500 Watt Power Inverter

500 Watt Power Inverter Reviews

As 2022 kicks off, camping is nothing less than a warm bonfire. Whether it's a long road trip under the stars or simple camping, you'll require an AC power.

Maybe you'll need to make a morning coffee, a coffee maker or pump the air mattresses; a 500 watt power inverter will be pivotal. Nonetheless, the power outlets (USB ports) on your vehicle will do little than powering your tablet or phone.

When you carry with you plenty of juicing devices like small refrigerators, DSLR cameras, and TVs during your road trips, a power inverter comes handy.

Car power inverters are magnificent in providing continuous power (convert DC to AC power). What makes the unique is their lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry around.

After our meticulous research, we've come up with detailed information about the top-rated models to help you make the best choice.

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Best 500 Watt Power Inverters For 2021

1. BESTEK 500 Watt Inverter

Power Inverter

Loaded with unique and comprehensive features, BESTEK 500W from BESTEK offers will supply you with backup and portable power solutions. With dual USB ports, this unit will aid you to power all digital portables and significant brand laptops.

The charging ports intelligently detect electronic devices to provide optimum charging current. 2 AC outlets support larger power devices like TVs and electric kettles. The outer casing is built using an aluminum alloy that makes it solid to withstand all sorts of severe environments.

Additionally, this reveals why BESTEK 500W is last longer than other types of the inverter. Moreover, it's packed with a built-in amp fuse to ensure battery and device safety. The advanced cooling fan is tailored to rotate automatically and following power load and temp.

The high-speed fan saves the inverter from overheating and reduces fan noise. If you choose to purchase or replace your power inverter, seek this powerful charging brand. Get to enjoy an 18-month warranty, 24/7 customer support, as well.


This powerful unit supplies continuous power to answer all your power problems. Whether you're at home, worksite, or outdoors, BESTEK 500W is magnificent. Portability, affordability, and safety are the main attributes for its dominance.

Highlighted features

  • Dual USB ports & 2 AC outlets
  • Powerful charging
  • Delivers power to multiple devices
  • Silent cooling fan
  • Safe charging tech
  • 18-months warranty

2. Energizer 500w Power Inverter

Power Inverter

One of the most reputable modified sine wave inverters is ENERGIZER 500 Watt. The power inverter is built to handle perfectly inductive loads. It comes with vital safety features that a powerful unit should have. For one, it features overload protection, temp, and short circuit to keep your devices free from faults. Along with the LCD, this model makes it possible to monitor power usage (wattage) in real-time.

Apart from being affordable, the inverter weighs only 2.5 pounds, thus easy to carry, pack away and store. The 500 watts of continuous power supplied is enough to run multiple devices and charge other low wattage devices.

Probably, 2 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports are what make it favorite to charge devices at the same time. The advanced cooling fan is the reason why Energizer is an ultra-efficient unit.


This power inverter looks very well-equipped with safety features. Also, the unit is nicely-build for your power needs. With it, you'll have zero issues. It's a great choice that powers multiple devices.

Highlighted features

  • Multiple charging ports
  • Ultra silent cooling fan
  • Performance and safety
  • Charges multiple devices simultaneously
  • Fast-charging

3. POTEK 500W Power Inverter

Power Inverter

For something portable and modern, look for the POTEK 500W power inverter. The unit is an ideal choice for outdoors and RV campers. It ensures a free-flowing power to a variety of handheld electronics and devices.

This model is capable of delivering 500W of continuous power to guarantee ultimate performance. It has 2 USB ports as well as dual AC outlets that let you power your laptop, Kindle, iPad, and many more. Neither overload nor overheating can halt the charging operation. The advanced cooling fan enhances this.

For this power range, it's clear that POTEK 500W is a significant investment. The unit is very lightweight and portable. It will arguably fit most glove compartments and center consoles.

To mention, the equipment is designed with an illuminated and digital display that helps to identify the unit's current status. Luckily, the included cigarette lighter and car battery clips make it significant when you're driving and at a campground.


This inverter comes with an impressive and convincing set of features. Once powered on, the digital display helps you to identify the current status (wattages) of the inverter. While reading, the easy to read and a bright LED light is emitted.

Highlighted features

  • Full protection
  • Built-in silent cooling fan
  • Illuminated and digital LED display
  • Portable and lightweight kit
  • Dual USB ports & dual AC ports
  • Cigarette lighter

4. VertaMax 500 Watt Pure SINE Wave 

Power Inverter

Just like the electrical grid, VertaMax 500W supplies pure sine wave electricity. The model is supreme for any electronic device with an optimum continuous power draw of 500w or less.

Having dual grounded AC outlets provides enough room to plug in your appliances. A USB port is suitable for charging cellphones, tablets, and cameras. Despite being a big-budget item than others, this power inverter has a commanding power range.

Its reliable design with reverse polarity protection and thermal shutdown via external fuses, low voltage alarm, short circuit protection, and over-voltage protection boast safety to all connected devices.

The LED lights, on the other hand, indicate the working status of the unit. The power inverter carries the show as the prettiest and modern model in the connected world. You'll enjoy a 1-year warranty in the long run.


When it comes to safety, VertaMax 500 Watt comes in handy. You can connect your appliances and digital gadgets convincingly. If you need something imperious and supreme, press a buy button and walk with it.

Highlighted features

  • High performance
  • Reliable design and safety
  • LED display
  • Charge multiple devices
  • Dual grounded AC outlets & a USB port
  • 1-year warranty

5. WZRELB 500W pure sine wave inverter

Power Inverter

If you want something perfect for your sensitive devices, WZRELB 500W is the way to go! It comes with the lowest harmonic distortion, hence silent operation. The power inverter is portable and compact for road trips to solve any power failures emergencies.

Still, you can use it as a power back-up at home. On this, it delivers power to household appliances like cell phones, cameras, laptops, lights, and TVs. Dual AC outlets are there to facilitate this.

Plus, the automatic cooling fan comes in to control temp while reducing power consumption. This model comes with full safety features, including over-temperature protection, overload protection, and cut-off protection, hence ideal for charging electronics safely. Get it and plant it in your vehicle, trailer, or RV and enjoy your vacation.


The unit offers high standard power that is enough to run gadgets when camping. You'll love its safety features that reduce the chances of faults. It's designed in a way that will reduce power consumption. I recommend this highly efficient power inverter.

Highlighted features

  • Compact and portable design
  • Automatic cooling fan
  • Substantive and full safety
  • Dual AC outlets
  • Versatility

Things to consider when buying 500-watt car power inverters

Before you get down to buying decision, you should check out certain factors. Here are some things to take into consideration before purchasing the item.

Number of outlets

Campers carry with them several electronic devices that require power, right? High power devices like TVs, game console, coffee makers, electric stoves will need to be powered.

The number of outlets is essential when it comes to plugging in these devices.Most units feature at least two outlets. Others come with only one outlet. But all this depends on what you're intended to charge.

If you've multiple devices and you need to charge them simultaneously, a model with more than one outlet will suit you. It's advisable to have more than one AC outlet for backups.


Different models vary in capacity. Mostly, the size can range from 150 watts and up to 4000 watts. This math is simple and straightforward. If you intend to power low-powered electronics, then settle on a power inverter whose capacity ranges from 150W to 500W.

Your laptop will consume around 75W while powering waffle irons or small refrigerators can take even above 500W. Just add up your devices and their total wattages then decide which item to settle to.

Pure Sine Wave vs. Modified Sine Wave

Despite that pure wave inverters are modified and designed to protect sensitive appliances and electronics, they're exorbitantly expensive.

For long road trips and camping plans, modified sine wave fit the bill brilliantly. They're affordable, but they are susceptible to damaging the charging devices at times.

Additional features

Features like durability, construction, and portability are essential. For camping, you need a portable inverter. In this way, you can easily carry it around and enhance space-saving.

Also, the material used to construct it a factor. An item made of aluminum is light in weight and last longer. Choose an inverter that offers reliable performance.

Buyer's Guide 

Most people have unanswered questions regarding the use of power inverters. We bring to you supported answers regarding power inverters. For new users, this section will answer all your burning questions.

Q1. Is the power inverter safe for my car?

Nowadays, power inverter comes with an overheating protection feature. Therefore, the unit can protect your electronic devices.

However, a low-quality product may deteriorate fast and can be harmful. Avoid using it near the heater outlet or directly under the rays of the sun. Choose the inverter with a favoring input voltage.

Q2. Will a power inverter harm/damage my laptops?

Safety is paramount to your laptop batteries. Charging batteries using a power inverter is amazingly safe. It's harmless as with any other electronic. A constant power source is all that is needed to reduce cases of damage and faults.

Q3. How long will it take for an inverter to charge my smartphone?

It takes a short time to charge a smartphone when using a power inverter. Some models have a fast charging feature and provide constant power, thus making your device charge faster as the battery of your smartphone can support.

Q4. I own a large TV, which could be the best power inverter? 

We have low-power gadgets like laptops and more demanding appliances when it comes to power like TVs. Large TVs will consume over 100W, which is more compared to smart handheld gadgets.

Assuming that you'll charge multiple devices simultaneously, there's a need to choose a brand with larger watt capacity. A power inverter ranging 300W and above is suitable.

Q5. I'm planning to use an electric grill, coffee maker, can I plug them in a power inverter?

It's simple. Preparing a tasty morning coffee and delicious picnic meals is ultimate and possible with a perfect power inverter. Most of these gadgets aren't too demanding, can operate well under low wattage power inverters.

Final Verdict

To wrap it up, a power inverter is a necessity. When camping, you need to stay connected by merely ensuring all your electrical devices are in working condition. A 500W power inverter plays a significant role in providing power solutions. 

Our best pick is BESTEK 500W because it comes with the best features such as portability, affordability, and reliable performance. Also, it can charge multiple devices at a go. It never disappoints.

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