackle snow loads and wind. On that note, the kits are corrosion free. Apart from performance, expect high efficiency.


    • Economical
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Durable construction
    • 1-year warranty
    • High efficiency


    • Cables wires may pose a problem when connecting.

    7. ECO-WORTHY 200 Watts Solar Panel Kit

    Solar Panel Kit

    Easy to use and install, eco-worthy 200 w monocrystalline solar panel perfect for home and industrial use. The system will give you an easier life by saving money on your monthly bills.  Because of that, many homeowners prefer something cheap but quality.

    On your own, you need to mount the solar panel on your larger roof at a place where there’s direct sunlight on display. It would sound best if you slant it facing south, allowing it to receive as much sunshine as possible.

    Still, you can place the panels on the RVs at the campsite. It will power up your appliances like small fridges, coffee makers and electric devices.

    With that, it will make sure you’re staying connected with the outside world. Remember that an off grid inverter s a must-have device to ensure the conversion of power from direct current to alternating current.

    As the best off grid solar power system, Eco-worthy 200 w comes with a strong lead acid battery for backup scenarios. It weighs only 18 pounds. Therefore, it’s not tedious to carry along with you when needed.

    Finally, the charger features reverse protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection and overload protection. All in all, it provides healthy and clean energy.


    • Clean energy
    • Has protection features
    • Sturdy lead-acid battery
    • Easy setup
    • Outstanding performs
    • Wider applications


    • Under low sunlight, the kit won’t optimally perform.

    Things to Look For When Choosing the Best Off-Grid Solar System

    Although we may need to equip ourselves with an off-grid solar system, you’re recommended to look for a few things before buying these solar-related products. Apart from identifying what you intend to do with them, there exist some decisive factors. These include:

    Calculate the load

    The first thing to check out is to calculate the load. Think about the total load your home carries in terms of electricity needs, as it will determine and dictate the quality and power of the off-grid solar system. Along with that, the batteries that the system has for power storage is another paramount thing.

    Off Grid Solar System

    You’ll find an solar array of batteries out there, so all will depend on the number of gadgets you’re planning to run and the sources of power available.

    Normally, most of these systems will come with lead-acid batteries, while a heavy-duty system will need a significant power bank.

    Solar panel

    Solar panel is a distinguishing factor that can’t be written off any time you’re about to purchase an off-grid solar system. Obviously, you’ll be delighted when enjoying sufficient solar energy.

    What will determine this? It will be the number of hours the sunlight will strike your panels.

    One of the most common and great types of solar panels is monocrystalline panels. Though they are pricey than others, they generate much more electricity in the long term. For small loads, you can use amorphous solar panels.

    Charge controller

    A charge controller regulates the current and voltage, protecting the solar battery backup in your system. So, it’s important to look out for this.

    You’ll find numerous types of charge controllers in the market, the most favorite being mppt charge controller and PWM charge controller. These are the most reliable and efficient.


    Assuming that almost all your appliances run on AC power, a power inverter will be a must-have. Choosing an solar inverter system will highly depend on the devices you have and the voltage of your batteries.

    Aside from these components discussed, you’d need a performing and balanced system by having essential elements like boxes, breakers, wires, breakers, and fuses with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most starters and novices have so many burning questions in mind regarding solar power systems. In this section, we try to answer any question without compromise. Our answers are a result of reviews and research.

    What is an Off Grid Solar System?

    An off grid solar system is a nice alternative to any typical system. Alongside obvious benefits such as free electricity, these systems are friendly to the environment and cheaper options. There are 3 types of solar power systems, namely: off-grid, on-grid and hybrid solar system.

    In our case, we will handle off grid power system. As the name suggests, this type operates on solar power, where solar energy is converted to electricity. Practically, an off grid system is at no point connected to any main power grid.

    They feature heavy-duty and a large capacity battery bank. In this way, the system will be able to absorb renewable energy through the solar panel and store it in these batteries. You can use the power in winters, during emergencies and in adverse weather.

    We normally experience power outages that can last from days to weeks during these times, and anyone would want an alternative solution. The system can rescue you by providing sufficient electricity to ensure nothing is left behind.

    Also, this type is significant for use in remote areas. No need to worry about an electrical grid tied system; the system will suffice in these places that include RV camps, bunkers, hunting cabins, outbuilding, far away places and the like.

    How to Build an Off Grid Solar System

    So, how should you build an off grid solar energy system? After purchasing your unit and all accessories required, the next thing is to install the entire system. You may ask for help or hire a professional if money isn’t your problem, but you can still set it up on your own as long as you follow the instructions.

    1. Mount the solar panel

    First, choose the best location that your system can sit well and, at the same time, get the most sunlight. After that, you can mount it either on the yard or rooftop. Make sure nothing obstructs the sunlight or its view.

    You can make your own mounting stand or buy. Slant the solar panels at an angle at which they can absorb sufficient sunlight in a day.

    2. Parallel and series connection

    The next step involves connection. Remember that the battery bank and solar panel are purchased separately. So, you must connect them properly to match the solar power energy system. Depending on your preference, you can decide either to apply a parallel or series connection.

    3. Stand

     You may decide to play the battery bank and inverters in a stand to enhance protection.

    4. Wiring

    Wire all your accessories together. Connect the charge controller to the battery to control the voltage. When the indicator lights up, be assured that you’ve achieved the right connection. Then, connect it to the solar kit through an MC4 connector.

    All necessary fuses and switches are important for extra protection.

    5. Logging

    This is the final step. To determine your energy consumption and production, just install energy meters. That way, you’ll know what amount of power each appliance is using.

    How Much Does an Off Grid Solar System Cost?

    As concerns about our environments rise and energy costs grow, many people find it easy to install their own energy solutions.

    An off grid solar kit has become the talk of the town. But many people may be wondering how much does it cost?

    The cost may vary based on the amount of power you use daily and your home’s location. The standard home and its environment like patio, pathways and more use at least 7kW of electricity daily.

    Meaning, you need around 6 solar kits and 3 battery packs. The homeowner will spend from 30,000 to 60,000 dollars to install, excluding tax rebates and credits. On average, it will cost not less than $50 000.

    How to Set Up Off Grid Solar System

    The same way we build an off grid solar system applies here. Just make sure the main components are included. These are batteries, solar panels, a charge controller and an inverter. Also, out of your toolbox, you should have items like a breaker, meter, copper wire, MC4 connector and fuses.

    Final Verdict

    We hope our buying guide is an eye-opener to an offload residential solar energy systems. First and foremost, choose wisely and remember to check out the decisive features such as the inverter, charge controller, solar power battery and more.

    Our top pick is the ECO-WORTHY 2300W solar kit, which works better with the best batteries for off grid solar system. Considering its high power output, the model has proven to be an effective, efficient and reliable power option at our homes and camping. Try it today!