Best Flexible Solar Panels Reviews

Moving from grid energy to greener and a more friendly power supply against the backdrop of urbanization and overdependence on the main grid is difficult. Before you plan to shift to an off-grid nomadic lifestyle, the question of a stable power supply crisscrosses your head, and if not taken care of, it will halt your plans. What are the best flexible solar panels for RV?

Partner with nature by acquiring the best flexible solar panels you will blindly rely on for a stable power supply. For the past decades, the number of people using solar panels has almost doubled, with Americans hitting the 12Million bar. The rise in the application of solar panels has a direct relationship with advancing technology.  

However, searching on a stream of websites for the best flexible solar panel kit is a daunting task. Or with many selections available at a single click, you'll be overwhelmed by enticing options!

How do you dart to the best solar panels amid tempting options available?  After tons of intensive research and extensive analysis, we wave compiled a list of the best flexible and portable solar panels you should know.

Let's kick it off!

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The 6 Best Flexible Solar Panels Reviews for 2021

  • RICH SOLAR 100 Watt 12 Volt: Best Flexible Portable Solar Panels
  • XINPUGUANG 100W Flexible Solar Panel: Best Flexible Solar Panels for Boats
  • Tp-solar Flexible Solar Panel 100W: Best Flexible Solar Panels for Sailboat
  • SunPower 110 Watt Flexible Solar Panel: Best Flexible RV Solar Panels for Motorhomes
  • Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline: Best Flexible Solar Panels for Camping
  • XINPUGUANG 2pcs 100w Monocrystalline Solar Panel: Best Flexible Solar Panels Marine
  • 1. Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline

    Flexible Solar Panel

    Topping our list is the renogy panel 100 Watt, which is among the best flexible portable solar panels. This panel deserves a flexibility award; its super thin and flexible structure earns it the best acrobat award in the realm of solar panels!

    This solar is thin and flexible such that it can be folded and packed like garments! Packing a weight of less than 8Kgs on an over 2M2 frame makes this solar portable.  

    The lightweight is also necessary when looking for the best flexible solar panels for boats and locomotives. A small marine vessel will carry a power station on its roof without affecting its speed and performance.

    The peel and stick installation is the easiest way to get the put the solar on the roof. And the process is even simpler due to its weightlessness.

    Furthermore, the adhesive used ­( Ethylene propylene copolymer) has micro inhibiting properties; meaning it can't be disintegrated by a microorganism; thus, it stays put for long.

    It produces a maximum power of 136 Watts. 136watts is a reasonable power input charging batteries and lighting a small boat or a camper van.

    The layers of high light-transmitting polymers laminate the solar top. This encapsulation is durable, water-resistant as well as allowing light to pass through- increase the lifespan of the solar.

    The amorphous silicon cells are ideal for converting the sun's rays into power. Their efficiency is undoubtedly high, and you can rely on this solar for all your energy needs, especially on a camping voyage.

    Highlighted features

    • The film-thick thinness adds an aesthetic look to an already fancy solar panel
    •  Super flexible and foldable like garments
    • Cables are well insulated with waterproof casing
    • An efficient amorphous silicon cell is the powerhouse of this solar
    • Weighs less than 8kg

    2. SunPower 110 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

    SunPower 110 Watt

    This solar is a reckoning force in the markets due to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. WindyNation is a renowned and super competitive solar brand with a stylish appearance and sophisticated features that are often attractive to solar buyers and campers. If you are looking for a solar to power your nomadic lifestyle, this is the best solar panel for motorhome and nomadism.

    The pre-drilled mounting hole is a parcel in a larger pack of easy- to – install-system!  Mounting it is a simple DIY project; you can do it by following the manual.

    Everything on this solar panel is reinforced, including the pre-drilled mounting hole and the solar surface. This is essential when taking a rough ride in the waves!  Sturdiness, flexibility, and lightweight make this power generator the best flexible solar panel for marine operations.

    SunPower produces 110W power. This is good input to an existing power supply or in a ready to go system.  And anytime you feel like enjoying nature and camping, Sunpower is a capable power supply for wild excursions. It gives you the advantage of enjoying nature with nature- friendly technology by your side!

    Highlighted features

    • Easy to install using the pre-drilled holes
    • Very strong to withstand  tough weather conditions
    • hook-and-loop fastener makes mounting pretty easy
    • peak wattage is almost 100W
    • not very flexible

    3. Tp-solar Flexible Solar Panel 100W

    Tp-solar Flexible Solar Panel

    Many people go for flexible solar panels because they are not only easy to install but also portable. However, this is just the tip of an iceberg bearing in mind what Tp-solar semi flexible solar panel 100W is equipped with.

    This solar panel surpasses convectional panels by far due to a number of supporting accessories that are easy to pair with various solar power systems. The in-power kit is represented as a better choice at a friendly price and pairs very well with the existing batteries and charge controller.

    Though TP-Solar was designed to harness nature's energy, it is strong enough to resist Mother Nature's wraths. This solar will take heavy blows from hailstones, wind and still stand strong, waiting for the sun to come out and harvest its rays.

    For all adventurous sea enthusiasts, there is good news! The addition of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene on cells is not only guilty for effective light transmission, but it also protects the cells from salty seawater. This feature is ideal if you’re looking for the best flexible solar panels for sailboats.

    Highlighted features

    • dual-purpose ETFE layer
    • Resistant to wear and tear
    • Easy to install on any surface
    • Isn't affected by salty water
    • Efficiency rating stands at 17%
    • Power output is 60W

    4. RICH SOLAR 100 Watt 12 Volt


    The list of flexible solar panels will never end without looking at the majestic features of Rich Solar portable panels! It’s among the few but best flexible solar panels for boats with outstanding efficiency. Standing at a 25% conversion rate, Sunpower is capable of converting the dimmest rays into useful solar energy for home.

    Besides, polymer construction provides more solar cell protection than traditional plastic sheets on many solar panels out there. The polymers also uniquely contribute efficiency, making it one of the best flexible solar panels for motorhomes.

    This panel's robustness and weather-resistant features advertise high-quality material used to manufacture solar kits. The wear and tear-resistant material earn this solar prime place in the golden ages and in its application; among them are homes, RVs, fancy yachts, camping vans, etc.

    Thanks to the monocrystalline cells, this portable power station is able to produce 100W. Comparing the sheer size and power of these panels to traditional solar panel, competitors just wade off in fear of humiliation! These solar panels are small, efficient, and supreme in terms of power production and portability.

    Highlighted features

    • solid copper foundations holding the cells increases durability
    • forms an arc of 300 when bent, confirming its versatility  
    • Resistant to destruction by hailstorm and high temperatures
    • High efficiency up to 25%

    5. XINPUGUANG 2pcs 100w Monocrystalline Panel

    Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    XINPUGUANG rules the off-grid life with a ruthless arm marked by mobile territories, independent of the grid power supply! From the beautiful looks, one can classify Kingsolar as a traditional panel, which is right.

    However, its futuristic capabilities exceeded the traditional lifestyle, and today, kingsolar's functionalities meet ultramodern life standards

    This high-quality modern solar panel kit meets modern market standards by providing reliable grid solar energy. The high-efficiency rating and above 23% is the key to power boost, be it at home or at sea.

    Have you ever thought of increasing your off-grid power supply without buying new appliances? The panels can be plugged to form a continuous parallel connection creating a high power system similar to a substation. With this amount of power, you can invent a small nature-friendly factory, in case you are tired of on-transit life!

    Consider the best flexible solar panels for camping for your next vacation? these units feature a high level of durability and withstand bumps and knocks from devastating storms and boiling temperatures.

    Living outdoor is a tasty lifestyle, and king power serves with an apple power supply at 100W output! Grab this best flexible solar panels marine today.

    Highlighted features

    • High efficiency, rating at 23%
    • Compatible with motor homes, yachts, and trucks
    • Waterproof seals protect the junctions
    • Peak wattage is 100W
    • Resistant to destructive weather elements
    • Semi flexible, forming an arc of 300

    6. XINPUGUANG 100W Flexible Solar Panel

    100W Flexible Solar Panel

    Equipped with high efficiency solar panels, XINPUGUANG 100w promises excellent performance even under poor light conditions. While it’s the perfect option for curved surfaces of sailboat, RV, tent, yacht, cabin, camper, trailer, this unit proves to be flexible, anyway.

    The model is not only ultra-thin but also ultra-light. You can attach it to the surface without worrying about the process of installing it. If you’re a traveller, the device is practical for remote areas like deserts, mountains and marine.

    Again, the solar panel is made from aluminum alloy, making it durable. In fact, the junction box waterproof and sealed. Above all, you’ll enjoy a 1 year money-back guarantee upon purchase. Plus, the 24/7 customer support, you won’t regret the deal.

    Highlighted features

    • Power production stands at 100W
    • very light, weighing less than 3kgs
    • Flexible option
    • ultra-thin and ultra-light
    • Durable construction

    Things to Look For When Choosing Best Flexible Solar Panels

    Before being preyed by luring selections of flexible solar panels with despicable qualities, consider the following;


    The ingenious design and creativity invested in solar panels to create a unique, portable, and efficient power generator earn flexible solar panels in multiple places to provide its services. 

    The common ones are in locomotive both amphibious, and land vessels are intensively using flexible solar panels. But the gold goes to the homeowner who feels there is no need to continue paying electricity bills, yet they can tap energy from nature!


    Nowadays, installing a solar panel is a simple one-way procedure! Manufactures come up with self-explanatory manuals that will help you. 

    In case you find a flexible solar panel kits that is difficult to understand how it is installed, don't buy it; you will incur extra charges sourcing the services of an electrician. Otherwise, go for easy-to-install flexible panels.


    If flexibility and portability are the backbones of solar panels, efficiency is its heart!  Efficiency measures the ability of a solar panel to convert sunlight into energy.

    Most solar panels are over 18% efficient, but there are statistics pointing out to modern solar panels with outstanding efficiency reaching 25%. It's advisable to go for solar panels with exceptional efficiency; they are practically usable in gloomy weather conditions.

    Quality prevails

    The best solar panel should be not only flexible and robust but also efficient.   However, the increasing demand for solar panels is creating a problem; greedy manufacturers are stepping on the limelight, claiming to offer cheap products to attract naïve buyers!

    Of course, there are cheap panels, but don't be too easy to take the bait and compromise the quality of a solar for a few dollars.

    Best Flexible Solar Panels FAQs

    Are flexible solars better options compared to rigid panels?

    Flexible solars attract multiple uses, especially on voyages, unlike rigid ones, which are most likely to stay put at home. However, some rigid solar panel have their weight trimmed off, making them portable for motor homes.

    How long is the service life of flexible solars?

    Less than ten years. Flexible solar panels possess stunning features, but their service life is dimmed compared to their cousin rigid solar, which operates for more than two decades.

    What is the major problem facing flexible solar panel?

    When placed on RVs' roofs, flexible panel overheat! And an overheated solar converts less power; that why it's essential you mount your panel on a mounting rack to reduce overheating.

    Flexible vs Rigid Solar Panels

    Final Verdict

    Outdoor lovers and solar enthusiast liaise with me that the portability and flexibility of solar panels is the genesis of increased usage of solar panels.  You, too, should get the best flexible solar panel for RV and join nature advocates.

    Our top pick is renogy 100 watt flexible portable solar panel. It is capable of converting the dimmest rays into useful energy. It exists as best flexible solar panels for sailboat that I would highly recommend it.