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What is a Power Inverter?  

So what exactly is a power inverter? It is a device that converts DC power to AC power. DC power originates from batteries, such as a car battery for example. However, it is not limited to car batteries. It can come from many sources.

AC power is conventionally used to power most common electrical devices. This includes things such as lights, appliances, and other electronics. AC power is what powers almost everything in your home and thus it is very important to have access to AC power.

A power inverter allows you to power AC-dependant devices with a battery. It converts the power from the original battery source into power you can use. Once the power is drained from the batteries they can be recharged through a variety of options, including solar panels or even windmills. Power Inverters are essential for any type of energy farm. However, this does not limit the use of power inverters to such large-scale operations. You can use one right in your home. 

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